• Best Laptop for Digital Marketers?

    Best Laptop for Digital Marketers?

    hey guys today I'm gonna talk about what would be the best laptop for marketing and when I talk about marketing I'm talking about graphic design as well as PPC SEO development doing JavaScript a lot of marketing is a lot of stuff that you would do on marketing social media content writing and what type of laptop would be best for a marketing major or somebody who's interested in working in marketing so previously when I was at the last agency I worked at they gave me a laptop and it was a Windows 7 Acer not a sir a sir 8's us the laptop was 2.9 gigahertz I…

  • Query Strings and Parameters explained - Marketers Tech Knowledge

    Query Strings and Parameters explained – Marketers Tech Knowledge

    either and welcome back to another video of measure school.com teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing my name is Julian and today we're gonna learn about query strings and how we can use them as marketers when we talk about query strings we actually need to take a closer look at the URL that you see in your url bar up here let's inspect this a little further I'm gonna copy this out and put this into a spreadsheet here and we have different components of an URL actually you might be familiar with them already at the beginning here we have our protocol then this is followed…

  • SIGGRAPH 2016 - Art Gallery

    SIGGRAPH 2016 – Art Gallery

    the art gallery this year is called data materiality the theme is about bringing data into the foreground taking it out of the screen looking at ways we can make it more tangible or interactive more playful and so all of the art projects look at information flows information types of information and moves it into those spaces attendees can really get engaged of the art this year so we have a large-scale installation called submergence which consists of over 8,000 individually addressable LEDs which they can walk through there are also some projects that look at what it's sort of like the legal issues around things like file sharing…

  • Understanding Advertising Currency

    Understanding Advertising Currency

    before my time there was a sort of a coalition formed between buyers and sellers I think was in about 2006 from which c3 emerged and essentially what was going on at that time was that the DVR the digital video recorder had emerged and therefore time shifted viewing of television program had emerged as had ad skipping and in a sense what happened was the advertisers and the agencies demanded a pure commercial rating a pure ad rating and they wanted live only though they said we want it you know it's got to be live and we want the audience to the to our commercial not to you…

  • Nielsen Views: Evolving Advertising Currency

    Nielsen Views: Evolving Advertising Currency

    today the c3 ec7 metric essentially measures viewing to the commercial minutes within a three or seven day window and the industries use this metric for almost ten years now as a standardized way to evaluate and have a consistent measure of the commercial minutes and exposure to the commercial minutes within a program interestingly you know there's obviously been a lot of change in the consumer behavior over the last ten years whether it's time shifting behavior or device fragmentation that has enabled consumers to choose when and how they watch content and so while the vast majority of a viewing time is still encapsulated within that three or…

  • What would happen if digital advertising disappears from the internet?

    What would happen if digital advertising disappears from the internet?

    on consomme 10 à 15 marques médias tous les jours on va aller regarder les résultats sportifs le matin lire un article sur 20 minutes par exemple le midi sur bfm l'après-midi faire une recette de cuisine sur marmitons le soir avant de préparer son dîner et puis avant de se coucher on va les regarder l'actualité économique sur sur les échos ou est ou sur l'express alors que cet inventaire publicitaire que titre de l'ue a créé entre deux paragraphes lui permet de diffuser de la publicité vidéo et display et a permis de créer des lignes de revenus de plusieurs millions d'euros auprès des leasers tout en leur…

  • Being a Marketer Today

    Being a Marketer Today

    be in a marketer today isn't easy data about your customers is coming at you from all directions social media point-of-sale ecommerce web email CRM and you are left staring at a mountain of data trying to make sense of it or for some companies peering down the molehill trying to see if there is anything really there add to that the complex and ever-changing landscape for marketing technology today and you can't help feeling a little overwhelmed as you struggle to find the right direction you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to map out the right next steps to get where you want to go…

  • The Art of Data Visualization | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

    The Art of Data Visualization | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

    in the arrangement and visualization every single pixel should testify directly to content as Johnny I've the green apple designer said we spend most of our time getting design out of the way it's gotta get out of the way because it's about the relationship of the viewer and how they reason about the content style and aesthetics cannot rescue failed content if the words aren't truthful the finest occupy letter space typography won't turn lies into truth there are enormous ly beautiful visualizations but it's as a byproduct of the truth and goodness of the information the big steps in showing information began old with cartography about six thousand…