• An Animated Introduction to Social Science
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    An Animated Introduction to Social Science

    All right. If we’re all settled? Yes? Good. Welcome. We are the Social Science department. Now, I’ll get right to it. The question on everyone’s mind: “Just what the heck is social science?” Well, let me try to explain. Social, as in society, as in human beings. Science, as in the facts, the systematic study of a thing, the pursuit of its true nature. We seek to understand the nature of people and society. What does it mean to be human? What defines a person? Is it history? Is it ancestry? How has he worked, struggled, thrived? In his environment! Sorry? In his environment. Did he live on a mountain?…

  • Liberal Arts - what you will study ⚱📚🎶🤔

    Liberal Arts – what you will study ⚱📚🎶🤔

    so each individual liberal arts degree is unique to that person it will be based upon their own research interests based upon what they want to study within the liberal arts program we have core liberal arts modules and then you'll have different options to choose from from archaeology and American and Canadian Studies right through to sociology and politics and philosophy new areas that you may not have encountered before but can give you insight into particular ideas habits approaches and to enable you to understand the world better