• Beyond Good and Evil 2 | Concept Art to Trailer | Morgan Yon
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    Beyond Good and Evil 2 | Concept Art to Trailer | Morgan Yon

    (start sound, dog barks) – Hey guys, it’s DTakes23 (soothing music) and this is a Beyond Good and Eviil 2 update. Artist, Morgan Yon has showcased some of the pieces he created closely with creative direction for the cinematic trailer shown at E3 this year. He says that after creating these pieces, the magic came from the guys at Unit Image who delivered an awesome cinematic trailer during the Ubisoft conference. Awesome indeed. Enjoy! (soothing music) Thanks for watching guys! If you liked this video remember to click like, comment and subscribe. And don’t forget to follow Morgan Yon on Instagram. You’ll find his information in the YouTube description below.…

  • Are you our next Product Marketer?

    Are you our next Product Marketer?

    this is social point a world reference in mobile gaming we have an active fan base of more than 50 million players and we have parrots and yes this is you our new product marketer this is marketing and these will be your colleagues you'll be surrounded by great professionals we have a transparent and collaborative culture that helps us grow quickly we are data-driven no decision is made without data we have enough resources to learn and test whatever we need here you will be given autonomy to set your own marketing strategy I want to hear your feedback on our roadmap will help you think out of the…

  • What Do You Really Know About Gamers? | YouTube Advertisers

    What Do You Really Know About Gamers? | YouTube Advertisers

    Man 1: This is Steve. He is a gamer. Actually that was our sound guy. This is Steve. He's the gamer. This is Steve's parents' basement. Actually it's Steve's basement. This is the rest of Steve's house. He owns it. This is Steve's lunch mess. Actually it's his nephew, Logan's. Steve: Logan! Logan: Sorry, Uncle Steve. Man 1: This is another pizza delivery. Actually it's another 4K Ultra HD TV delivery. Steve: Sweet. Man: This is Steve's wife, Amy. Actually she is Steve's wife, Amy. Amy is also big into gaming, probably becauseshe's part of the fastest-growing gaming demographic: women. This is what Steve and Amy do with their freetime,…

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    The Advertisement

    12:54 oh i don't know how to say this but i don't have the money for this like what do you mean you don't have the money what I mean is I do not have the money for this well I guess you can't really uh you don't have any money can you I mean can't I just take it for free like screw the government you wanna take it for free oh hello you I'm robbing banks and I'm an anarchist anarchists hate the government I got a product just for you introducing a gun yes a gun now in the last segment Johnny dick would didn't get what…