• How I Made My Own iPhone – in China
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    How I Made My Own iPhone – in China

    Where are you from? From USA. USA? Yeah. Very good. I am trying to make my own iPhone. Very good. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was in a dimly lit barbecue joint here in China. I was with people like me, geeks who are fascinated by the electronics manufacturing scene. And someone said, you know, see all these cell phone parts in the markets. I wonder if you could build your own phone. I kept coming and going from China over the past nine months, and I couldn’t get rid of this burning question. Could I make my own cell phone? Would people even cell parts to a Western guy like me…

  • How Much Does it Cost to Make Your Own iPhone?
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    How Much Does it Cost to Make Your Own iPhone?

    This is the number one question I get asked and the answer is… We’ll get to the full answer shortly But first I wanted to give you a few updates about strange parts The last month has been a total whirlwind for me I released my second video To a huge response again Thank you I did a ton of interviews And I even a chance To do my first live studio taping in front an audience And that was pretty cool But first You know what I wanna do? What? I wanna take a gander over to the another part of the studio So we can learn all about…

  • Key & Peele - The Telemarketer - Uncensored

    Key & Peele – The Telemarketer – Uncensored

    hello this is Gavin hi Gavin my name is Colin Valenti I'm calling from master travel incorporated tell you about an exciting living time off an exclusive Las Vegas getaway have a few moans whoo time to tell you about this new package you know what I would love to but I just don't have a time hello hello she's gone Valenti master travel incorporated I may be serviced hi Karla thalente my name is Gavin I think we just talked did we get disconnected yeah no I mean yeah I hung up on you well uh why would you do that I mean are you even are you even…