• Philippines Fake Market Mania!

    Philippines Fake Market Mania!

    Paquita 250 450 you can't do 200 you said 300 but you went down to 300 I guarantee you said 300 no you did say 300 you said 300 alright welcome back guys right now we are out here and I'm gonna say the most requested place that you guys have been telling me to go to and that is here in Manila Philippines but the thing about this is I'm actually quite confused because it's either people saying oh it's so hard to bargain there or it's so easy to bargain there like it such polarizing like opinions from you guys so I don't even know what to expect…

  • Worldwide Fake Market Spree! (Unseen Bargains)

    Worldwide Fake Market Spree! (Unseen Bargains)

    can I try them on I can drive out now you go cheaper how much you say I give you but just enough say yea not US dollars but it wasn't me it was her she was the one that was hard bargain how much for the flash your head I'll give you say one right now you're a tough girl you are a good girl welcome back guys right now we were out here in my hometown if you can guess what town it is two three days after this video goes live I am back out on the road to continue these videos for what I want to…

  • Philippines Imitation Market Frenzy!

    Philippines Imitation Market Frenzy!

    what do you have this here shop how much for the Burberry well you'll okay just for me just for me yeah especially for me I like that I want that price up but especially for me price 500 right oh it's it's way way way way too well you know way too much high price like a 500 yeah I'm serious you don't want to do it 700 okay I'm not a good friend I guess I can do a 850 you said 50 no yeah you did welcome back guys right now we are out here once again in Manila Philippines and ever since last video at the…

  • TRY NOT TO CRY Sad Philippines Commercial Compilation

    TRY NOT TO CRY Sad Philippines Commercial Compilation

    Johanna mi cama pas de niro's pasa competitor the game on into human genome swallow ball but when Xena Miche enjoy blue side a patent on Google mutton biriyani mama open imminent okay T complete aqua line hi hon happy Valentine's Day sorry la Virgen namaha booty and Shirley Feeney Lenalee Jewelry channel in on Valentine's Day / favor CEO again we see me and Malcolm oil i'ma oh my goodness tawa Appa and the monument forgive me I only mamita Reba oh but neck don't Iike oh darling and another man Amanda Claro I live in a woman to me hmm to me to me come on la pagina…