• ◄ Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco [HD] ►
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    ◄ Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco [HD] ►

    Welcome to the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts. Set in an idyllic park, the palace has a rich history and is today an important part of San Francisco’s image. The palace was originally built for the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition which was held in San Francisco in year 1915. The purpose of the exhibition was partly to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal as well as the city’s recovery from the 1906 earthquake and fires. The expo lasted for almost 300 days and the exhibition buildings extended about a mile along the shore. The buildings consisted of 11 exhibit palaces, showcasing objects from all corners of the world. Just like…

  • Philbrook Art Museum Event Garden Glow
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    Philbrook Art Museum Event Garden Glow

    hi this is Gabe with TVM we’re out here at Philbrook art museum tonight is the garden glow festival that happens outside in the philbrook gardens and all it is is they have christmas lights setup all throughout the gardens and as soon as it gets dark they’re going to turn them on and it’s going to look as beautiful as it possibly can and right now obviously there’s not many people here. here a couple of hours people start showing up kind of looking through Philbrook as it is a free event and I think they’re supposed to be up to about 7,000 people here at one time and…

  • Tokyo Mens-Only Capsule Hotel & Lounge Chair Stay Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN
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    Tokyo Mens-Only Capsule Hotel & Lounge Chair Stay Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN

    ONLY in JAPAN Welcome to Okachimachi in Tokyo. This is Ameyoko market and the area around it buzzes with life And this is also where I’m gonna be spending the night So what makes Okachimachi a really interesting place to stay is its location? It’s so convenient. It’s located between Akihabara, Ueno Asakusa, and Ginza Which makes it the perfect location and the fact that it’s next to this market which has Amazing nightlife, great restaurants that spill out into the streets with really delicious and affordable food. I mean what more could you want? So let’s go check in to the capsule hotel Spa Resort President is located on…

  • MCA Stories
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    MCA Stories

    A 21st-century museum looks like the MCA. Well I first became involved with the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1986. On one of my walks I discovered the Museum of Contemporary Art. I created it. What was it like in the early days? It was about 90 percent volunteer, ten percent staff, who weren’t paid very much anyway so they might as well have been volunteers. Christo wrapping the museum, with the fire department trying to close us down. It was thrilling. Christo and Jeanne-Claude, when they first saw the old Museum of Contemporary Art, they were somewhat surprised and wondered whether or not it wasn’t wrapped already. That was…

  • Who Owns The Moon?
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    Who Owns The Moon?

    Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Gregory W. Nemitz registered some land containing 492 quintillion dollars worth of platinum. The land was right here… well, over here – an asteroid named 433 Eros. Not a single sovereign nation on earth recognizes human claims to extraterrestrial real estate, but he did it anyway. And then, less than a year later, NASA landed a probe on the asteroid. They called it the first asteroid we had ever landed a probe on. Nemitz called it “parking space number 29” and promptly sent NASA a 20 dollar parking ticket. But so far, NASA and the US Attorney General have dismissed the fine, saying that his claim…

  • Using Atom Bombs To Detect Forged Art
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    Using Atom Bombs To Detect Forged Art

    [MUSIC] Han Van Meegeren might be the most famous art forger of the 20th century. He perfected the art of making fakes look really old, adding aging chemicals to his paints, even baking the finished piece and using a rolling pin to crack the paint. He once tricked Nazi leaders into trading 137 priceless paintings for one forgery. Han’s forgeries are so well-known themselves that they’re on display in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Bad fakes are easy to pick out, but how do you detect a world-class forgery from a world class artist? Historians typically rely on their eyes and their knowledge, and they’ve been fooled many times. But if you want…

  • American Pickers: Picking Pirates (Season 20) | Bonus | History
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    American Pickers: Picking Pirates (Season 20) | Bonus | History

    MIKE: This is it right here. It said on the GPS. Alright… FRANK: You think this is it? MIKE: Danielle said that the guy said the GPS would take us there. MIKE: The further you get off the road, and the harder it is to get to a place, usually that’s a good thing. FRANK: “No Trespassing” sign… MIKE: Alright, here. There’s cars back here. This says we’re here. I’m gonna go in and see where he’s at. ♪ MIKE: Hey! You Art? ART: Yeah! MIKE: You’re off the beaten path here a little bit! ART: Oh, yeah. MIKE: [laughs] ART: You guys come in the back way, too. MIKE:…

  • An Animated Introduction to Social Science
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    An Animated Introduction to Social Science

    All right. If we’re all settled? Yes? Good. Welcome. We are the Social Science department. Now, I’ll get right to it. The question on everyone’s mind: “Just what the heck is social science?” Well, let me try to explain. Social, as in society, as in human beings. Science, as in the facts, the systematic study of a thing, the pursuit of its true nature. We seek to understand the nature of people and society. What does it mean to be human? What defines a person? Is it history? Is it ancestry? How has he worked, struggled, thrived? In his environment! Sorry? In his environment. Did he live on a mountain?…

  • Who was Confucius? – Bryan W. Van Norden
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    Who was Confucius? – Bryan W. Van Norden

    Most people recognize his name and know that he is famous for having said something, but considering the long-lasting impact his teachings have had on the world, very few people know who Confucius really was, what he really said, and why. Amid the chaos of 6th Century BCE China, where warring states fought endlessly among themselves for supremacy, and rulers were frequently assassinated, sometimes by their own relatives, Confucius exemplified benevolence and integrity, and through his teaching, became one of China’s greatest philosophers. Born to a nobleman but raised in poverty from a very young age following the untimely death of his father, Confucius developed what would become a lifelong…