• Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Studio Ghibli Characters From Memory
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    Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Studio Ghibli Characters From Memory

    hey I’m Kira hey I’m butch creator of fairly oddparents Danny fan on the tuff puppy and Bunsen is a beast on Nickelodeon and today we’re drawing Studio Ghibli characters from memory and be sure to stick around at the end of the video to find out how you can enter for a chance to win this Wacom Intuos tablet courtesy of our good friends at welcome creative there’s two free creative software downloads and pistachios it doesn’t come with pistachios it’s the colors pistachio I think everyone’s gonna get mad at me I’ve always seen a limited number of Miyazaki films I appreciate what he’s done but I’m tremendously…

  • continuous line drawing exercise (easy & calming)
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    continuous line drawing exercise (easy & calming)

    hello person watching this video today i am gonna show you a drawing exercise. it’s really simple, you just need a subject i’m going to use this asparagus fern here, and a piece of paper or a notebook and then a pen or pencil of your choice. (i’m using this muji pen) so the only rule for this drawing exercise is that you can’t take the pen off the paper and that’s why it’s called ‘continuous line’ so all i need you to do is look at your subject – so i’m going to look at the plant put your pen on the paper, and do not take it off…

  • Artistic Therapist | Everyday Hero
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    Artistic Therapist | Everyday Hero

    do you have a favorite piece of your own / like Picasso you know but I’m more curious of your own of my own ceramic crock anything to keep it um I mean I’m really digging on the canvas things that I show you the hallway better it’s just started you guys are going to see olives in the field so that was a new thing so my latest paintings and drawings are a little bit more medically higher so yeah trying to combine my passion so that drawing that I showed you the same tomorrow we’re having make some head in the blue and canary you needed blood yeah…

  • Approaching Art: Princeton University Art Museum (long version)
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    Approaching Art: Princeton University Art Museum (long version)

    [Music] James Steward: We wanted to answer the question of why an individual work of art matters. — why someone who isn’t a specialist in the discipline ought to find something engaging, how does it relate to its moment, how does it speak to the career output of the artist in question distinct from it being simply an object in a vacuum? I think one of the real challenges in contending with art from the past, especially from cultures that seem quite remote from our own, is the challenge of bringing the original work of art back to life. And instead of simply talking or telling people verbally about the…

  • The Museum Of Bad Art
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    The Museum Of Bad Art

    In the greenery of Cape Cod, an auspicious black tie affair, appropriate for those who’ve never been able to tie one of the things. At last, a bold new collection that celebrates artistic flops, failures and foul-ups, brought to you by the Museum of Bad Art, known to its affectionate followers as MOBA. This is MOBA’s Mona Lisa. It’s the first painting in the collection, and the one that we are the most, obviously the most proud of. The museum’s curator, antique collector and art school drop out Scott Wilson, found ‘Lucy in the Field with Flowers’ in a rubbish bin one night four years ago. She seems to be…

  • Charles White: A Retrospective | MoMA EXHIBITION
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    Charles White: A Retrospective | MoMA EXHIBITION

    Announcer: Live from New York, Tonight with Belafonte. Harry: My relationship with Charlie, I was not just an acquaintance. Our survival was dependent on one another. When you look at Charlie White, and you look at the faces of black people, there’s a serenity. There’s always a strength in his characters. The limbs of the black subject is always powerfully displayed. Strong arms. When the good fortune hit I got my own space to command my time on television, I overdid it with a Charlie White. ♪ I don’t want no bald headed woman, She too mean, Lord, Lordy well she too mean ♪ It shook up television because you…

  • I Tested The RAREST Paint Colors To Ever Exist…
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    I Tested The RAREST Paint Colors To Ever Exist…

    Hey. What’s up? How’s it going? I don’t know. I don’t know what to do with my hands on the intros, so I’m like Heh heh heh heh! So recently I was one of five million people to have watched this video about all the crazy and extreme ways that oil paints used to be made. And I didn’t know this but apparently, they would crush up literally thousands and thousands of shellfish to get a certain color, or they would use straight-up poison to make colors, and there was even one paint that was made using, and I am not kidding, this is real, crushed-up mummies. You heard me…

  • Collecting the Emerging: UCL Art Museum and the Zabludowicz Collection
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    Collecting the Emerging: UCL Art Museum and the Zabludowicz Collection

    We have this image of emerging and then having emerged, as when used to make you sort of debut in society. As a young girl or something you’re a debutante and then you come out and then you’re there, you’re out, basically – I don’t think it’s that simple. It’s not something that you’re necessarily in control of? I suppose you do somehow have to exist in the world – you can’t live in a vacuum; if you don’t show your things to anyone, then no one’s going to see them. Emerging as an artist, I think, is quite a complicated term because it’s often used by the contemporary art…

  • Cleveland Institute of Art: Illustration
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    Cleveland Institute of Art: Illustration

    Illustration is the perfect major for students who have strong drawing skills, who are interested in telling stories and solving visual problems for a client. As sophomores, the focus is going to be on developing the fundamentals and experimenting with a variety of mediums in unexpected ways, both traditionally and digitally. They’re working with paints and pastels, as well as with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. We encourage students to brainstorm to develop and explore a variety of concepts from multiple angles so in the end, they’re putting forth their best possible ideas. Juniors begin working on assignments with local and national clients in the industry through their community projects…

  • Independence Day Special | Scratch Art |  Bhagat Singh [multilingual subtitles]
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    Independence Day Special | Scratch Art | Bhagat Singh [multilingual subtitles]

    Hi, I am Akshay, I am Abhijit Today we are going to create this Patriotic Scratch Art Lets Get Started [Intro Music] Patriotic Scratch Art To make this Scratch Art, you need :–>Step 1: Apply the masking tape to all sides of century paper Step 2: Color the Century Paper with Crayon Colors You can choose any crayon colors of your choice We will recommend you to use bright colors, As they will get highlighted after scratching Ensure that all area of sheet should be properly covered with crayon colors Step 3: Use tissue paper to smoothen the colored area, this will also spread the crayon colors evenly on entire…