• A Glimpse of “Moholy-Nagy: Future Present”
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    A Glimpse of “Moholy-Nagy: Future Present”

    Moholy is the most versatile artist of the 20th century. I think you could fairly say. There hasn’t been a retrospective of his work, a full museum retrospective, in the United States in nearly half a century. Moholy worked in film, photography, sculpture, painting… Theatrical design, typographical design, commercial design… Graphic design, product design… Photograms, photomontages. I think he felt that art practice and design practice should be integrated into a life practice. Moholy had a talent for spotting the potential in one medium and then taking that potential and applying it in another medium, and that makes him more than a multi-media artist, a cross-media artist. Someone who makes…

  • Gordon Parks, Off on My Own (Harlem, New York)
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    Gordon Parks, Off on My Own (Harlem, New York)

    (soft piano music) – [Male Narrator] We’re in the Photo Study Room in The Art Institute of Chicago looking at this gorgeous print by Gordon Parks that was made in 1948. It shows a figure standing in an alley in Harlem. – [Female Narrator] This was made as part of a collaboration between Ralph Ellison and Gordon Parks. It was a project that Ellison conceived of just a year prior. And it was his way of reacting to what he saw happening in the popular press. This was a time period when magazines like Life were extraordinarily popular, and the photo essay was seen as a great way of disseminating…

  • MCA Talk: Photoconceptualism
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    MCA Talk: Photoconceptualism

    Welcome to Photoconceptualism, the final talk of a two-part roundtable series here at the MCA, generously supported by the Terra Foundation for American Art. My name is Lauren Fulton and I’m a curatorial research fellow here at the museum. For the past seven months, I’ve been organizing an exhibition about the development of contemporary conceptual photography and core to this show is the work of Chicago-based photographer Kenneth Josephson, who we’re very happy to have here with us tonight. An artist who I’m sure many of you are familiar with, Josephson has, for over five decades, scrutinized photography’s inherent reproducibility and circulation, made use of a mass cultural archive of…

  • Charles White: A Retrospective | MoMA EXHIBITION
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    Charles White: A Retrospective | MoMA EXHIBITION

    Announcer: Live from New York, Tonight with Belafonte. Harry: My relationship with Charlie, I was not just an acquaintance. Our survival was dependent on one another. When you look at Charlie White, and you look at the faces of black people, there’s a serenity. There’s always a strength in his characters. The limbs of the black subject is always powerfully displayed. Strong arms. When the good fortune hit I got my own space to command my time on television, I overdid it with a Charlie White. ♪ I don’t want no bald headed woman, She too mean, Lord, Lordy well she too mean ♪ It shook up television because you…

  • This war photographer uses toys to tell child survivors’ stories
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    This war photographer uses toys to tell child survivors’ stories

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Now to our “NewsHour” Shares, something interesting that has caught our eye. Brian McCarty’s photographs focus on conflict zones as seen through the eyes of children. A 5-year tour of an exhibition of his work has already made stops in Houston, Texas, and Little Rock, Arkansas, and he shows no signs of slowing down. The “NewsHour”‘s Julia Griffin has this profile. JULIA GRIFFIN: Brian McCarty’s camera chronicles the horrors of war. But, unlike other war photographers, his subjects are plastic, locally found toys carefully arranged to recreate the experiences of children traumatized by conflict. It’s all part of McCarty’s ongoing War-Toys project. BRIAN MCCARTY, Photographer: War-Toys is a…

  • Security Camera Image | Beginner Graphics in Photoshop [Tutorial]
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    Security Camera Image | Beginner Graphics in Photoshop [Tutorial]

    Hello everyone it’s Jen from Olde Tinkerer Studio. Today and going to show you how to make a security camera image out of a photograph. The link for the photo is below. Open the image. Go to File>Open. Make a copy of the image (CTRL + J) and name it Base. Now we are going to make this photo into a fish eye view and darken the edges as well. Go to Filter>Lens Correction and click on the Custom Tab. Distortion: -30, Vignette Amount: -100, Vignette Midpoint: 39 – Click OK. Now we are going to add a grainy effect to the image. Filter>Filter Gallery>Texture>Grain. Intensity: 50, Contrast: 50, Grain…

  • Lolo hosts from ICA Miami l Art Loft 711 Full Episode
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    Lolo hosts from ICA Miami l Art Loft 711 Full Episode

    On this episode of Art Loft, pioneering feminist artist Judy Chicago brings a sitespecific performance to ICA Miami with her work entitled, A Purple Poem For Miami. We’ll also explore several decades of her work. The Norton Museum of Art has their grand reopening. More wall space means neverbeforeseen pieces are now on display. And we’ll see how an artist transforms into a mermaid for her underwater dance. It’s all ahead on this episode of Art Loft. [Announcer] Art Loft is brought to you by… [Narrator] Where there is freedom, there is expression. The Florida Keys and Key West. [Announcer] The MiamiDade County Tourist Development Council, the MiamiDade County Department…

  • Jane Hammond, Artist Talk 12.2.15
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    Jane Hammond, Artist Talk 12.2.15

    Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for coming. I’m Wendy Edwards, Chair of the Visual Art Department. And we have an exciting afternoon, our last visiting artist of the semester, Jane Hammond. Jane hails from Bridgeport, Connecticut and received her BA in art from Mount Holyoke College in 1972. She then went on to earn not one but two MFA degrees. The first in ’74, studying ceramics at Arizona State University. And the second, sculpture at the University of Madison, Wisconsin in 1977. And just to interject, my first tenure track job was at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. And when I arrived in 1978, I had heard about…

  • UK Art Museum Showcases the Art of Photography
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    UK Art Museum Showcases the Art of Photography

    In photography, we have this great photography collection here. We have more than thirteen hundred photographs. I think we have exactly thirteen hundred and thirty one photographs. But you know, it’s really amazing for a museum of this size to have such a great collection and it’s one of the reasons that I came here. We have a show now that has some of the major photographers of the 20th and 21st century. When I was looking at how to represent the photography collection it was looking at a lot of pictures. I think that there might have been some idea of making this kind of our greatest hits, like…

  • What makes photography art? | Flore Zoé | TEDxDenHelder
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    What makes photography art? | Flore Zoé | TEDxDenHelder

    Translator: Ivana Krivokuća Reviewer: Peter van de Ven This is my work. What I create is me. Ah! Thank you. Man: “It was such a good idea at the time!” Flore Zoé : Yes, getting in here was a lot easier than getting out! (Applause) Thank you. We live in a time when we are bombarded with visual information. Be it for social media, internet, television, advertising, in and outside of our house, images containing a wide variety of subjects are thrown at us. Did you know the human brain processes visual information over 60.000 times faster than written information? If I was to show you two images per second…