• Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    hi there today we're going to talk about Windsor and Newton artisan water mixable paints they're designed to look and behave like traditional oil paint but have been chemically modified to be thinned and cleaned with water as opposed to solvents although they do contain linseed oil they accept water and are great for artists who share a workspace or who have a sensitivity to solvents you can use them in a variety of ways just as you would you can see the flow of the paint increasing with the addition of water as with mixing too much solvent into a classic oil paint don't add too much water that…

  • European Single Market - Explaining Brexit

    European Single Market – Explaining Brexit

    if the UK wants to leave the EU but continue trading with EU nations then they might consider staying in the European single market the European single market is a trade deal between 28 nations which attempts to make trading between members as easy as possible the European single market comes in two parts firstly when you trade with another member of the single market there are no taxes tariffs or quotas placed on the traded goods let's rewind that and imagine the UK as left the EU taxes and tariffs could then be put on UK goods by the EU making them more expensive and less appealing to EU…

  • Single Flash Portraits On A Budget

    Single Flash Portraits On A Budget

    like a lot of photographers I prefer to do my portraits in natural light but you can't always schedule a photo shoot around natural light or sometimes you want to shoot at the clients home and the natural light there just isn't good you can introduce an external flash and the light stand and umbrella everything you need for under 80 bucks so I'm going to show you how to get great results with an off-camera speed light and how to take it outside and use it in brighter sunlight as well as how to adjust all your camera settings we'll talk about the specifics of the camera gear and…

  • LIVE Photoshoot - Single light portraits

    LIVE Photoshoot – Single light portraits

    Oh bottom shot of early started recording okay we said this is going to be live I keep record so let's just leave this in hi guys we're back this is another live portrait shoot where if we screw things up you'll see it um or if there's any wardrobe malfunctions as we're talking about off camera then of course they'll be blowing it out and then stars everywhere just my uncut version will be in the pain section of that nickel go calm just getting us all free and just that means the website is very powerful those are job there won't be any well drug bail functions did…