• Robert The Doll – Extremely Creepy Haunted Doll
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    Robert The Doll – Extremely Creepy Haunted Doll

    Hey guys, we are now entering the east Martello Museum in Key West Florida which houses something very unique – Robert the Doll which inspired the movie Chucky. If you ever get a chance to visit him, don’t take a picture of him, before asking for his permission to do so. Every year, he receives hundreds of letters of apology, from former skeptics who took pictures without his permission. So what’s the story behind Robert the Doll? To understand this, we have to travel to a big Victorian mansion called the Artist house, a few miles away. It is called the Artist house because an artist, a painter grew up…

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  • Creepy Abandoned Artist House  *FOUND DEMONIC ART*

    Creepy Abandoned Artist House *FOUND DEMONIC ART*

    what is good guys we are back inside of another abandoned hoarder house this one is packed but unlike the other ones there's still a lot to see here a lot to go through and not a lot has been turned over obviously it's been Roman suit like most of them that we've been inside of but this one is like I said it's a little bit more intact we could see a lot more of the pieces that were in place here and it's gotten a lot more property to it there's a barn behind here there's a car outside there and there's actually an animal living inside of…

  • Ancient Illuminati Artifacts & Serpent Seedline Revealed!

    Ancient Illuminati Artifacts & Serpent Seedline Revealed!

    I'll tell you we're living in some strange times by the time most of us have learned the language of our culture or region wherever we're from we pretty much accept that that's it we understand communication now we're all set we're good to go but we miss something one thing we're not taught in school or in culture in general is that there's many languages there's a lot of other languages taking place all around us right now that most people don't see this all goes back to the secrets of the Freemasons or the Illuminati these secrets that have been kept for years and years and years with…

  • Chili Klaus & Marko "Markoolio" - Swedish artist, rapper, singer  🇸🇪

    Chili Klaus & Marko "Markoolio" – Swedish artist, rapper, singer 🇸🇪

    Hi, and welcome to a new chili tasting. I've come to Sweden – "to Sweden" – and that's where I met you, Marko. Yeah Thanks a lot for joining me for this chili tasting. We have a lot to get through today. We sure do. It's an honor to have you here. That's wonderful. Now, Marko – for those who might not know you… Yeah. You're a singer, an actor, a rapper – you're an artist. Yeah, exactly. I do some stuff on the radio too, and some theatre. I do a lot of different things, but the main focus is my music. I'm on the road a lot playing…