• continuous line drawing exercise (easy & calming)
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    continuous line drawing exercise (easy & calming)

    hello person watching this video today i am gonna show you a drawing exercise. it’s really simple, you just need a subject i’m going to use this asparagus fern here, and a piece of paper or a notebook and then a pen or pencil of your choice. (i’m using this muji pen) so the only rule for this drawing exercise is that you can’t take the pen off the paper and that’s why it’s called ‘continuous line’ so all i need you to do is look at your subject – so i’m going to look at the plant put your pen on the paper, and do not take it off…

  • Where I Keep My Secrets | SoSonia’s Journal Flip Through
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    Where I Keep My Secrets | SoSonia’s Journal Flip Through

    (pen clicking) (paper fluttering) (pen clicking) (paper tearing) – People have been asking to give them a little bit of a tour, so welcome to my journal. There’s absolutely no sense of conscious grammar. These books are my little home, a very honest representation of myself on paper. So, I’ll tell these pages the truth. This monster keeps all of my secrets. I honestly did not realize how many I had until I had the space just to let them out, a space to feel emotions that I was holding back. I’ll write letters, write stories about strangers, put secrets inside sealed envelopes, lipstick stains on the pages, needle and…

  • non-dominant hand drawing exercise (super simple)
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    non-dominant hand drawing exercise (super simple)

    helloooo, i am back with another drawing exercise i’m gonna use the same subject that i used in my previous video, but for this drawing exercise, the only rule is that you have to use your opposite hand so i usually use my right hand, but i’m going to use my left hand for this drawing exercise. soo you can take the pen off the paper – you can draw as normal, but just use your opposite hand and the idea is get out of the mindset that things have to be perfect obviously when you’re using your non dominant hand, you have less control… over what you’re drawing. you…

  • Painting a Group Portrait from Life

    Painting a Group Portrait from Life

    I'm at the annual convention of the Western Massachusetts sacred harp singers [Applause] I said over on the side of the hallway where there's some light coming in from the window I'm using a dampened paper towel across the top of the pallet the mixing pallet surface is the lid of a metal pencil box which holds on to the magnets of my easel and I don't need very many colors to get started now the main model I'll focus on is Kelsey Ivey of Nashville she noticed me sketching her and came over during the break and was delighted that I was drawing her but I told her she…

  • How to Draw Easy Digital Caricature

    How to Draw Easy Digital Caricature

    alright alright guys good evening good evening how are you today this is the rouser and I am that guys and today we have another little drawing session that we've been doing together if you guys would like to join me draw anima 3 excuse me that would be super awesome um so just get out your pen and paper I will be using a Photoshop program or a drawing program program on my computer but not to worry you still can follow along at home if you want to ok with regular pencils and paper ok I'm so before we get started I know it's gonna be a lot…

  • How To Draw A Quick Caricature Marshawn Lynch

    How To Draw A Quick Caricature Marshawn Lynch

    hey guys and welcome to another segment of browser world today we're gonna be doing a quick cartoon join the mr. beast mode Marshawn Lynch so let's go ahead and get started okay guys first thing that was an overall head shape this is always where we start our drones at if you don't get the head shape right you'll be balling up the paper and throwing it in the trash you know mad stuff so get your head shapes correct guys practice on that and that's the first step to being a good cartoon artist okay guys first engine next thing I'm gonna do here guys is we're going…

  • Portraits in the Wild Trailer with James Gurney

    Portraits in the Wild Trailer with James Gurney

    hi my name is James gurney welcome to portraits in the wild I'm going to start with a pencil drawing using watercolor pencil and some gouache and watercolor to try to do a monochromatic study of a group of people waiting for lunch at this outdoor fair now I'm going to show you on the Left what I'm looking at and then on the right how I'm capturing that in real time now she walks off so I got to find another person let's have her talking to somebody I like this guy with the big thing of french fries so I'll try to put him in I want to…