• 1990's TV Commercials: Volume 349

    1990's TV Commercials: Volume 349

    Senator Jay Bulworth thought he was ending at all I'm not dead by Monday morning I'm gonna stop payment on that check instead it was the beginning of a whole new life the ones that made me listen paper 30-second spot speeches Bulworth is the most intelligent comedy of the decade savagely funny senator took your cup furiously original I'm incredibly frightened Bulworth raided our New York in Los Angeles tomorrow May 22nd everywhere Oh cake but I need the mix it's in the box the frosting it's in the box the pan it's in the box give him too many crackers easiest mixes the new steward Baker just add…

  • CNN Commercials - January 29, 1991

    CNN Commercials – January 29, 1991

    if you're involved in a substantial matrimonial matter child custody or support issue the attorneys that Reuben Reuben mouths when Atun can help you we've been located in central New Jersey for over 30 years for a large staff has experience in real estate commercial and tax matters we're ready to fight for you call us for a free consultation next stop Georgia's station restaurant in the heart of bound brook Georgia's is your ticket to a great dining experience for the entire family when you're thinking lunch think Georgia's for the freshest best tasting seafood steaks ribs and chicken when you're thinking dinner think George is for the best…

  • Commercials from WLTX Airing of Dead Poets Society (January 1992)

    Commercials from WLTX Airing of Dead Poets Society (January 1992)

    why by lawn and garden equipment in January because you can count on Sears preseason lawn and garden sale for some of the lowest prices of the year a 12 horsepower craftsman – tractor now just eight 9999 or save 120 dollars on this power propelled five horsepower craftsman mulching mower and the gas weed whacker or blower your choice only 79 88 plus there's great savings on much more so get to Sears now – pizzas too crazy reg – service of Coke Classic for 798 at Little Caesars since upon 'party new kibbles and bits lean is 30% leader in the bath and the leading dog food you…

  • FOX Commercials - November 24, 1994 (Part 2)

    FOX Commercials – November 24, 1994 (Part 2)

    I Love Lucy marathon brought to you by your local Chrysler Plymouth dealer now get over $1,100 in option discounts in package values on Chrysler Concorde not Honda Accord and not Toyota Camry brand for Concord savings at Chrysler Plymouth its Macy's after Thanksgiving sale a tradition of savings for the entire family a dazzling collection of jewelry twenty to fifty percent plus an extra 10% off all women's coats designer and more twenty-five to fifty percent plus bonus dollars on pins leather bombers 89 luxurious to fly cashmere sweater $79.99 nearby another gloves $39.99 mazie sensation is after thanksgiving sale shop extra holiday hours Friday's announcing the AT&T family…

  • ''Mary Poppins'' KUSI-TV Commercials (Late 1991)

    ''Mary Poppins'' KUSI-TV Commercials (Late 1991)

    Harry you have to do it I won't do it you have to I won't I refuse to paint the house ever again so you let the house fall apart no I'm gonna solve the problem forever by calling San Diego stucco today now stand blast the whole house and re stucco it and San Diego stucco offers a full 30 year guarantee I'll never have to paint again San Diego stucco has a special offer for you if you call right now you'll never have to paint your home get San Diego stock up on the phone at two three eight oh four five five go for the fun…

  • March 18, 1983 CBS commercials Part 1

    March 18, 1983 CBS commercials Part 1

    tonight a CBS special a Wizard of Oz The Dukes of Hazzard will not be presented this evening but will return next week in its regularly scheduled time period next The Wizard of Oz sponsored by the Campbell Soup Company for over a century making products that are good for America tonight sponsoring brands or Campbell's condensed soups mrs. Paul's fish products and prego spaghetti sauce soon there's a harvest oh how did you get so wet very wet go ahead and eat your soup while it's nice and hot it's a favorite Campbell's tomato you eat all that soup and maybe you'll be okay you're more likely to get…



    this is what they do to make birthday cakes look better in commercials they're add two layers of cardboard on top of these pieces of cake then add shaving foam in the middle that acts as the cream then they add some blue food coloring on top of the cake add some sprinkles then they end up adding this cherry with a toothpick on it this is what the commercial one looks like and this is what in real life it looks like this is what they do when they advertise burgers they get this steel rod just like this Yelp so it burnt into the meat to add this…

  • Kirby's WEIRD Commercials - ConnerTheWaffle

    Kirby's WEIRD Commercials – ConnerTheWaffle

    how hard is it to sell Kirby look at him look how cute he is it should be the easiest thing in the world to sell a cute puff ball like Kirby but apparently not I'm sorry Kirby commercials shouldn't be that hard in concept if you're trying to sell Kirby for example just show Kirby and play cute Kirby music however it's apparently impossible to sell cute video game characters on TV without making it an absolute nightmare and you know what Kirby our sweet little baby got it worst of all so today let's check out some awful weird and creepy commercials starring our favorite little nightmare so…

  • Top 10 EPIC Advertising Translation Fails

    Top 10 EPIC Advertising Translation Fails

    sometimes unintentional humor is the best kind of humor welcome to watchmojo.com and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 epic product translation fails it's finger lickin good before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we'll be looking at companies and their international marketing blunders the more extreme or hilarious the translation fail the higher its position on this list number 10 do nothing HSBC Bank in 2009 banking giant HSBC tried using a version of their American slogan in many foreign markets the slogan assumed nothing was instead translated to do nothing…