• How I Made My Own Android Phone – in China
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    How I Made My Own Android Phone – in China

    Uh-Oh Did I buy a locked board? The problem here is that I haven’t used Android so long. I don’t really know what to do about this. I set out to build my own iPhone a couple of years ago and it took me down this crazy rabbit hole into the Chinese cellphone markets and ever since people have been asking me “Okay, when are you gonna build your own Android?” and I kept saying I didn’t want to make that same video again Just building a different phone But I keep thinking about it and I realized that I learned so much building that first iPhone and there’s entire…

  • How I Made My Own iPhone – in China
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    How I Made My Own iPhone – in China

    Where are you from? From USA. USA? Yeah. Very good. I am trying to make my own iPhone. Very good. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was in a dimly lit barbecue joint here in China. I was with people like me, geeks who are fascinated by the electronics manufacturing scene. And someone said, you know, see all these cell phone parts in the markets. I wonder if you could build your own phone. I kept coming and going from China over the past nine months, and I couldn’t get rid of this burning question. Could I make my own cell phone? Would people even cell parts to a Western guy like me…

  • How Much Does it Cost to Make Your Own iPhone?
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    How Much Does it Cost to Make Your Own iPhone?

    This is the number one question I get asked and the answer is… We’ll get to the full answer shortly But first I wanted to give you a few updates about strange parts The last month has been a total whirlwind for me I released my second video To a huge response again Thank you I did a ton of interviews And I even a chance To do my first live studio taping in front an audience And that was pretty cool But first You know what I wanna do? What? I wanna take a gander over to the another part of the studio So we can learn all about…

  • China Fake Market Bargain Challenge!

    China Fake Market Bargain Challenge!

    I gotta wear this now go change into it here as well yes I will chill I'm gonna wear it now what if I get some more ridiculous 460 I thought you boys fuck away another no if I get it for lower he has to wear it for the rest of night but since he went first I have to wear it right now but this ain't that ridiculous I think you can do a scolding all looking at that welcome back guys right now currently we are on our way to this all-you-can-eat here in China and for ten dollars ten US dollars it is quite literally all…

  • Shanghai Counterfeit Market Jackpot!

    Shanghai Counterfeit Market Jackpot!

    got some Tim's how much I want everyone's pretty good alright here we are part two of the shanghai counterfeit markets right now actually I'm in Vietnam because I decided to leave China on a whim and I decided I'm probably just gonna live here for a while because not only is it freaking gorgeous out here but there are also this is like more of a market paradise even than China because they have other than like markets they have you can literally walk down the street like any Street and there's just stalls upon stalls of stuff you can bargain for here so I plan on making a…

  • Shenzhen Imitation Market Haul!

    Shenzhen Imitation Market Haul!

    look they have a price on here 829 yeah I'm not I'm not even going for that let's go downstairs sure try get him down from 8:20 I already know the price yeah all right I'm just trying to think of like what would like my lowest price be Howick like 120 150 I don't know hey what what's the difference this is a cheap party yeah no same oh yeah oh yeah yeah what's better quality oh yeah oh yeah this is how much for these 700 I could get them for like a hundred I can get them for like a hundred 100 online yeah welcome back guys…

  • Shenzhen Black Market Gold Mine!

    Shenzhen Black Market Gold Mine!

    el delito okay can I try it on no try no try it looks pretty big okay okay how much 120 it's alright take like 20 21 2008 20 20 yeah how low can you go hello hello 90 what about like 30 oh wait what about a black supreme what about this same price hello Keitel or Andy well like 30 35 that's the last price you won't go like 40 okay alright welcome back guys today we are in Shenzhen China and we are outside of the low who commercial market which is one of the most famous markets here in China because it's right on the border…

  • China Fake Night Market Adventure!

    China Fake Night Market Adventure!

    Wow let me get some clothes off this let me get a close-up of it kanye bros what they're doing your shit man that poor United States wish I get up judges bargain just yeah if I can yep I'll do it hi welcome back guys today we are here at hump day the city I'm living in and we are in this crazy night market here on watching see I didn't even realize this it's here honestly they got like even like fake or fake shit I mean like big like this shit's like piss poor quality brittle lowball the ha lot of people who does this Bobby it…