• Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Nature Tattoo

    Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Nature Tattoo

    hi I'm Jess today I'm going to be asking to tattoo artists to see if they can draw my dream tattoo let's go hey what's up Mitaka I'm a tattoo artist from Los Angeles I specialize in new traditional Japanese I'm Denise I also tattoo and I don't have a specific style I just had to do whatever anybody wants at any given moment I see what's up there's a little bit of backstory about this tattoo my best friend took my appointment to get it so now he's been walking around with a version of these kind of components and I haven't come up with how I want to…



    my work always has had an organic quality and maybe that's part of living on the coast you can get out there when you having those creative blocks you can go for a run and swim whatever just take them all to the beach and you just get that amazing space and time to think there's several different processes that I use basic traditional skills but I also incorporate Plexiglas within my work so I'm so almost forming my own gemstones I just love them flashes of color I'm not sure how far my jewelry travel you know is somewhere nice I'd say I know

  • Pascal Roberge - Artisan hôtelier à l'Auberge du Lac-à-l'Eau-Claire

    Pascal Roberge – Artisan hôtelier à l'Auberge du Lac-à-l'Eau-Claire

    moi ça fait 17 ans que je travaille dansles pourvoiries ça fait deux ans que je travaille au lac à l'eau clairemon but dans vista travailler dans les plus belles pourvoiries du québecc'est pour ça qu'aujourd'hui je fais partie de l'équipe du lac à l'eau claireet le plus fabuleux c'est d'aller chercher les plus gros poissonslorsque l'étudiant il sort entre deux trois quatre cinq nuls c'est surtout carc'est la première fois qu'ils pêchent en poissons comment je vous dirais c'estl'intensité est magique d'être capable de transmettre le plus beau sport aumonde qu'il abrège si ce que j'aime dans monmétier



    my name is Georgia I'm one of the partner and I'm the design director accurate which is a data visualization design firm that we co-founded in Milan in 2011 and so now it's like eight years old and now we also have an office in New York and I'm Gabriella one of the other three partners at accurate and we do is data visualization in many different formats and with many different outputs we are not expert in a specific field of information but we work transversely with different sectors such as cultural sectors as museums or we work with nonprofit and organization like the United Nations or the Gates…

  • Cave Art 101 | National Geographic

    Cave Art 101 | National Geographic

    – [Narrator] Wooly mammoths, step bison, and other large mammals once roamed alongsidepeople across Eurasia. Tens of thousands of years later, we may have glimpseinto this Ice Age world through the cave art leftbehind by early humans. (tinkling music) Around 400 art-filled caves and shelters predominately located in France and Spain have been discovered so far. Some of the most elaborateprehistoric artwork exists in caves in France known as Lascaux Grottoand Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc. Cave art dates as farback as 65,000 years ago to the time of the neanderthals. Though, radiocarbondating and other methods have revealed most art to beless than 40,000 years old and created by homo sapiens. The majority of…

  • Making Lifelike 3D Aquariums With Paint Cast In Resin

    Making Lifelike 3D Aquariums With Paint Cast In Resin

    Don't worry, these aren't real fish. They are meticulouspaintings cast in resin. These realistic aquarium scenes are painted and pouredby hand, layer by layer. They're made by Lillian Lee and her team at Serene LifeArt, a studio in China. That layering to createthe illusion of depth relies on stereopsis, alsoknown as binocular vision. When your eyes combine the differences between each layer in your brain, it creates the illusion of more depth than there actually is. This kind of 3D resinpainting can be traced back to Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. The most important part of the technique? Planning how the fish'sanatomy will be split into each layer. So how do…

  • The Con Artist Handbook | Brain Games

    The Con Artist Handbook | Brain Games

    gravity gravity it's good for you with me thanks on Ben Morrison is offering passers-by a rare opportunity to purchase an explosive new product last chance at the stones guys these will change your life after a hard sell go increase muscle tone and an incredible before and after balance demonstration I can't have you over these people are becoming believers in the power of magma stones gravity yeah so there is a limit for per customer but these stones really want you to have them I think I want to buy him and now they're forking over their cash for the promise of better gravity give mama the magma…