• Asia's Kidney Black Market | 101 East

    Asia's Kidney Black Market | 101 East

    if you or your loved one needed an organ transplant to survive how far would you go if you were living in poverty and someone offered to pay for your kidney would you agree driven by desperation and misery thousands of donors and recipients are taking part in a vast organ trade every year I'm Steve Chow on this episode 101 East travels the kidney trafficking route for the remote villages in Nepal to the transplant centers in India to reveal this bloody black market your loo achieve a vision I'm not like your Parma called you know anyone lives in temples monitor but uh kidney coherent kidney did call…

  • Shenzhen Imitation Market Haul!

    Shenzhen Imitation Market Haul!

    look they have a price on here 829 yeah I'm not I'm not even going for that let's go downstairs sure try get him down from 8:20 I already know the price yeah all right I'm just trying to think of like what would like my lowest price be Howick like 120 150 I don't know hey what what's the difference this is a cheap party yeah no same oh yeah oh yeah yeah what's better quality oh yeah oh yeah this is how much for these 700 I could get them for like a hundred I can get them for like a hundred 100 online yeah welcome back guys…

  • Shenzhen Black Market Gold Mine!

    Shenzhen Black Market Gold Mine!

    el delito okay can I try it on no try no try it looks pretty big okay okay how much 120 it's alright take like 20 21 2008 20 20 yeah how low can you go hello hello 90 what about like 30 oh wait what about a black supreme what about this same price hello Keitel or Andy well like 30 35 that's the last price you won't go like 40 okay alright welcome back guys today we are in Shenzhen China and we are outside of the low who commercial market which is one of the most famous markets here in China because it's right on the border…

  • China Fake Night Market Adventure!

    China Fake Night Market Adventure!

    Wow let me get some clothes off this let me get a close-up of it kanye bros what they're doing your shit man that poor United States wish I get up judges bargain just yeah if I can yep I'll do it hi welcome back guys today we are here at hump day the city I'm living in and we are in this crazy night market here on watching see I didn't even realize this it's here honestly they got like even like fake or fake shit I mean like big like this shit's like piss poor quality brittle lowball the ha lot of people who does this Bobby it…

  • Bali Fake Market Bonanza!

    Bali Fake Market Bonanza!

    hi I just want to say thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video if you want to know how to negotiate wait till the end and skills here's got you covered now let's get right into this how much how much oh that's a lot that's a lot man yeah I know but like the same I was thinking like 75 like and I was thinking like 75 for both come on 50 like 100 give you like 125 I don't want to huh 450 and I can do 125 one more price you say yes 126 welcome back guys right now we are out here in Bali Indonesia…

  • Vietnam Fake Market Bonanza!

    Vietnam Fake Market Bonanza!

    yeah yeah I like this yeah how much for some yeah Moo 550 did you like 200 200 200 what's your minimum 500 welcome back guys right now we are out on the streets Vietnam just won their soccer match to advance of the finals and this place absolutely want to take you onto a street tour the markets here in bargain there so it's not gonna be one set market but it's just use the always look of employees how much for like these 250 Q do 100 100 no no it's too much to do 125 no 125 no all right yeah I'll do 150 150 you have…

  • 14 BEST Taiwan Night Market Foods You Need to Try!

    14 BEST Taiwan Night Market Foods You Need to Try!

    hey what's up guys I'm in a second night market this is called lean Johnny market this video is going to be totally about whatever I see that looks good I'm gonna try it it looks good it's gonna make it into this video I'm going to tell you guys about it my real sugar king I'm not sure your tears before just like sucking on it you ever seen that before real sugarcane juice oh I like that oh that's nice we go get a big piece of garlic in there oh it's good this guy was selling me on these chicken in it it must be really good…

  • Shanghai Fake Replica Market Spree!

    Shanghai Fake Replica Market Spree!

    all right cool cool yeah Oh how much 4500 oh I got it no not enough hard you wanna do like I was thinking like a hundred welcome back guys today might be your lucky day because right now we are in Shanghai and we are going back to the counterfeit market because you guys asked for it and I'm also going home in a few days here for a couple weeks to visit and I thought man there's a lot of people on my comments saying hey give me some Yeezy hey give me this watch hit me up a big snapchat even like a get this get that…