• Grant Wood in 60 seconds
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    Grant Wood in 60 seconds

    Seldom has an artist been so associated with just one work as Grant Wood, the painter of ‘American Gothic’. This eerie but tender, incredibly rich portrayal of an Iowan farmer and his daughter, posed for by the artist’s sister and his dentist has captivated viewers since 1930. Is he mocking these strait-laced folk, or celebrating them? and what’s he saying about life in rural America? Wood was no great fan of cities and he spent almost his whole life in the mid-west. The land and its people, the politics and personalities of small-town life, were his most enduring subjects, but he was no mere provincial. Grant Wood did study and…

  • The Clarke Compass – Breon’s Journey
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    The Clarke Compass – Breon’s Journey

    Ever wonder how going to college increases your leadership skills? Meet Breon, our resident nice guy. Breon is all about support. Whether he’s supporting his fellow basketball teammates, being a leader in his business classes or acting as a role model to the young men in his Hall where he serves as a Resident Assistant, he’s thinking about being a positive influence. Breon tells his guys to grab their lives and take charge, make their own decisions, speak up, and strive to be the best. Being an RA has really pushed him to be a leader and prepared him to take on managing roles, and learn to consider different managing…

  • Van Gogh’s Olive Trees
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    Van Gogh’s Olive Trees

    Van Gogh painted a whole series of Olive Trees in 1889, and this painting in the Scottish National Gallery is one of my absolute favourites. It’s a really pure vision of the landscape and it’s full of energy and his real passion for his subject People tend to read into the painting Van Gogh’s mental state at the time For example, in 1910, he was described by the critics as a madman. And then this myth evolved of Van Gogh as the madman, which almost in a way is responsible for us remembering him and celebrating him. But he generally would paint only during a moment of calm. Even though…

  • Nice, France: Matisse and Chagall Museums – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite
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    Nice, France: Matisse and Chagall Museums – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

    The Matisse Museum offers a fascinating introduction to modern art inspired by the French Riviera. Henri Matisse opened a window onto paradise. Armed with the bright colors of the Impressionists, Matisse captured the radiant Riviera of the 1920s: seascapes, fruit, flowers, and curvaceous women. Matisse was the master of leaving things out, letting us fill in the rest. Matisse painted the three-dimensional world as a two-dimensional pattern of vibrant colors. You don’t look “through” Matisse art like a window; you look “at” it. You can trace his work as it evolves. It became simpler with time, from detailed realism, to a colorful “impressionistic” style, to bold blocks of bright colors,…

  • Vincent van Gogh for Children: Biography for Kids – FreeSchool
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    Vincent van Gogh for Children: Biography for Kids – FreeSchool

    You’re watching FreeSchool! Today we’re going to learn about the famous artist, Vincent van Gogh. Born in 1853, Vincent van Gogh was a 19th century Dutch painter. Dutch is the word for people from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a small country in Western Europe. When he was a young man, van Gogh traveled to France, England, and Belgium, but near the end of his life he moved to France. Although van Gogh began to draw when he a child, he did not start painting until he was in his late twenties and many of his best paintings were only done in the last two years of his life, before…

  • The Revenge of Han van Meegeren, One of the Great Art Forgers of All Time
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    The Revenge of Han van Meegeren, One of the Great Art Forgers of All Time

    Han van Meegeren was born in 1889 and developed an interest in painting at a young age. He wasn’t supported in his dream to become an artist by his father, who forbade van Meegeren’s artistic development, trying to steer his son in the direction of architecture instead. Undeterred, van Meegeren met Bartus Kortelling—a teacher and painter—at his school, and Kortelling later became van Meegeren’s mentor. Kortelling loved paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and likely had a hand in van Meegeren’s love of golden age paintings as well. A particular fan of Johannes Vermeer, Kortelling showed his protégé how Vermeer mixed his colours—a lesson that would have a great impact…

  • Wayne Willis Art Exhibit
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    Wayne Willis Art Exhibit

    The spirit of Wayne Willis can be felt with each exploding covey rise of Kansas quail. Willis, a Kansas Native Son, was considered by many to be the best quail painter of all time. He’s gone now, but he left a lasting tribute to the outdoors through his acclaimed art. And for a limited time, a visit to Coutts Memorial Museum of Art in El Dorado opens a door to the world that Willis loved. A Kansas hunter and conservationist, this man with a talent for art spent 60 years bringing to life his favorite subjects. A formal scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute was interrupted briefly by his…

  • Top 10 Guitarists of All Time (REDUX)
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    Top 10 Guitarists of All Time (REDUX)

    the guitar is their weapon of choice scuse me while I kiss this welcome to watchmojo.com and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten guitarists of all time for this list we’ve chosen guitarists based on a combination of their talent songwriting skills technical and creative merits and their lasting influence if you want to learn more about great axe men or if you are expecting to see Brian May or Carlos Santana on the list be sure to check out our videos on the top 10 solo guitarist and top 10 band guitarists and for even more guitar gods check out our instrumental series number 10…

  • VINCENT‘S SWAN SONG: Wheatfield With Crows by Vincent Van Gogh
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    VINCENT‘S SWAN SONG: Wheatfield With Crows by Vincent Van Gogh

    It’s said when a swan dies it emits one last long beautiful note. This is referred to as a “swan song.” This painting “Wheatfield With Crows” by Vincent van Gogh could be considered his swan song. It’s thought to be his last painting before shooting himself fatally. Van Gogh spent his last years at an asylum suffering from mental health issues. However he was permitted to leave the grounds to paint the nearby landscape during the day. This was undoubtedly one of the most productive periods of his life. What do they say, a candle burns brightest before it goes out. At this time van Gogh began using a double-square…

  • Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: Blood Honey Preview
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    Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: Blood Honey Preview

    Ethan Van Sciver was driven from mainstream comics through slander and bullying. Through perseverance, self-belief and god-given talent he’s a bigger player in the industry today than ever before. Ethan Van Sciver has been in the comic book industry his entire adult life. He published his creator owned character Cyberfrog at age 20 in 1994. Van Sciver rose from unknown indie artist to one of the finest visual stylist in comic book history. He’s best known for his collaborations with Geoff Johns at DC Comics. Together they created Flash Rebirth, Green Lantern Rebirth, Sinestro Corps Wars and many other hit books for DC Comics. His art and creative inputs on…