• Camp: Notes on Fashion Gallery Views | Met Fashion
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    Camp: Notes on Fashion Gallery Views | Met Fashion

    Andrew Bolton: The exhibition is called Camp: Notes on Fashion, and it’s inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Notes on Camp” that, in a way, outlined the elements or characteristics of camp: irony, humor, parody, theatricalization, excess, extravagance, exaggeration. The first half of the exhibition does trace the origins of camp. The introduction is a section called “The Camp Beau Ideal.” It focuses on the figure of Antinous, Hadrian’s lover, who has been embraced in the queer culture by artists like Robert Mapplethorpe. Each gallery has a hero or heroine. So it starts off with Louis XIV and his brother Monsieur, a famous bisexual. I wanted to trace the etymological…

  • Artists ♥ San Francisco: Catherine Opie | SFMOMA Shorts
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    Artists ♥ San Francisco: Catherine Opie | SFMOMA Shorts

    My relationship to San Francisco is a place that I wish that I could live still to this day I went to undergrad there, San Francisco Art Institute That whole city allowed a sense of freedom and discovery for me From coming from the suburbs of Southern California to all of a sudden the 80s in San Francisco being able to come out as a lesbian, and then a leather Dyke and everything attached to that There was a great place in San Francisco called Red Dora’s Bearded Lady In 1990 I landed there and it’s like Harry Dodge, and an amazing group of people from Tribe 8 were running…

  • How Does This Interracial Family Deal with Racism? | Family Portrait

    How Does This Interracial Family Deal with Racism? | Family Portrait

    my name is Don Ella and this is my husband Chris and we live in West Columbia South Carolina in our family there is Dylan my son from a previous marriage and miles of son that we had together and also gypsy the dog when we step into a restaurant someone will ask me how many people aren't here party and then they'll turn around and ask Chris because they don't actually think that were a couple so tonight we are celebrating Myles is ninth birthday we've invited my aunt Connie and her partner Kim over and it's just going to be a family celebration nothing big and extravagant we're…



    I think in a rocker oh my god they're literally stoning her all right hey guys and welcome back to my video oh my god guys so happy Pride Month so in celebration of Pride Month I mean I do like kinda like Christmas you know one like vloggers do like 25 days of vlogmas well pretty much I'm gonna do 25 days of gameis so I'm just gonna react to anti-gay commercials everyday until the last day of June so get ready for it I'm just kidding no I'm just gonna do it today it is still Pride Month so I thought why not do another little reactions and…



    I love my parents then get me wrong they're the best parents I could ever ask for and I love them so so much but they scared me recently and they made me really think about quite a lot really made me come to realization that the world is not so accepting of LGBTQ members or just different people not not to say that we're different asshole because we're definitely not and that's why I'm literally on YouTube to try and promote the fact that we exist normal people and kind of share my story like being a normal person they really made me remember that the world isn't so…