• Ancient Alien Artifacts  Found In Mexican Cave?

    Ancient Alien Artifacts Found In Mexican Cave?

    paranormal a remarkable archeological discovery has been found close to the cities of Veracruz and Puebla in Mexico the incredible discovery which mainly consists of numerous stone tablets and appeared to depict extraterrestrial beings were found in three caves by a team of international researchers who were surveying the area the stone reliefs which appeared to be Jade clearly show alien looking figures interacting with local tribesmen while a very large spaceship is depicted hovering over a village numerous UFO researchers have theorized that advanced extraterrestrial creatures may have visited earth in the distant past this theory could actually be true a vast array of mysterious humanoid creatures have been…

  • Bizarre Artifacts Unearthed at Construction Sites

    Bizarre Artifacts Unearthed at Construction Sites

    from mummies to mammoths there have been some strange and amazing historical artifacts unearthed at construction site don't forget to click subscribe to become part of the DTR family and that little bell icon so that you know when we post new videos number twelve 1800s era shipwreck at sea port district South Boston in May 2016 during the excavation of 121 seaport Boulevard the construction crew discovered a large preserved ship Skanska the construction company temporarily called off excavation and sought help from public archaeology library P al Inc according to these archaeologists this shipwreck was from a two-masted schooner known as pinky the 60-foot long vessel belonged to…

  • Ancient Artifacts That Prove Aliens Existed

    Ancient Artifacts That Prove Aliens Existed

    from strange carvings and Egyptian pyramids to artifacts with depictions of advanced technology these ancient objects are signs that aliens existed if you haven't already click that subscribe button to become part of the DTR family and that little Bell icon so that you are notified when we post new videos number 12 disco Callaghan Tay the ancient artefact said to date back to tens of thousands of years ago has perfect symmetry and a highly conducting layer researchers believe that it's very likely to be an ancient alien artifact because alien technology has been documented to borrow heavily from magnetron technology it's dating raises questions because men had not…



    television is a weird form of media even more so weirder than that is the act of watching television I mean just think about it you're sitting there mouth open sitting in front of a rectangular piece of plastic and metallic alloy whatever TVs are made out of you're just looking at images refresh over and over faster than the eye can perceive such that it looks like a moving picture now what's even more weird than that are some of the commercials that they play on TV and today we're gonna be looking at some of them prepare yourself that's what Ickes is when you pick him on Super…

  • Egypt's Most Mysterious Artifacts

    Egypt's Most Mysterious Artifacts

    hey guys it's like a universe here taking over for American hi today to bring you another fun ancient artifact video from desert glass to bronze swords here are Egypt's most mysterious artifacts twelve who shot this as the Pharaoh was preparing for the afterlife artisans would create figurines to be placed in the tomb they come in many different shapes sizes and colors and typically feature some hieroglyphics that's it how they're ready to get put to work the aceptas we're supposed to act as servants or minions to the pharaoh once they've passed on to the other side some of these statuettes would carry things such as baskets…

  • 11 Unreal Ancient Sites and Artifacts

    11 Unreal Ancient Sites and Artifacts

    from the hollowed-out rocks of Madyan saleh to the biggest pre-columbian city in south america these are 11 unreal ancient sites and artifacts number 11 modern stelae location Saudi Arabia marine saleh's commonly referred to as algae tear and it is the first site in Saudi Arabia to be considered a world heritage site it was part of the ancient nabatean civilization which boasted petra is its capital you can see the similarities between the two in 106 ad the Roman Empire conquered the Nabataean people and made the area a part of the Roman province of Arabia and after the collapse of the Roman Empire the region became part…