The Academy Where Butlers Are Born

The Academy Where Butlers Are Born

– A professional butler
is somebody who is loyal, flexible, discreet, hard-working, honest, but most important, it is a person who has the ability to
put somebody else’s wishes before your own. That is what makes this a profession so very, very difficult. At the age of 21, I became a butler. Nowadays, I am chairman of the
International Butler Academy. The International Butler
Academy is located in the beautiful village of Simpelveld in the Netherlands. You have about 135 rooms, 80,000 square feet completely dedicated to the training of butlers. Our students live here in our building. They come, literally, from
every country in the world. Age from 18 to 68. – Okay, five minutes, guys. – Students learn about housekeeping, house management, estate
management, regular things, like even suitcase
packing, silver shining, shining shoes, the list is enormous. There’s an incredible amount of training to be done in 10 weeks. Discipline here at the
International Butler Academy is very, very important. In order to get a job
done, you need discipline. I think in order to be
successful, you need discipline and discipline here at school is something we embrace and not something
that we are afraid of. Here at school we always joke
about what employers want. They need a clean toilet. They want a warm bed
and they want a hot meal and those three things are
most important for everyone. – [Butler] You go right, you go left. – [Robert] My wife and I,
we have our own butler. I’m very fortunate; I’ve
had a private butler now for the past 17 years and this person is very, very important to me. Being a butler can certainly
be a wonderful career simply because if you are responsible for the well-being of the family, for their happiness, that is obviously very, very, very important. (uptempo regal music)

100 thoughts on “The Academy Where Butlers Are Born”

  1. Its nice that they didnt show a 'perfect' academy, but one that seeks perfection. Just looking at Robert adjusting this guy at 2:00 helped the viewers see what they're constantly trying to achieve. I find that incredibly entertaining to watch.

  2. I was going to say that I'm not about to serve some rich fuck…. But then I realize I do that every day at the factory, lol

  3. Man i gotta say These people are probably the survivors in the future after Aporcalypse. Being a butler to super elite in a deep underground bunker in subterranean city in a secret location somewhere. Remember according to the Georgia giuldstone the elite who control this world wants us all dead. 90% of us will be dead and this people are the 10% the elite spared lives and let live to be a servant or a butler.

  4. 1:34 he must be the worst butler in the world. He got hit by the ball…

    God why did you create the mankind?? why did it come to this ???


  5. If my name was Butler I would be the best Butler that ever Butler. I would have a school of Butlers to rival the school of Butler that thought me the ways of Butler . We wouldn’t just be Butlers anymore we would be something more something greater we would be BUT-LERS 🤣 it’s fun and games I enjoy this segment

  6. who the fck wants to become a butler and sell his life for someone else? if you have no dreams ambitions family and friends i guess this is the best way for u. so sad lmao

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