• How to make a Thread Cutting Die from Scratch – Watchmaking Vlog #12
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    How to make a Thread Cutting Die from Scratch – Watchmaking Vlog #12

    Welcome guys, in this video I’m going to demonstrate to you how I make a die from this bit of steel to make screw threads. Just really quickly before I pad off, I don’t have a padding tool that has the length to cut all the way through this material so I’m just going to use a handsaw and go really slow just to make sure I don’t, um, slip and hit the base of the lathe which is a way that many lathes get damaged. So now that the hole is tapped it’s time to create the cutting edges of the die. So, this is an M4 die it’s…

  • Steel Patina New Mexico LED Sign | Wall Art

    Steel Patina New Mexico LED Sign | Wall Art

    and everybody this week we're gonna be building this mountain bear New Mexico themed sign for a friend of Mines family member and it lights up let's do it so we're here at the metal rack picking out the shoot we want to use we decided on 20 gauge steel as you know it's a pretty good balance between strength and weight especially for some of us just gonna hang on the wall like this doesn't really need to be strong in fact it being light is nice because you can just hang it on a couple screws so we got 20 gauge cold-rolled they're gonna fire that up I'm…

  • Peter Walter (UCSF/HHMI): Squeezing Time for Art

    Peter Walter (UCSF/HHMI): Squeezing Time for Art

    my name is David Pincus and I'm a graduate student at UCSF and I get the privilege today to interview my PhD advisor Peter Walter on his scientific and extra scientific hobbies and creative endeavors so I Peter I David think you should be in the lab well I'm glad you find other uses of your time yeah I'm working on the next paper it'll be out soon so I want to start basically by introducing what you do which is mostly science but a little bit on the side getting to do creative projects with your hands doing woodworking and metalworking doing sculpture and functional stuff around the house…



    we got another box this one's a dad addressed you couch pop pouch pop little clever funny meme on the mailing label stop setting us chimney on appeal box fuck you don't worry guys this one's from Gordon peaceful wanna know when I'm gonna smile I mean in LA so if you have anything you'd like to mail them you can send them something turn out alright like a little gift exchange yeah Secret Santa depending on whether or not your gift is good or not we'll see if we bleep that oh it is cool I thought this was gonna be something bad more or coming more are coming…