The Art Room – Cotton Bud Sheep | Best out of Waste | Easy DIY Crafts for Kids

The Art Room – Cotton Bud Sheep | Best out of Waste | Easy DIY Crafts for Kids

Hello, friends. Welcome to the Art Room. How are you? Did you recognise me? No? How will you know me? It’s the first time we have met. My name is Lalon. LALON. Isn’t it an interesting name? Our Art Room is even more interesting. I will bring to you some wonderful magic to you in the Art Room. I’m not going to perform magic tricks here. I’m not going to draw rabbits or pigeons from a hat. The magic I’m talking about is making amazing things from ordinary things. The end result will be absolutely magical. We will meet everyday to learn this fabulous magic. But for that, let’s be friends first. We are friends now. In fact, we are now best friends. Let me tell you few things about myself. My favourite colour… My favourite colour is blue. My favourite sweet dish is ‘Rasgulla’. Do you want to listen to my favourite poem? “Baa baa black sheep,” “have you any wool?” “Yes… Yes… Yes!” That has given me an idea. To celebrate our newly found friendship, let’s make a White Sheep. To make a White Sheep, we need cotton buds. Wooden clips. Red ribbon. Wow! And we will need an ivory sheet. We have the material with us. There are other things we will need. Colours, brush, glue, a pair of scissors and ruler scale. These are the basic material all of us need for an art and craft class. We are going to draw an egg on the ivory sheet. It’s alright even if it not perfectly oval. This will form the body of the sheep. We will now draw the head of the sheep. Do we have anything round in shape that can be used to draw a circle? Always remember that craft is all about good tricks. Your presence of mind will help you make things easier. We will now cut the sheet. What do we cut the sheet with? A pair of scissors. We are now cutting the egg to make the body of the sheep. We are going to stick something on this paper. Here’s the body. We will now cut the circle to make the head of the sheep. It’s done! Here’s the body and the head of the sheep. We are going to stick wool on the paper. For that, we will use cotton buds. The same cotton buds we use to scratch our ear with. Take few cotton buds and gather them. We will now cut the ends of the cotton buds. We will need a lot of them because a sheep has a lot of wool on its body. You can cut one cotton bud at a time. Or you can cut many cotton buds together. Here are our cotton buds. We are going to stick the cotton buds on the body of the sheep. What do you need to stick the cotton buds? We will need glue. Let the cotton buds and the glue be friends. Here’s the body of the sheep. We will stick the cotton buds one after the other. First coat the paper with some glue. Start placing the cotton buds on the body one after the other. Sheep is a very furry animal. Have you seen a sheep before? When you look at it from a distance, it looks like a walking cloud. Let this dry. We will layer this body with more cotton buds. There you go! Paste few more cotton buds on the first layer so that the first layer gets covered by this layer. Once the second layer sticks properly, we will cover it with another layer. Keep pasting more layers till the cotton buds cover the entire body. We will paste the third layer after the second one dries. Stick it in the same pattern with the help of glue. Here we paste the last cotton bud. Let the arrangement dry. Until the body gets dried, we will make the face of the sheep. We will give a fringe pattern to the face with the help of cotton buds. The fringe will be present above the eyes. Don’t make the fringe long otherwise the sheep won’t be able to see. Once that is done, we will make the ears of the sheep so that the sheep can hear and will pay heed to you when you call it. Otherwise, it will be lost. These are the sheep’s ears. We will now make the eyes, nose and mouth of the sheep. We will use a black marker for that. These are sheep’s shut eyes. A sheep loves to sleep. Our sheep will sleep a lot as well. A sheep is a very lazy animal. But then, our sheep will smile a lot too. Let’s paint its nose red. I have a red marker. A sheep lives in cold places and nose turns red when it’s cold. Look how cute the sheep’s face looks. Let this dry. Until it dries, we will make a bow for the sheep similar to the bow I’m wearing. We will use a red ribbon to make a bow. First, cut the ribbon. Once that is done, fold this side of the ribbon. Fold the other side as well. Then, cut the extra ribbon. There you go. This is done. We will tie the ribbon at the centre of the ribbon. I have a white coloured thread. Tie the centre of the ribbon with a thread. This is done. Cut the extra thread. The bow for the sheep is ready. We will attach it to the fringe. Let’s check whether the body and the head have dried or not. Let’s get that and attach the bow as well. The head of the sheep has dried. Its hair looks similar to my hair. We are going to stick the bow to the fringe. Take some glue. Glue… Glue.. Glue… Once we apply some glue on the fringe, we will stick the bow over it. The bow is stuck. Look how pretty the head looks. Let’s stick the body to the head. The body has dried. We will stick the head to the body of the sheep. First, we will apply some glue and then stick the head over it. Here’s the sheep. But where are its feet? How will the sheep walk without legs? What are going to use for that? We will use paper clips to form its legs. Apply some glue on the paper clips. Now place the sheep over the glue. Let this dry. This has dried. It can sleep even when it is standing. The White Sheep is ready. Let’s tie a bell around its neck. Take a bead and pass a string through it. Now fold the string. Give it the shape of a ring. Cut the remaining portion. Here’s the bell for the sheep. Wrap it around the sheep carefully. Here’s our White Sheep. The sheep went to eat some grass with its friends. I feel hungry as well. Let’s take a break.

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  2. Arre yaar aap na banbudh aur budhbak pe craft kijiye my favourite please jo bhi ye idea pasand kya mujhe ek thumb diya

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  4. LALON IS MY FAVOURITE ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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  7. lalon when iwas in class 5 i always watch art room you were my favourtie but in class 6 i went to hostel and i was forget you for long time but today i see you again im emotional please give a reply

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