• How to Draw Donald Trump Caricature

    How to Draw Donald Trump Caricature

    to the role of Donald Trump one of the major feature is is fantastic haircut so this is the easiest way to start we start with the haircut that will then build the rest of the tail so we all know that Trump has his haircut starting quite a low on the side so we start with that line then we do a line that goes pretty much all the top of the hat and comes down and comes to the side so this is pretty much oh we can't define Donald Trump's hair cut so you know that he has it looking almost like a helmet so we do…

  • How To Draw A Wolf

    How To Draw A Wolf

    hey our friends we've got another cool drawing today what are we gonna do checkers we're gonna draw yeah some wool [Laughter] all right dude you got your marker yeah all right let's draw this wolf we're gonna draw this wolf a lot like our lion that we drew a while ago all right yeah and if you haven't seen our Relient before we'll leave a description in the bottom of this video and you can click that and you can see our see how we did the wolf bear the lion is that cool yeah all right let's do this man first step we're gonna draw his mouth and…

  • How To Draw Caricatures | Tom Holland

    How To Draw Caricatures | Tom Holland

    okay so guys we're gonna draw a quick picture of Tom Holland he is once again the gentleman that plays the spider-man and the spider-man in The Avengers I love the Avengers is awesome I like I've seen all of the Avengers I think and then I got my cousin Rebecca she's she's what you call the she's the the Avengers tour guide every time we go to a movie we have to hear the history of the entire the entire superhero universe so you know there's nothing is we don't know yes Superman is not there alright so let's go ahead and get kicked off guys um once again…

  • How to Draw a Caricature - Head Shape - Easy Pictures to Draw Now

    How to Draw a Caricature – Head Shape – Easy Pictures to Draw Now

    what's up guys how's it going I'm gonna go back into it I'm gonna go over head shapes this time standard head shapes I'm gonna go over some of the standard head shapes we used in theme park how you identify those head shapes to people I'll go in to Internet in the next video but for now I'm just gonna show you also I did find another marker that I've used before for a job using this as a Sharpie permanent marker very very common but if you look at the tip it does have this tapering that I was talking about it's not as versatile as that other…

  • How Long Should a Caricature Take - Easy Pictures to Draw

    How Long Should a Caricature Take – Easy Pictures to Draw

    hey guys how's it going this is easy pictures to draw and i'm enrique what's up how's life it's been a while since I've done one of these I'm going to be talking on the subject of caricatures this is a section that I really want you to participate in I really want you to comment below on what you want to know about caricatures whether it be drawing them or whether it be talking about my experiences doing them but I will you know talk about them let me talk to you a little bit about my experience in case you don't know I was a caricaturist for five…

  • How To Draw A Caricature Dwayne Johnson The Rock

    How To Draw A Caricature Dwayne Johnson The Rock

    okay so once again guys we're gonna start from the bottom and build to the top I want to express to you the importance of head shape if you don't get the head shape of your caricature right you won't be able to see where your features go properly so that's where the confusion comes in you have to see the overall shape first now I was actually doing some studying the other day and let me pull out my my book here we're gonna we're gonna prefer refer excuse me excuse me once that guy's okay we're going to refer back to the Bible this is what I call…

  • Caricature of Taylor Swift - Thumbnail Sketch Example

    Caricature of Taylor Swift – Thumbnail Sketch Example

    you in the premium section of this course on proko.com check out more videos where I draw thumbnail sketches of lots of different celebrity faces explaining my process and a video showing how I use a wide range of sketching materials on the same face to get a variety of results for the shortest route to caricature town these videos are the express way get your ticket at proko.com slash caricature for those of you who will be participating in the caricature course we've created a community where you can connect with other students post artwork and get feedback from your peers join the group at proko.com slash groups if…

  • Artists Draw Link in Different Genres

    Artists Draw Link in Different Genres

    welcome to drop II where we take your dumb ideas they make even dumber drawing I'm Jacob I'm Nathan Julia and guys today news day has gone rogue whoa news days fucking kickflipping smoking a cigarette in a leather jacket right now yeah it's gone rogue we're trying something completely new it's very new it's so new in fact that we've already done the drawings in this episode I'm gonna be seeing us drawing live we're trying to something new that I thought might be fun to do to let you guys see a fuller process of kind of like what we would be drawing like if we weren't recording…

  • ARTIST Vs. AUTODRAW! - Head to Head with Google AI Art!

    ARTIST Vs. AUTODRAW! – Head to Head with Google AI Art!

    get analyzed and gentlemen welcome to drill with Jessa I'm Jason and today we're gonna find out how artists will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next few years let's get started this is google's AI experiment called auto draw your phone has enough power to put a man on the moon now use your phone to draw a moon exactly hang on you just challenged me and assumed I couldn't do it let's try and draw I don't know what apps do I have draw can I draw something and the results art jazz Azadi games too bad you can't draw with it draw and paint with art…