• Robert The Doll – Extremely Creepy Haunted Doll
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    Robert The Doll – Extremely Creepy Haunted Doll

    Hey guys, we are now entering the east Martello Museum in Key West Florida which houses something very unique – Robert the Doll which inspired the movie Chucky. If you ever get a chance to visit him, don’t take a picture of him, before asking for his permission to do so. Every year, he receives hundreds of letters of apology, from former skeptics who took pictures without his permission. So what’s the story behind Robert the Doll? To understand this, we have to travel to a big Victorian mansion called the Artist house, a few miles away. It is called the Artist house because an artist, a painter grew up…

  • Top 5 Most Haunted Artifacts and Objects

    Top 5 Most Haunted Artifacts and Objects

    I'm sure there are thousands of haunted items in the world with some being stronger than another however we have done our research and put together the top five most haunted items the Dybbuk box the Dybbuk box is the haunted wine cabinet supposedly haunted by a dybbuk a dybbuk is a malicious spirit that can possess their haunt anything living the Box first gains mass public attention when it was sold in auction on eBay with a story that accompanied it it soon became the inspiration behind the film the possession according to a tip 3 the Dybbuk box was found by Kevin Mannis he mentioned that paranormal events…