• A very quick 'Artisan Shidenkai FX' mouse pad review.

    A very quick 'Artisan Shidenkai FX' mouse pad review.

    hello everyone and welcome to my review of the shed on KY f x XL mouse pad it's 49 centimeters by 42 centimeters by zero point three centimeters which is very large don't can you get a shot of that this label you can see it's the box is fairly standard it's just a cardboard array so the brand is artisan I don't have a party so goods they're a Japanese brand if any of you are ordering this from the you cakes are prepared to prepare unprepared to pay customs if I have to pay 14 quid to get this from the post office it took about seven days…



    welcome to sketch spray painting crafting and do-it-yourself are and now my favorite part here was of my goodness me tubers welcome to sketch art for off your first time here on this channel I'm sketching I'm a spray paint artist before I go further I just want to thank to all of you who support my channel on each way or another especially great things to love you who's supporting my channel by purchasing some of my art from my web store for off you're interested in some of my art check down below in description box I'll put the link where you can find it also great great…

  • Integration of Art and Science | Yoko Shimizu | TEDxTokyo

    Integration of Art and Science | Yoko Shimizu | TEDxTokyo

    hello everyone my name is Yoko Shimizu I'm a contemporary artist and a biochemist in my lab we integrate art and science and create various installations using natural and scientific phenomenon you might think art and science what do they have to do with each other but to me art and science are very similar in that they're both extremely creative fields that explore new ideas and break boundaries in my university lab I studied biology and chemistry and I was fascinated by all the scientific principles and the beautiful forms and shapes of nature and thought wow how cool would it be to use all of this to create…

  • Best Japanese Commercials 2018

    Best Japanese Commercials 2018

    どのようにと願いましたん メッカみた 虫6 n ちゃんとなしようぜ ドアリーダー ame [音楽] なにこの観客や部はい面よりねーし カレーメシとそのためし バイト体験バイトルアプリ食丸い木もあります 器具すごい弊サイトのお試しは voip アプリ ああああああ twice シフトほどのん [音楽] [拍手] ただごとじゃねぇねぇ 黒いとのだよとのグロージャンのクロ好きな本 [音楽] none [音楽] 今度飲もうアンワールと調理やるっスね農繁ワールド僕はあるか a いいいいいい [拍手] [音楽] [拍手] [音楽] [音楽] ああああああ また6重になれる毎日がやってくる モンスターハンカーワールド shop 母でしょバックはでちゃってっ このグラベルは無料な充電が者ができていない肉 富祖末が牛丼2杯 現金100万円とピエルナ物語ば j ゲーやるかぐらブルー ちいちゃん聞いてもいいなにプロポーズってどんな風にされたり えっ正直に言ってもらう フラッシュモブ文かな なんかこっぱずかしい誌 flash は6ん ちーちゃん僕と結婚いやー ええええええ db ハーガー叫ぶみたい長い助ける組 いざ 2位整備率吸われてるみたい 水炊きにのぼせファー カニに食べられてる感じチェーン京都日和同名ホラー この惑星のこのはいく性能 あーなろくでもない学生のことなどどうなるん 大相当溜まっているようだなぁジョンズそういうときこの惑星の住人は休みというもの をとるんわー なんだん [音楽] この惑星でたまには私も休みてボスで休み方改革 25 [音楽] すごくいい ano ははああ まろぐろーぶい線がデータ んだ 多いこのおとう voodoo ちょっと同社も ちょっとちょっ wh ています ana how だけ 日本ね iphone へ行っ英語は反力だ [音楽] はあああいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいい あーにゃしちゃうなぁ味をおかえりパパ 配ら水沢青春の小腹にですし多くを持って さっきより良い aname when [音楽] 始まった にこのポテチ めちゃめちゃうまいよ うってうか言ってこれ無添加何コレう天パっ子いつぐらいテープ立ったよ [音楽] ちょっ tee をしています 以下は種子自治行ったり従来崩れなるとほしいと鍵が感謝祭 ああああああ なんでこっちへ上が聞 あれどうやんのこれ なにこれ ni [音楽] あれちゃん大輔 エナジー で神だし いいお前何やってんだよ ありません…

  • Top Ten Most Effective Martial Arts

    Top Ten Most Effective Martial Arts

    hello never once welcome back to my channel this is the method one speaking today we are going to talk about the 10 most effective martial arts in my humble opinion let's get to it now before we begin I would like to define the word effective what I mean by effective by effective I mean that if you were to train for a very long time in one of these martial arts which of these times would increase the likelihood of view not only defeating your opponent but actually surviving a fight to death in a street combat situation so all those styles that have full of rules and…

  • Japanese Street Food Tour Top 10 in Kyoto Japan | Nishiki Market Food Guide

    Japanese Street Food Tour Top 10 in Kyoto Japan | Nishiki Market Food Guide

    in this video I'm gonna show you guys my top 10 street food in Kyoto so I've been going around Kyoto for a few days now and there's just a so much street food to that I want to introduce you guys right now are in each key market but there's just so much more so we're gonna include this place and the surrounding area I can't wait to show you guys all of this if you guys want to know what videos I'm producing before these videos come out definitely check out my Instagram page because I'm always uploading to my stories all right let's get our food on…

  • Sword Art Online RUINED?... Bends the Knee to 'SJW' In Alicization Lycoris! ADMINISTRATOR CENSORED!

    Sword Art Online RUINED?… Bends the Knee to 'SJW' In Alicization Lycoris! ADMINISTRATOR CENSORED!

    sword art online Alec ization Lycoris an upcoming video game is toning down the explicit content in order to basically pander to the woke culture that's going around nowadays this is not necessarily new news you see sao was making waves in january a few months ago when the author and creator Reki Kawahara was stating that he was going to try and make the series more politically correct to again pander to the Western reactions and I don't really like saying that because it's more so only only the woke part of Western culture which is really not a large group of people compared to other groups out there…