• Color Pencil Watercolor Nail Art

    Color Pencil Watercolor Nail Art

    hi it's Susie from nail care education and if you have some pencil crayons and water we can paint some flowers together let me show you how we can do it that's it then okay so the pencil crayons and the water is really actually quite cool so I'm starting my nails rather short this time with a white gel base that's cured and ready to go you can also do this with nail polish just let your nail polish dry completely and you can play it right on top of it so I've got my little dish and water and I'm going to show you the little brushes look…

  • Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    hi there today we're going to talk about Windsor and Newton artisan water mixable paints they're designed to look and behave like traditional oil paint but have been chemically modified to be thinned and cleaned with water as opposed to solvents although they do contain linseed oil they accept water and are great for artists who share a workspace or who have a sensitivity to solvents you can use them in a variety of ways just as you would you can see the flow of the paint increasing with the addition of water as with mixing too much solvent into a classic oil paint don't add too much water that…

  • Portrait #75 - Watercolor Painting of a Girl Looking Up

    Portrait #75 – Watercolor Painting of a Girl Looking Up

    you may have been thinking about what is the shortcut for a portrait painting there are many things involved in creating the successful watercolor portrait painting I'm gonna show you the process with this portrait painting step by step starting from the graphite pencil drawing – all the way to the end of this painting process I hope you enjoy it first I'm gonna do a quick drawing by drawing simple ignore the details allows you to have less fear be able to modify it give a lot of suggestions to capture a little bit the lie shape on the cheek the way this now is a good starting point…