• MCA Talk: Photoconceptualism
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    MCA Talk: Photoconceptualism

    Welcome to Photoconceptualism, the final talk of a two-part roundtable series here at the MCA, generously supported by the Terra Foundation for American Art. My name is Lauren Fulton and I’m a curatorial research fellow here at the museum. For the past seven months, I’ve been organizing an exhibition about the development of contemporary conceptual photography and core to this show is the work of Chicago-based photographer Kenneth Josephson, who we’re very happy to have here with us tonight. An artist who I’m sure many of you are familiar with, Josephson has, for over five decades, scrutinized photography’s inherent reproducibility and circulation, made use of a mass cultural archive of…

  • Drawing Advice for Students – Asking Pros
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    Drawing Advice for Students – Asking Pros

    Four questions? Four questions. They’re all art related, but they’re for our beginners. I don’t think I pressed record on it. That would be bad. What mistakes do you constantly see people making in drawing? Rushing. When I see people drawing… I’ve been teaching eight years now and I’ve seen so many different kinds of exercises, sketches and drawings and there is a difference between speed and rushing. Rushing is when they’re doing it not for themselves. They’re sketching and drawing for someone else and it’s structured, the homework. But if you’re drawing for you, you’re going to put the time and the focus and the energy into it. But,…

  • Herberger Institute New Dean & The 66 Kid: Raised on the Mother Road
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    Herberger Institute New Dean & The 66 Kid: Raised on the Mother Road

    17:29:06:15 17:30:08:25>>>Coming up next on Arizona 17:30:09:24 Horizon — the new Dean of ASU’s 17:30:12:10 Herberger institute for design 17:30:13:16 and the arts talks about 17:30:15:03 creativity and higher education. 17:30:17:09>>>And Bob Boze Bell tells us 17:30:20:06 how he got his kicks growing up 17:30:21:21 along route 66. 17:30:22:25 Those stories next on Arizona 17:30:23:24 Horizon. 17:30:27:10>>Arizona Horizon is made 17:30:27:25 possible by contributions from 17:30:29:01 the friends of Eight, members of 17:30:31:06 your Arizona PBS station. 17:30:32:12 Thank you. 17:30:33:03>>>Good evening and welcome to 17:30:37:10 Arizona Horizon, I’m Ted Simons. 17:30:38:15 The Pima County board of 17:30:40:00 supervisors rejected a request 17:30:41:09 from congressman Ron Barber’s 17:30:42:18 campaign to…

  • Artistic Therapist | Everyday Hero
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    Artistic Therapist | Everyday Hero

    do you have a favorite piece of your own / like Picasso you know but I’m more curious of your own of my own ceramic crock anything to keep it um I mean I’m really digging on the canvas things that I show you the hallway better it’s just started you guys are going to see olives in the field so that was a new thing so my latest paintings and drawings are a little bit more medically higher so yeah trying to combine my passion so that drawing that I showed you the same tomorrow we’re having make some head in the blue and canary you needed blood yeah…

  • Poppy Sugar Artist
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    Poppy Sugar Artist

    Create icing biscuits Let me get the liberation of art Free creativity The joy of getting the job done Pain in the creative process Several times back to Gan For this sweet return I will continue to challenge the next job. My previous job was an art teacher. Repeat every day Just like office workers Doing repetitive things When I got home, I was very tired. Then wake up tomorrow and go to work. Not too happy One day, I saw it. Sugar Cookie Video on the Internet I think this is very similar to painting. It uses edible materials It seems very interesting I went to buy materials to…

  • Cleveland Institute of Art: Alumni Profile – Kevin Geiger
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    Cleveland Institute of Art: Alumni Profile – Kevin Geiger

    I really believe art school prepares you the best for being able to engage the unpredictable future. The conceptual thinking and being conversant in visual language has been something that in every part of my career, whether as an independent artist or as somebody who worked at Disney was quite valuable. So I was a painting major and a sculpture minor. I knew that I wanted to concentrate on an institute that let me really focus on art making. The Cleavland Institute of Art impressed me the most. The faculty, just who they were and what they had done, I mean, people like, you know, Julian Stanczak, who was my…

  • Art is the therapy that helps me just be me
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    Art is the therapy that helps me just be me

    Hi name is Carolina, I´m an artist from Peru and I live in Brooklyn. Art is the therapy that helps me just be me. It helps me feel free and express myself, it all starts in the paper, in the studio, and it translates to my everyday life. I embrace the notion that we are one with nature, we are all connected and we are here to help each other in our human experience, exploring who we are. It is all about sharing. I think we all have our unique dreams and creating helps us listen. Creating is for everyone, it’s just a matter of trusting ourselves. Art can heal,…

  • How to get a job at Blizzard, with Michael Vicente
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    How to get a job at Blizzard, with Michael Vicente

    just make sure you know what you want like know if you want to make our character art or environment art this is one big mistake as well that I see all the time is a portfolio with everything like your portfolio should have your name and your job like your name and environment artist or your name and character artist or vehicle artist or weapon artist so not 3d generalist no not in the game industry my guest in the following interview works at a studio that most people would love to work at and that is Blizzard which if you don’t know have come out with massive games…

  • Approaching Art: Princeton University Art Museum (long version)
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    Approaching Art: Princeton University Art Museum (long version)

    [Music] James Steward: We wanted to answer the question of why an individual work of art matters. — why someone who isn’t a specialist in the discipline ought to find something engaging, how does it relate to its moment, how does it speak to the career output of the artist in question distinct from it being simply an object in a vacuum? I think one of the real challenges in contending with art from the past, especially from cultures that seem quite remote from our own, is the challenge of bringing the original work of art back to life. And instead of simply talking or telling people verbally about the…

  • Wrong’s What I Do Best – San Francisco Art Institute
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    Wrong’s What I Do Best – San Francisco Art Institute

    (upbeat music) (muffled chatter) (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – I’m always really happy when people feel something but and I want that to happen, but I feel like I make it for myself to make myself feel something. – First based from this book called Wrong’s What I Do Best. Which takes it’s title from a George Jones song. And it’s a book by Barbara Ching. And it’s a really great book about hard country music and exploring how hard country singers turn their, create this kind of burlesque character that they live out their stories, their narrative and their drama through. – So she writes about her life and…