• RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 6 – Super Besties | Rooster Teeth
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    RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 6 – Super Besties | Rooster Teeth

    [Music] [Cheery jingle] RWBY Chibi! *Snoring* Ruby: Weiss, are you asleep? Weeiiisss~ Weiss: I love you most of all, cake butler… Ruby: Listen closely… You want to be Ruby’s BFF! Weiss: Oh no… don’t want that… Ruby: But yes yes yes you dooo~! You want to hang out and do fun activities with Ruby, all day long~! Weiss: I… do? *shudders* That’s terrible! Ruby: Nooo, it’s good. Also, you’re going to tell everyone that Ruby is your super bestie-better-than-the-restie~! Weiss: Okay… I guess. Ruby: Perfect! You’re also gonna wear matching outfits… *Thunderclap* Weiss: Oh my gosh! NO! What a strange dream. I must be studying too hard. Better get some…

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    Hi Sisters!! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. For today’s video, we are doing something that i actually have not done in a very, very, very long time and that is a Review and for those of you guys who have been watching me for a while, you know that i don’t really like doing reviews but mostly because 1. they’re boring 2. I don’t really switch up my beauty routine that often and 3. the general public is convinced that beauty gurus are literally spawns of Satan and were sent down to earth to literally fool everybody and lie to them into buying crappy products……

  • How to Set Up a Sand Art Station | Sophie’s World
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    How to Set Up a Sand Art Station | Sophie’s World

    hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world I do a ton of sand art so today I have a sand art station tip for you if you’re going to set up a sand art station for a lot of people or even just for a few there are a couple different ways to do it and I want to show you the two ways that I’ve found that work best for setting up a sand art station I’m going to show you that right now so there’s a couple schools of thought for sand art one is to use a bin this is how I’ve seen it done by…

  • How To Draw A Cartoon Hammerhead Shark

    How To Draw A Cartoon Hammerhead Shark

    hey art friends today we're gonna draw a shark what kind of shark never had one a hammerhead and we're gonna draw a cartoon version so we're gonna keep this lesson nice and simple we hope you're gonna follow along with this we need something to draw with we're gonna use markers but you can use whatever you want we also need some paper and whether it's color with all right let's get started let's first start by drawing his eye we're gonna draw a big circle or kind of a small circle and we're gonna draw it towards the left of our paper about this side so I'm drawing…

  • How To Draw Cartoon Banana

    How To Draw Cartoon Banana

    that's what our we drive today a banana yeah we're John a banana we hope you get a marker and some paper and you're gonna follow along with us you're ready to start all right let's do it okay hats way to draw our banana up and down like this but we're gonna turn our paper like this so we can draw a smile line does that sound like fun so we're gonna draw one smile line we're gonna draw it like this and I'm gonna draw kind of big but I'm gonna draw so we're gonna draw a big curve like that and see this is gonna be our…



    this is gonna be crazy guys okay so are you ready let's go [Applause] so this is my cousin who's an online seller and she met a lot of celebrities in the Philippines because of online selling and she met Kris Aquino with her son's here in Tokyo twice and for those of you who doesn't know Kris Aquino she stuff sister of the President of the Philippines so by the way I'm gonna talk about it soon on my next video so just subscribe for more videos you can do – a blood glad I think the charity bazaar in here is not that so cheap because I think…



    good morning it is day two of animate evolution we are back at McDonald's surprise we really do want a diet for tea yesterday was pretty slow I'm hoping today will pick up we have hotcakes breakfast whole plum cake for the sausage I have an iced coffee he has an iced coffee and I have a sausage and egg McMuffin and I my body is craving vegetables we're set up at the table now Brian it's hard at work pressing new darkness buttons for me cuz we're running low on this Finch but you are it's real early it's 10:16 I guess it's not that early but as you…