Tattoo Artists React To Assumptions About Tattoo Artists

Tattoo Artists React To Assumptions About Tattoo Artists

– People think tattoo artists
as rude, scary, and all that. I'm nice. (upbeat music) Hey, how ya doing? My name is Taka Tamada, I have been tattooer for almost 20 years. – My name's Jose Herrera, I've been tattooing for
about seven years now. – My name is Denise Pinto, I've been a tattoo artist for eight years. – Tattoo artists make a lot of money. Yes and no, if you're
great at what you do, you'll make a lot of money. But if you're not great at what you do, you're not gonna make a lot of money. – It's definitely a good career, yeah. Definitely, I know a few
people that probably make, well, a really good living. – [Denise] Tattoo artists' arms and hands are sore all the time. – Yeah, and also your back and your neck. – Necks, and backs, pelvis,
legs, heads. (laughs) Tattooing is very physically taxing. In the same posture for many, many hours, over many months, over many years. – At the moment, my hand does hurt, yeah. Tattoo artists have a
hard time telling people if the tattoo is a bad idea. – I disagree, I would say
bad tattoo artists have a hard time telling people that. – Most artists will be
pretty honest with you just because it would be a compromise to tattoo something that's kinda bad. And generally, people take
it pretty well, you know? A lot of the times people
trust you as an artist. – No, because the skim is
something on your body forever, so I will tell you straight as possible. But in the end, it's up to you. It is your body, you know, you do whatever you'd like to do. – [Denise] Tattoo artists
have a lot of tattoos, as well as piercings
and body modifications. – I've met some tattoo
artists that are just being an artist who don't have a tattoos, and they are great tattoo artists. – Yeah, they absolutely do. I mean, being around it and
just being part of the industry, you just kind of get sucked into it and you start collecting from
all the artists that you know. – It's true for me. I stopped counting how many
tattoos I have after 80. – [Jose] Tattoo artists
have been on a reality show. Yeah, they definitely have been. I mean, they definitely do it. – Most don't do that, most tattoo artists will
not show up on television. Tattoo artists have a
really high pain tolerance. – Ah, no, I don't have that. I can only last for an
hour and a half nowadays, not that I'm 44. – Some do, I'm sure, but
I know a lot that don't. As a matter of fact, I think most tattoo artists
don't like getting tattooed. – No, no, we're probably
bigger babies than anybody. The most painful one I've had were these, I don't know if you can see. – [Jose] Tattoo artists are more skilled than a normal artist because
they can't erase anything. – Well, it's just such
a different skill set. Tattoo is a unique medium in itself. – You can't erase anything so yeah, you gotta be super freaking careful. Every moment matters, you
have to have, you know, you've gotta concentrate
100% of your focus into the tattoos while you're tattooing. – [Denise] Tattoo artists really like mid-90s rock and metal. – Yeah, absolutely. I would say the majority of them do. – Definitely, totally, yeah. – Yes, I freaking love it, yeah, metal. – [Jose] Tattoo artists
change tattoos to their liking in order to make them look better. – That's, I would say,
that's not necessarily true. Tattoo artists may change a tattoo design to make it work better compositionally. – Most people will generally
stylize what their drawing or add a little bit of
their own touch to it to make it like a more
original and cooler concept. Generally, with the client's consent. – But to sometime convince people is hard because sometimes people
have that heart set on their tattoos and they don't
wanna hear, yeah, it's bad, you know what I mean? I think I can do better. What are you trying to say? Is my tattoo bad? No, I think it would be
better if you did this. – [Denise] Tattoo artists are
tired of people asking them how many tattoos they
have and what they mean. – I don't think so, I think it's cool. I like talking about tattoos and I think it's cool to share your stories
with people, you know? – Yes, oh yes. I get asked at least
once a day, every day. – No, because kinda innocent, you know? People don't know, you know? But it's hard to tell
how many tattoos you have because everything's kinda
become connected all together, so I guess I have one. – [Jose] When they were learning, tattoo artists practice on themselves. Yeah, I think a lot of
tattoo artists did that, I know I did that. I did a few tattoos on my thighs, kinda like right above my knees. They're pretty horrible. – Oh yes, it's true for me. A lot of leg, I don't wear shorts. – A lot of people do, I didn't. I was lucky enough to
tattoo my drunk friends. – I've heard pretty
much all of these before and it's impossible, I can't have a beer without
somebody asking me anything. – Tattoo artists are normal people, they just happen to be
tattoo artists, you know. – I think back in the days, tattoo parlors a very scary place to go. But now, it has changed a lot, you know? Tattoos become more accepted to everybody and instead of like a
gangster type of things, more become an art, you know? Tattoo become an art form. (relaxing guitar music)

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  1. o my f*#£$&÷ god !!!! the hell !!! i though he waa 22 25 max !!!!! 44 …what the hell !!!!!!
    looking good i must add 😶

  2. When he said he started doing tattoos 20 years ago

    Me: so he started when he was like 5 years old??

  3. They are all really cool people and I think Taka is so sweet and adorable! I would love to get tattooed by him (depending on his style, etc.). 💞

  4. I’m fine with people asking about my tattoos but it gets exhausting explaining the emotional meaning behind each one because it’s not normally something that can be said succinctly

  5. Trump: "As far as Buzzfeed, which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, I think they're going to suffer the consequences. They already are."

  6. I'm getting a new tattoo tomorrow. Me and my bff are getting baby sea turtles on our ankles. 🙂

  7. My dad once had this image that a tattoo artist is like a cholo and is covered in tattoos themselves… until he went to Mexico about 7 summers ago. He met a guy who had no tattoos, dressed in normal jeans and t-shirts, was religious, wore glasses, had a wife and kids, and was a tattoo artist. My dad was shocked to hear that he did tattoos. The guy told my dad that, although he liked putting tattoos on people, he hated the idea of having it on his own skin.

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