• Freud on: Sublimation
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    Freud on: Sublimation

    Some of what we want deep down in our primitive unconscious threatens to be pretty dark We may want to do no work, to steal, to injure others, to give way to despair Or to have sex in very taboo and damaging ways yet most of us do very little of this. In fact we often pour our energies into worthwhile projects and go out of our way to try to be good and helpful to those around us. That we’re able to do this fascinated the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, who gave a special word to this ability to put our primitive, egoistic, destructive energies to good use.…

  • An Animated Introduction to Social Science
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    An Animated Introduction to Social Science

    All right. If we’re all settled? Yes? Good. Welcome. We are the Social Science department. Now, I’ll get right to it. The question on everyone’s mind: “Just what the heck is social science?” Well, let me try to explain. Social, as in society, as in human beings. Science, as in the facts, the systematic study of a thing, the pursuit of its true nature. We seek to understand the nature of people and society. What does it mean to be human? What defines a person? Is it history? Is it ancestry? How has he worked, struggled, thrived? In his environment! Sorry? In his environment. Did he live on a mountain?…

  • Exploring the Surreal with Peter Capaldi | Unlock Art | Tate

    Exploring the Surreal with Peter Capaldi | Unlock Art | Tate

    surrealism began in 1924 impasse in this cafe with this poet Andre Breton note the hair Surrealists have luxuriant hair breslin published a manifesto was inspired by this man Sigmund Freud not the beard psychoanalysts had luxuriant beards Freud wrote a book called the interpretation of dreams he believed that there was a deep layer of the human mind where memory and our most basic instincts were stored he called it the unconscious mind since most of the time we were not aware of it Breton believed art and literature could represent the unconscious mind these are some of the artists who agreed with him Salvador Dali Max Ernst Meret…

  • The Artist's Ego: Learning Balance

    The Artist's Ego: Learning Balance

    this episode is sponsored by Squarespace whether you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace artists are stereotypically known for having big egos we hear stories about axis throwing tantrums on set or musicians and their ridiculous green room demands or the eternal war between the chef and the food critic and these are all well-worn tropes but I think ego isn't good or bad but I do think it's essential for any artist and there's a balance that has to be learned let's start out by defining the word ego because it's one of those words we just used wrong in our everyday…