• Robert The Doll – Extremely Creepy Haunted Doll
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    Robert The Doll – Extremely Creepy Haunted Doll

    Hey guys, we are now entering the east Martello Museum in Key West Florida which houses something very unique – Robert the Doll which inspired the movie Chucky. If you ever get a chance to visit him, don’t take a picture of him, before asking for his permission to do so. Every year, he receives hundreds of letters of apology, from former skeptics who took pictures without his permission. So what’s the story behind Robert the Doll? To understand this, we have to travel to a big Victorian mansion called the Artist house, a few miles away. It is called the Artist house because an artist, a painter grew up…

  • Alan Storey – Excerpt from the Climatic Drawing Machine (contemporary art museum)
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    Alan Storey – Excerpt from the Climatic Drawing Machine (contemporary art museum)

    Alan Storey was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1960. He received his BFA from the University of Victoria in 1982 and has since exhibited all over North America and Europe. Both in the public and contemporary art spheres, Storey has received numerous commissons for his sculptural works. As mediated by both the act of perception and the architecture of environment, Storey’s work deeply relates to human behavior and it’s interaction with the environment. In fact – he is best known for his remarkable public sculptures which interact with architecture and public space. One of the best known is the sculpture which dominates the lower levels of the HSBC bank…



    to the point where it was him or me there was part of me that was dying intimate portrait Linda Carter don't touch that remote intimate portrait Linda Carter is next after unsolved mysteries watch Lesley Ann Warren in the premiere of willing to kill at 9:00 on lifetime next on intimate portrait hosted by Meredith Vieira I'm Meredith Vieira and this is an intimate portrait of Linda Carter she could deflect bullets with her bracelets get the truth with her lasso and fly around in an invisible plane of course that was only when Linda Carter was playing Wonder Woman later when Linda had to stand by her husband…

  • A Portrait of Stalin: Mind Control

    A Portrait of Stalin: Mind Control

    remember 1991 Red Square Moscow with the collapse of communism freedom returns including the freedom to demonstrate for a return to communism and to the principles of this man Joseph Stalin communism's High Priest forty years after his death in the hearts and minds of countless Russians Stalin lives on so powerful as the myth surrounding him the myth created by Stalin himself that many on this day would readily trade their newly won freedoms for a return to the iron-fisted rule of a Stalinist dictator well you should see clearly political figures must be judged by the results of their specific political activity I'll explain myself in 1953 when…

  • A Portrait of Stalin: Secret Police

    A Portrait of Stalin: Secret Police

    down these steps to the echoing execution cellars below they went by the thousands men and women the elite and the obscure escorted to their deaths by the secret police at Stalin's Soviet Union above these sellers there stands in central Moscow an historic building the Lubyanka which houses the organization that efficiently and relentlessly advances the cause of the Communist Party its original name was the checker the checkers first chief was Felix jaejin ski a friend and colleague of Lenin's engine skis hands the checker becomes the gravedigger of all who opposed the party's will the brutality of Russia's Revolution and civil war sweeps away moral values the…

  • Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008)

    Stress, Portrait of a Killer – Full Documentary (2008)

    Çfarë jam unë duke menduar për? Mortgage, borxhi, paratë derdhje nga … Dhe unë ndjeva një gungë … Unë e di kancer kur ndjej atë. Ku është ajo? Çfarë është ajo deri në? Asnjëherë mos e quajtur, kurrë thënë një fjalë … Stresi. Është ferr të gjithëve, bedeviling mendjet tona, ndezja netë tona, upending ekuilibrit tonë, por ajo nuk ka qenë gjithmonë kështu. Pasi, qëllimi i tij ishte për të na shpëtuar. në qoftë se ju jeni një gjitar normale, çfarë stresi në lidhje me është tre minuta e ulëritës terror në Savannah, pas të cilit ai është ose gjatë me ju, ose ju jeni të gjatë me të. Por…

  • Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial

    Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial

    hi I'm Robert Lee I own Coleman liquidation power I sell mobile homes I'm not gonna waste your time I'm gonna tell it just like it is these are mobile homes not mansions they come in two pieces if that's what you're looking for that's what I got they're used some of them have stains we cover that up she decorates them she sells them these guys help me move a bouncer in Birmingham hit me in the face with a crescent wrench five times and my wife's boyfriend broke my jaw with a fence poster say if you don't buy a shredder from me it ain't gonna hurt my…