• Best Audi Commercial Advertisement 2017

    Best Audi Commercial Advertisement 2017

    kids don't play with the scorpion honey we're at it coffee got it [Applause] George John forget something George [Applause] [Applause] if I let the king of the world could walk out the door terrified we should feel alive he thinks things are always going to stay the same and then one day boom 25 million hits two days no the Wong's King makes well I became a laughingstock lost at the lust for life that I had I just don't go out anymore my friends try to help this is just a sport you know healthy body healthy mind was in the case for me all I want to…

  • How to Sell Advertising Space - How to sell radio and magazine ads

    How to Sell Advertising Space – How to sell radio and magazine ads

    how to sell radio and magazine ads so I got a great question from one of my YouTube viewers Micheline who wrote in to say hi ever my name is Micheline Evans I really appreciate what you are doing and saying you've really encouraged me to step out up in my business thank you so much for insight and wisdom well thank you for commenting I'm starting an advertising business for small business owners and want to help them go to another level people knowing what products and service they render now I started off on radio and magazines I'm not getting a lot of customers understand that I can…

  • Classic Cereal Commercials

    Classic Cereal Commercials

    see real time see real time see real time what's up cereal heads today I'm going to take the lazy way out this past weekend was Thanksgiving weekend and I just didn't feel like doing a whole new video about cereal so what you're getting today is a clip show today we're going to take a trip down memory lane as I show you some of my favorite cereal commercials from the days of yore so go ahead and sit back and enjoy some old commercials first up my favorite Fruity Pebbles commercial of all time it's from the late 80s and it featured Barney rapping I had it memorized…

  • Escape from the Commercials - Nostalgia Critic

    Escape from the Commercials – Nostalgia Critic

    Shaquille O'Neal aka Chuck well anything with Shaq's name on it has to be of quality the carnival 30 minute tour go biggie JCPenney for the age of beer I got my mojo going strong oh it's the award-winning Madea vodka with the world's only personal programmable LED display on the bottle now I guess you need some 5k after watching his movies as well as some choice words written in lights what will my dear bottle say okay so what do we have this time Dyess the palate cleanser after watching Kazaam justice register what's up with this guy it's like he's so ashamed to be advertising this product…

  • Best of McDonalds Happy Meal Commercials - Happy Meal Toys

    Best of McDonalds Happy Meal Commercials – Happy Meal Toys

    [Laughter] young children Despicable Me 3 I'll be in cinemas and you're happy Mourinho LCM recipe Yara una de la familia de groom Eva yeah no favorito come to crappy meal new tic-tac packs are here in banana and tangerine flavors Despicable Me 3 only in theatres fruit snacks with Despicable Me 2 minions have just been uncovered Madame's in the beginning of the minion saw the food wasn't exactly great so they told man about carrots but forgot to mention they were for eating and that they were totally irresistible you can discover your own delicious carrot some food daddy don't worry Brian there's a better way to watch…

  • Sales Techniques - How do you sell advertising?

    Sales Techniques – How do you sell advertising?

    how do you sell advertising I got a question from a facebook reader faith who's trying to start up a new publication and is looking for advertisers and her challenge here is if she doesn't get advertisers for her business it's not going to take off because even if she has great content a great idea if everything is coming out of her pocket it's not going to last it's not going to work because her pocket is not unlimited so she needs advertisers to pay for this thing to help it get off the ground and she wanted my step-by-step advice on what to do so faith great question…



    television is a weird form of media even more so weirder than that is the act of watching television I mean just think about it you're sitting there mouth open sitting in front of a rectangular piece of plastic and metallic alloy whatever TVs are made out of you're just looking at images refresh over and over faster than the eye can perceive such that it looks like a moving picture now what's even more weird than that are some of the commercials that they play on TV and today we're gonna be looking at some of them prepare yourself that's what Ickes is when you pick him on Super…

  • Commercials of the 1960's

    Commercials of the 1960's

    this diner is pulling us on the regulars by serving new instant Maxwell House what's it taste like fresh burg coffee that's what it tastes like new instant max now a better blend of coffee beans freshly perked for more fresh perk taste we call it the perky instant with the success of the recent Apollo space flights man has been brought another step closer to the moon aboard these manned Apollo flights three astronauts and with them Tang Tang the energy breakfast drink with rich natural flavor and more vitamin C than orange juice still tangs biggest role isn't in nasa's space program it's right here on earth somewhere…