• Why recreating ancient artifacts may be the future of archaeology

    Why recreating ancient artifacts may be the future of archaeology

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Finally in our "NewsHour" Sharestonight: One scientist smashes, burns and hammers artifacts. But don't worry, they're replicas. And as science producer Nsikan Akpan explains,it's the key to understanding ancient human technology. NSIKAN AKPAN: On the campus of Kent StateUniversity, you can literally hear the future of studying our past. This innovation is being made by Metin Eren,a rising star in the field of experimental archaeology. METIN EREN, Director of Archaeology, KentState University: Experimental archaeology is a way of studying ancient technologiesby creating really accurate replicas. And because those replicas are worthless,we can throw them and break them and shoot them to figure out how they work, and reverse-engineerthem.…

  • 5 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts That Are Unexplainable

    5 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts That Are Unexplainable

    we have found many remarkable artifacts all over the world some of them could even change and rewrite the history as we know it most of the artifacts that have been found a highly controversial our discovery of new and unique artifacts is never ending and some of them can easily defile current understanding of history we have found many jewels pottery art sand stones we've even found certain items that manage to confuse the most experienced archeology is each time we find something new it brings out many questions most of them remain unanswered but we still hope to find out more information that could help us to resolve…

  • Bizarre Artifacts Unearthed at Construction Sites

    Bizarre Artifacts Unearthed at Construction Sites

    from mummies to mammoths there have been some strange and amazing historical artifacts unearthed at construction site don't forget to click subscribe to become part of the DTR family and that little bell icon so that you know when we post new videos number twelve 1800s era shipwreck at sea port district South Boston in May 2016 during the excavation of 121 seaport Boulevard the construction crew discovered a large preserved ship Skanska the construction company temporarily called off excavation and sought help from public archaeology library P al Inc according to these archaeologists this shipwreck was from a two-masted schooner known as pinky the 60-foot long vessel belonged to…

  • Accidentally Discovered Artifacts That Are Worth Millions

    Accidentally Discovered Artifacts That Are Worth Millions

    have you ever found an old coin in your back garden or valuable looking antique at a low price in a charity shop and then found out that they're worth a bit of money feels good doesn't it the people on this list did a little better than that they accidentally discovered priceless items and artifacts that turned out to be worth a fortune a group of Danish men had some pretty amazing luck with a metal detector earlier on this year – searching the island of Haryana within the Jutland province the detector alerted them to buried treasure beneath the surface when they did a little digging they came…

  • 5 Most Shocking Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

    5 Most Shocking Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

    the Viking compass navigating the ocean back in ancient times was extremely tricky given that they didn't have GPS compasses or even shuffleboard on those rickety old cruise ships if you wanted to go from say Europe to the Americas back then you were just as likely to crash into Madagascar since all that water looks the same out there scientists were puzzled about how the Vikings were consistently able to travel in a totally straight line from Norway to Greenland and back some 1,600 miles while the rest of the world was rowing around in circles too proud to ask the passing mermaids for directions then in 1948 they…

  • Egypt's Most Mysterious Artifacts

    Egypt's Most Mysterious Artifacts

    hey guys it's like a universe here taking over for American hi today to bring you another fun ancient artifact video from desert glass to bronze swords here are Egypt's most mysterious artifacts twelve who shot this as the Pharaoh was preparing for the afterlife artisans would create figurines to be placed in the tomb they come in many different shapes sizes and colors and typically feature some hieroglyphics that's it how they're ready to get put to work the aceptas we're supposed to act as servants or minions to the pharaoh once they've passed on to the other side some of these statuettes would carry things such as baskets…

  • 5 Most Mysterious Ancient Artifacts We Can't Explain

    5 Most Mysterious Ancient Artifacts We Can't Explain

    human history and prehistory is filled with an endless amount of mysteries that can keep humanity puzzling over his true origins for eons to come one of the ways we find ourselves attempting to understand these gaps in time as well as the facts of our origins and developments has been through the recovery of age-old artifacts relics buried sites and long-forgotten written accounts it is through these discoveries made in the archaeological field that have allowed us in the modern age to catch a glimpse as to what our ancestors may have been doing and why they were doing it however some discoveries are so strange and mind-blowing that…