• Miguel Covarrubias, caricature artist of 1920s America

    Miguel Covarrubias, caricature artist of 1920s America

    Miguel Covarrubias was an amazing talented individual when he stopped doing caricature work he became an anthropologist and he was a good anthropologist but it was caricature work and particularly his work in New York in the 1920s that made a name for Covarrubias he drew the Harlem Renaissance he drew New Yorkers on Broadway he also drew famous Americans from all walks of his work is this piece in the npg collection which is a Covarrubias caricature of President Calvin Coolidge what we see in this caricature of Calvin Coolidge from 1925 is Covarrubias depicting the president and having a little bit of fun at the president's expense it's…

  • Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    hi there today we're going to talk about Windsor and Newton artisan water mixable paints they're designed to look and behave like traditional oil paint but have been chemically modified to be thinned and cleaned with water as opposed to solvents although they do contain linseed oil they accept water and are great for artists who share a workspace or who have a sensitivity to solvents you can use them in a variety of ways just as you would you can see the flow of the paint increasing with the addition of water as with mixing too much solvent into a classic oil paint don't add too much water that…

  • Use art to turn the world inside out | JR

    Use art to turn the world inside out | JR

    Translator: Dita BytyciReviewer: Helena Bedalli Dy javë më parë isha në studion time në Paris, ra telefoni dhe njëra më tha, "Hej, JR, ke fituar çmimin TED 2011. Duhet të bësh një dëshirë për të shpëtuar botën." U hutova. Unë nuk mund ta shpëtoj botën, askush nuk mundet. Bota është e prishur fare. Kemi diktatorë që udhëheqin botën, popullata tek rritet me miliona, nuk ka më peshq në det, Poli i Veriut po shkrihet, dhe siç ka thënë fituesi i fundit i Çmimit TED, të gjithë jemi duke u shëndoshur. (Të qeshura) Përveç ndoshta francezëve. Sidoqoftë. Kështu i telefonova prape dhe i thashë: "Shiko, Amy, thuaju atyre në TED që…

  • Where Are the Women? With Jemima Kirke | Unlock Art | Tate

    Where Are the Women? With Jemima Kirke | Unlock Art | Tate

    these monkeys are the guerrilla girls anonymous artists who work to expose sexual and racial discrimination in the art world in 1985 they fly post in Manhattan in protest that the lack of women in an exhibition at Museum of Modern Art it featured 169 artists less than 10% of the exhibitors were women it was a time when female artists were playing a central role in experimental art not that you would have known this walking into a mainstream gallery or museum there have always been women who are artists but it was men who wrote the history books and somehow they just forgot to mention them during the…

  • Fakes in the art world - The mystery conman | DW Documentary

    Fakes in the art world – The mystery conman | DW Documentary

    69 69 well John's husband is this auction houses usually care only about what goes over the counter what makes money animals genuine and fake goods go over the counter there is no difference the man is rather ethical principles overboard as long as it sells anyone happy ninety-five million dollar these bronze heads are from auction houses galleries and art dealers they all have one thing in common archaeologist Stefan Lehmann reckons they're fakes the work of a mystery super forger known in German art circles as the Spanish master no one knows who he is but Lehman is on his trail sponsor masters nota nom the Spanish master…

  • Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2013

    Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2013

    we are in the Outland Buchi for portrait competition this is our third installation of the competition it's triennial and so far we've had enormous success with this one we've had over 3,300 entries we have 48 finalists in the exhibition and it's been extraordinary to watch these artists careers take off with this exhibition I saw the portrait competition a couple years ago and completely was blown away by the artists that were represented it was one of the things that I had it back in my head and I always think thought wow how interesting this this opportunity would be the artists are incredible this year we have…