• Introduction to Technical Analysis for Beginners
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    Introduction to Technical Analysis for Beginners

    hello everyone this is charting mandan of the chart guys dot-com and in this video we’re going to be going over an introduction to technical analysis and it’s going to be designed for those of us who are just dipping their toes into the vast world of charts and technical analysis and every single trader that utilizes technical analysis at one point in time was very brand new to everything and everything seemed overwhelming we know there is tons of information out there on the internet which should certainly be utilized but it’s important that we stay organized and don’t get overwhelmed and be able to direct our focus and…

  • Mac vs PC Commercial (UK) - Pie Chart

    Mac vs PC Commercial (UK) – Pie Chart

    hello I'm a Mac and I'm a PC I'm in doing fun stuff like movies music podcasts and I also do fun stuff like spreadsheets and timesheets and pie charts yeah PC it's quite hard to capture a family holiday with sayeth pie chart not really for example this light gray area could represent shenanigans and tomfoolery while this dark gray area could represent hijinks and you see here we further divided high jinks into capers monkey business and just lucky about I feel like I was there