• Top 10 Inspiring Commercials Celebrating Women #HerVoiceIsMyVoice

    Top 10 Inspiring Commercials Celebrating Women #HerVoiceIsMyVoice

    the future is female and it's time the media got fully onboard welcome to MIT mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten inspiring commercial celebrating women after slimming nos Brown that's throwing like a girl before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we're looking at commercials that inspire and celebrate women in all capacities regardless of the type of product it's advertising we're not including print campaigns so unfortunately my clinic ads like the Westinghouse we can do it posters won't be included be funny be off swap rock beats Trump…

  • Bizarre Artifacts Unearthed at Construction Sites

    Bizarre Artifacts Unearthed at Construction Sites

    from mummies to mammoths there have been some strange and amazing historical artifacts unearthed at construction site don't forget to click subscribe to become part of the DTR family and that little bell icon so that you know when we post new videos number twelve 1800s era shipwreck at sea port district South Boston in May 2016 during the excavation of 121 seaport Boulevard the construction crew discovered a large preserved ship Skanska the construction company temporarily called off excavation and sought help from public archaeology library P al Inc according to these archaeologists this shipwreck was from a two-masted schooner known as pinky the 60-foot long vessel belonged to…

  • Unfortunate Advertising Placements

    Unfortunate Advertising Placements

    Starbucks stocks weight will be reacting to today unfortunate ad placements okay cool before this video goes on have you got your reaction time birch nope then go to eat summertime calm thank you link in description below you know just gonna say like merch time bro stop get some of your youtube logic shirts they're sick bro this ain't the law it's a merge time description below you know we're like two ads or just as in general are placed in a very very bad sexual in a very very bad position Oh like your YouTube channel this happens got a giant thirst for a large carrot sorry I…

  • Ancient Artifacts That Prove Aliens Existed

    Ancient Artifacts That Prove Aliens Existed

    from strange carvings and Egyptian pyramids to artifacts with depictions of advanced technology these ancient objects are signs that aliens existed if you haven't already click that subscribe button to become part of the DTR family and that little Bell icon so that you are notified when we post new videos number 12 disco Callaghan Tay the ancient artefact said to date back to tens of thousands of years ago has perfect symmetry and a highly conducting layer researchers believe that it's very likely to be an ancient alien artifact because alien technology has been documented to borrow heavily from magnetron technology it's dating raises questions because men had not…

  • 10 Controversial BANNED Commercials!

    10 Controversial BANNED Commercials!

    as it turns out controversy doesn't always sell I'll get you a Bud Light advertising when done right can lead a company to take a huge chunk of the market but if done wrong it can have the opposite effect in a noisy world where everyone is trying to get attention sometimes it's very possible to go too far to get your message across and these ads did just that these are ten controversial banned commercials number one is Hyundai pipe job in April of 2013 advertising agency in ocean worldwide aired a 60 second spot in the United Kingdom on behalf of Hyundai for the new environmentally-friendly ix35 which…

  • Why Artists Don't Make Money - The Business of Life (Episode 3)

    Why Artists Don't Make Money – The Business of Life (Episode 3)

    so you want to move to New York and become an artist or maybe you want to join a band but it's a pretty hostile economic climate for those in the creative industry right now there are 2 million Americans working as artists most of them struggling to make ends meet there are also people making piles of money so there's all worth the risk it's our subject tonight the value of creativity and this is the business of life allow my come on hand welcome to the business of life look there's never been a better time to be an artist right recording is cheaper than ever fans have…

  • Disturbing Things For Sale on the Black Market

    Disturbing Things For Sale on the Black Market

    is one of those kidneys you got getting kind of old do you possibly need a new one as long as something is in demand people are gonna find a way to sell it from hiring a squad of computer hackers to that new wife you've been looking for here are 11 disturbing things for sale on the black market but first thanks Janice believe us this comment on our signs the apocalypse is near video Marik and I will lead all the subscribers to the zombie apocalypse bunker for safety with a time is finally here but do you have to be subscribed first let us know your thoughts…