• How obsessive artists colorize old photos

    How obsessive artists colorize old photos

    you might have seen some of these colorized photos on the Internet Mark Twain Amelia Earhart a young Charlie Chaplin it's incredible how normal these people look because they're no longer in black and white either someone you could pass by on the street and not someone unreachable they're from another time what I love about these photos is that they show people and moments in history that have never been seen in color except by those who are actually there I've talked to several artists who do this work to try to figure out what it is about adding color to photos that seems to make years of separation…

  • How an MS Paint artist made this picture

    How an MS Paint artist made this picture

    we've been an artist I've always drawn pictures and when it comes to digital art Microsoft Paint I've taught myself completely my name is Pat hein I'm from Boston I looked here my whole life I'm sure you can hear my accent and the sad thing is I didn't even know I had it until I went to college I'm from West Roxbury which is the part of the City of Boston it's not the toughest part so it's Televi Atlanta or Chester it's not child's town but it's definitely Pryor the city of Boston what got me started in Microsoft Paint in digital art was I was working at…

  • Why knights fought snails in medieval art

    Why knights fought snails in medieval art

    we've all been there after a long day of work you'd sit down and binge read some Arthurian romances they're called illuminated manuscripts because they're illuminated with illustrations and the borders colorful drawings and very special doodles in the margins but among all those steroidal rabbits and this hooded person laying literal eggs there's actually a theme a lot of medieval knights in these manuscripts are fighting snails why is this happening the largest snail alive is 15.5 inches snout to tail so why does this night look like he's into the fight of his life illuminated manuscripts were handwritten scribes painstakingly transcribed the same Bibles devotionals and stories they…

  • How marketers target your nose

    How marketers target your nose

    Marketing is everywhere, screaming for yourattention in lights and in your headphones. But while traditional marketing assaults your eyes and ears, there’s another industryquietly fighting for your attention — and they’re doing it throughyour nose. Scent marketing is the idea of usingscent and incorporating to all the touch points of the customer experience. it's very subconscious –so it's not like a logo or something where you can see and everybody sees it the sameway. depending on people's experiences and theirupbringings, and their history, they might perceive the scent to be a little bit different. It's more emotionalChances are, you’ve already experienced scent marketing — and know it can have aprofound…