• Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    hi there today we're going to talk about Windsor and Newton artisan water mixable paints they're designed to look and behave like traditional oil paint but have been chemically modified to be thinned and cleaned with water as opposed to solvents although they do contain linseed oil they accept water and are great for artists who share a workspace or who have a sensitivity to solvents you can use them in a variety of ways just as you would you can see the flow of the paint increasing with the addition of water as with mixing too much solvent into a classic oil paint don't add too much water that…

  • 191: Drew Chambers is a marketer and cyclist [podcast]

    191: Drew Chambers is a marketer and cyclist [podcast]

    [Applause] hey this is true chambers and when I'm not riding my bike I'm listening to John Garrett on the green Apple podcast hello this is John Garrett and welcome to episode 191 of the green apple podcast where each Wednesday I interview a professional who just like me is known for a hobby or a passion or an interest outside of work and just by being that and sharing that it makes them stand out like a green apple in a pretty stereotypical red Apple world and I'm always so fascinated how we usually try to stand out with our technical expertise and I'm here to shine a light…

  • River PhotoShoot Behind The Scenes, How I Take Natural Light Portraits

    River PhotoShoot Behind The Scenes, How I Take Natural Light Portraits

    before I start I wanted to say thank you to videoblocks for sponsoring today's video and yes I got this beautiful drone footage from video blogs calm here you can get studio-quality stock video clips HD and 4k footage after effect templates motion graphics and a lot more I don't know if you guys have noticed but I've been using motion graphics and a lot of my newest videos just to up the quality and most of them I did get from video blogs when you become a member you get a 40% off on every purchase and the original artist takes home the commission of the sale price which…

  • Best Portrait lens? 85mm vs 70-200mm

    Best Portrait lens? 85mm vs 70-200mm

    as a portrait photographer the 85 million ever far from my cider absolutely love the focal length and since I bought the Canon 1.2 have had a lot of people asking me again if I already own the 70 to 200 is there any advantage to buying the 85 today I want to compare the two specifically how they relate to portraiture okay so there's a couple of things to think about and it kind of comes down when you're comparing any zoom to a prime so if you're comparing like the 50ml prime which a lot of people own to the 24 to 72 eight or the 72 200…

  • THE Adele Makeup Tutorial featuring Guest Artist Michael Ashton

    THE Adele Makeup Tutorial featuring Guest Artist Michael Ashton

    I get asked a lot to do an Adele makeup tutorial I think it's one of the most requested for me the only way to do this is to ask the original artist the person who created that look luckily I happened to know Adele's makeup artist his name is Michael Ashton and he is not only incredibly talented he's also a really lovely guy Michael's been working with Adele for nine years now so right since the beginning of her career doing her hair and makeup and this is a really lovely example of a performer working with a makeup artist – weren't really working together and collaborating to…

  • LIVE Photoshoot - Single light portraits

    LIVE Photoshoot – Single light portraits

    Oh bottom shot of early started recording okay we said this is going to be live I keep record so let's just leave this in hi guys we're back this is another live portrait shoot where if we screw things up you'll see it um or if there's any wardrobe malfunctions as we're talking about off camera then of course they'll be blowing it out and then stars everywhere just my uncut version will be in the pain section of that nickel go calm just getting us all free and just that means the website is very powerful those are job there won't be any well drug bail functions did…

  • Artisan Thinner vs Water

    Artisan Thinner vs Water

    I've explained to you in another video exactly what artists on the water mix boil calories and how the range works what I'd like to do now is to show you the benefits of using artisan thinner over water whilst you're painting using water during your painting process of artists and is perfectly fine that's one of the big bonuses of the paint however using the thinner you'll find that you'll get a much better performance out of color let me show you this in action on the paper here so what I'm going to do is squeeze out two blobs of the artisan permanent row side-by-side like so for…