• How to Draw 1-Point Perspective: The British Museum Building
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    How to Draw 1-Point Perspective: The British Museum Building

    Hi, Tom here with this week’s Circle Line Art School video, How to Draw the interior of the British Museum in one point perspective, the first step is to draw a horizontal line slightly higher than halfway up your page, next draw a across in the middle of this line, this will be the vanishing point for this one point perspective drawing, from this vanishing point, draw two diagonal lines to the left and then two diagonal lines to the right, and now in between both of the diagonal lines on the right we need two vertical lines and then two vertical lines on the left hand side as well…

  • Wayne Willis Art Exhibit
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    Wayne Willis Art Exhibit

    The spirit of Wayne Willis can be felt with each exploding covey rise of Kansas quail. Willis, a Kansas Native Son, was considered by many to be the best quail painter of all time. He’s gone now, but he left a lasting tribute to the outdoors through his acclaimed art. And for a limited time, a visit to Coutts Memorial Museum of Art in El Dorado opens a door to the world that Willis loved. A Kansas hunter and conservationist, this man with a talent for art spent 60 years bringing to life his favorite subjects. A formal scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute was interrupted briefly by his…

  • How Street Art Fuels Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda
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    How Street Art Fuels Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda

    LAURA LING: Lincoln Park has achieved tremendous success. You guys are regarded as one of the most respected rock bands in the world. What do you think got you guys to where you are today? MIKE SHINODA: There’s elements of hard work, and there’s elements of chemistry, and magic, and luck, I’d say at the bottom of it all we have had to have a foundation built on the music. We learned very early on that we never wanted to put anything on our record that we didn’t feel 100% confident of. LISA LING: Tell me about your solo project, Fort Minor. MIKE SHINODA: A lot of people are confused…

  • 30TH ANNIVERSARY — Halsey Institute at the College of Charleston
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    30TH ANNIVERSARY — Halsey Institute at the College of Charleston

    (horse clopping) (engine screaming) (horse clopping) (church bells ring) (engine whirring) – [Voiceover] I grew up here in Charleston and the art I was surrounded by was mostly things like landscapes and paintings of architectural landmarks, ducks. (pinging music) There wasn’t a lot of progressive, contemporary art, and the Halsey is a great place, because it is showing an alternative to what the cliches of Charleston art are. My experience with the Halsey is that the shows here are unique to anything else you’re gonna see in Charleston and potentially anywhere. – The Halsey is a contemporary art museum, in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s part of the College of Charleston…

  • Drawing Advice for Students – Asking Pros
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    Drawing Advice for Students – Asking Pros

    Four questions? Four questions. They’re all art related, but they’re for our beginners. I don’t think I pressed record on it. That would be bad. What mistakes do you constantly see people making in drawing? Rushing. When I see people drawing… I’ve been teaching eight years now and I’ve seen so many different kinds of exercises, sketches and drawings and there is a difference between speed and rushing. Rushing is when they’re doing it not for themselves. They’re sketching and drawing for someone else and it’s structured, the homework. But if you’re drawing for you, you’re going to put the time and the focus and the energy into it. But,…

  • continuous line drawing exercise (easy & calming)
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    continuous line drawing exercise (easy & calming)

    hello person watching this video today i am gonna show you a drawing exercise. it’s really simple, you just need a subject i’m going to use this asparagus fern here, and a piece of paper or a notebook and then a pen or pencil of your choice. (i’m using this muji pen) so the only rule for this drawing exercise is that you can’t take the pen off the paper and that’s why it’s called ‘continuous line’ so all i need you to do is look at your subject – so i’m going to look at the plant put your pen on the paper, and do not take it off…

  • Michael Tomor: The Role of the Art Museum
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    Michael Tomor: The Role of the Art Museum

    You know having been involved in museums now professionally in full time from was twenty-two years, I can say that the role of a museum in a community has changed dramatically and its function in any community larger small is to provide educational opportunities outside of the traditional classroom experience. And museums has taken on such a critical role now, as education in the primary and secondary schools has shifted dramatically. Really focusing on testing and really focusing the attention of students to build maybe the greater economy for the future, especially here in the United States and along the way a lot of the humanities and arts have been…

  • How to Draw People : Using the Spiral Technique for Drawing
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    How to Draw People : Using the Spiral Technique for Drawing

    Hi, I’m David Clemen on behalf of Expert Village and today we’re going to learn the basics of drawing. All right, the next technique I’m going to show you in basic drawing, I call it the spiral technique. Now this technique is basically to show you, give you a better understanding the three dimensions of the body and when you’re looking at something like my head, you’re basically, if you’re looking at it directly, you can only see this part, but my head goes all the way back to here. So if you were to draw a spiral around it, you’d get a better visual of the depth of the…