• i tested food hacks used in TV COMMERCIALS !!!

    i tested food hacks used in TV COMMERCIALS !!!

    it looks like creamy yogurt but I have to remind myself this is actually glue if you've ever watched a food commercial for McDonald's for example and you look at the burgers on the TV commercial and it looks so big and like delicious and then you go into the restaurant and you order the exact same burger and you looks nothing like it it looks like his sad less photoshopped version of it and it's not just McDonald's this happens like practically in every fast-food chain so there's this video going around right now they're basically shows all the food hacks and tricks that the food industry uses for…

  • Allan Savory Keynote at Artisans of the Grasslands

    Allan Savory Keynote at Artisans of the Grasslands

    last year we held the conference as you heard from Tim in London and what pleased me most probably about that entire confidence that conference was at least three people came up to me and said with real deep feeling that it was the most meaningful conference they'd ever attended in their lives and I think that was about because it was about solutions and collaboration and uniting team humanity etc then that was wonderful and I think it's getting even better as we go and we're going to have a better mayor conference now it gives me great pleasure to formally open this and speak to you as leaders…

  • American and Chinese Watch Jollibee Commercials for First Time?!

    American and Chinese Watch Jollibee Commercials for First Time?!

    alright guys today me and John are going to watch some geology commercials because you guys are like yo geology commercials are the best in the world so let's watch some Java commercials ok so we are searching for jollity commercials and look for the most viewed one sweet Ciroc ok we're gonna watch hamas co commercial ready inspired by a true story this could be was gonna be sad yeah it's beautiful how much money did you spend on this a lot for sure Oh another a job' oh you know they're in Saudi Arabia Filipinos they go like all around the world yeah Wow oh my god oh…



    what's up there's its pad welcome back to another video yeah so today we are watching the top 15 weirdest commercials ever created yes we are so this is from Gabi the cloud real the linked out low to their channel because they apparently compiled 15 amazing commercials as you cat dancing Hampton so I don't know we're watching today dudes but I do know for sure nowhere near as creepy as last time oh definitely not but it's going to get really weird here guys really weird hope you guys enjoyed it if you are new to the channel be sure to smash that subscribe button and also leave…

  • Artisan Cheese On The Farm

    Artisan Cheese On The Farm

    she's really his primal energy it's about as primal of a food as you can get I think of it you know comes from grass grains plants transformed through an animal it's probably the most primal one of the most powerful foods there are that's really all right after the court account the farmstead cheese comes from somebody's heard on their own land and the cheese is made on their land and so everybody's going to come up with a distinctly different product and so the cheese's now have character and you're not going to find same old same old this is Monterey Jack this is colby visit you know…

  • Best Japanese Commercials 2018

    Best Japanese Commercials 2018

    どのようにと願いましたん メッカみた 虫6 n ちゃんとなしようぜ ドアリーダー ame [音楽] なにこの観客や部はい面よりねーし カレーメシとそのためし バイト体験バイトルアプリ食丸い木もあります 器具すごい弊サイトのお試しは voip アプリ ああああああ twice シフトほどのん [音楽] [拍手] ただごとじゃねぇねぇ 黒いとのだよとのグロージャンのクロ好きな本 [音楽] none [音楽] 今度飲もうアンワールと調理やるっスね農繁ワールド僕はあるか a いいいいいい [拍手] [音楽] [拍手] [音楽] [音楽] ああああああ また6重になれる毎日がやってくる モンスターハンカーワールド shop 母でしょバックはでちゃってっ このグラベルは無料な充電が者ができていない肉 富祖末が牛丼2杯 現金100万円とピエルナ物語ば j ゲーやるかぐらブルー ちいちゃん聞いてもいいなにプロポーズってどんな風にされたり えっ正直に言ってもらう フラッシュモブ文かな なんかこっぱずかしい誌 flash は6ん ちーちゃん僕と結婚いやー ええええええ db ハーガー叫ぶみたい長い助ける組 いざ 2位整備率吸われてるみたい 水炊きにのぼせファー カニに食べられてる感じチェーン京都日和同名ホラー この惑星のこのはいく性能 あーなろくでもない学生のことなどどうなるん 大相当溜まっているようだなぁジョンズそういうときこの惑星の住人は休みというもの をとるんわー なんだん [音楽] この惑星でたまには私も休みてボスで休み方改革 25 [音楽] すごくいい ano ははああ まろぐろーぶい線がデータ んだ 多いこのおとう voodoo ちょっと同社も ちょっとちょっ wh ています ana how だけ 日本ね iphone へ行っ英語は反力だ [音楽] はあああいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいい あーにゃしちゃうなぁ味をおかえりパパ 配ら水沢青春の小腹にですし多くを持って さっきより良い aname when [音楽] 始まった にこのポテチ めちゃめちゃうまいよ うってうか言ってこれ無添加何コレう天パっ子いつぐらいテープ立ったよ [音楽] ちょっ tee をしています 以下は種子自治行ったり従来崩れなるとほしいと鍵が感謝祭 ああああああ なんでこっちへ上が聞 あれどうやんのこれ なにこれ ni [音楽] あれちゃん大輔 エナジー で神だし いいお前何やってんだよ ありません…