• Iona ~ TN 1304  No Evil Part 1
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    Iona ~ TN 1304 No Evil Part 1

    Iona No Evil Part I Plenty of people were afraid of the dark, but Iona was not one of them. She didn’t know what darkness was, really. Nor light. She knew her Ma’s favorite color was blue, and it seemed sensible to her to make that her favorite color as well, but she’d never known what blue was. Iona had never known what any colors were. She imagined they were something like flavors, but for the eyes. And, just like some people didn’t have functioning tastebuds, she didn’t have functioning eyes. Iona stood at the edge of a cliff, smelling the tangy scent of salt air and listening as the…

  • What to Expect in Art Therapy
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    What to Expect in Art Therapy

    Hello. My name is Nicole Stiver and I’m the Art Therapist here at the Swedish Cancer Institute. In this podcast I will explain what art therapy is and is not, the benefits of art therapy, what to expect during a typical visit, and information for scheduling an appointment. First, however, I would like to start by acknowledging a common reaction to art therapy. Many people are afraid to try making art. They think they’re not artistic or creative enough. This is a normal reaction. Most people haven’t made art since elementary school. I want to assure you that you do not need art skills or confidence to try art therapy.…

  • Portfolio Advice for Artists - Draftsmen S1E09

    Portfolio Advice for Artists – Draftsmen S1E09

    do you want me to post on Instagram a survey the one we talked about like should Marshall put his shoes back on yeah should I pose that I don't mind that yeah I think it would be interesting to get everybody uh giving their opinion okay I'm interested I'm so proud okay you know you were going to do you used my hand as a model and those drawings look great you're gonna use my feet as a model and I remember showing you my feet and you said yeah yeah yeah maybe we'll do that dude but you never did your hands are like a ten yeah it's…

  • is Art Block "REAL" or are we Lazy?

    is Art Block "REAL" or are we Lazy?

    hello art friends my art friends it's me and it's my voice Steff life is shot and saw my how have you been doing first of all we should apologize we didn't do a video last week which was my fault because I was really ill and it turns out I had it was more than just that it was a thing called strep throat so I'm taking two loves to feel better so that's why you didn't go video last week if you want to be angry direct your anger at me and please pray for me that I'm not gonna catch it because I've had that in the…

  • Effective Advice for The Self-Taught Artist - DTC #2

    Effective Advice for The Self-Taught Artist – DTC #2

    how's it going everyone I hope you're all doing good welcome to episode 2 of drawn to create the recently created podcast where I draw and talk and yeah that's all there really is to it but today we're going to get into some stuff I've put down some notes some things that I want to talk about with you today and following on from the last discussion we had in episode 1 I kind of ended that episode early because I didn't want to get into anything that would require me to talk for another 30 minutes and I think that's what I'm going to be doing today I…

  • Welcome to The Art of Charm

    Welcome to The Art of Charm

    the word is probably best used to describe a prince but the art of being charming seems to have gone the way of fairy tales well we're gonna make two guys determined to bring it back what is up YouTube I'm AJ I'm Johnny and we are extremely excited to finally be here debuting our new YouTube channel we are bursting with material from the past eleven years of podcasting teaching traveling and most importantly growing ourselves from here you'll see a ton of behind the scenes exclusives from the art of charm all the way from our boot camps here in LA to our international alumni events and everything…

  • What marketers should know about positioning with April Dunford

    What marketers should know about positioning with April Dunford

    this episode is really for everyone we all need to learn how to position not just products and services but also ourselves April Dunford has launched this brilliant book called obviously awesome and we get down deep and I mean we really talk about everything we talked about the inspiration for the book the real value behind positioning you know positioning is a strategic underpinning for everything that we do in sales and marketing and yet it is very misunderstood and very rarely done well and we talked about it we talked about what positioning is what positioning is not if you thought branding and messaging you weren't alone I…