• Advertising Atheism

    Advertising Atheism

    and joining us tonight on the debate for the full hour Justin trot J he's president of the free thought Association of Canada author Kathy Shadle who writes a blog called five feet of fury calm United Church minister Greta Vosburg the chair of the Canadian Centre for progressive Christianity jordan peterson professor of psychology at the university of toronto and the author of maps of meaning the architecture of belief and TVO viewers will well recognize dr. Rob Buckman author of can we be good without God behavior belonging and the need to believe well thanks everybody for being here this evening for what I'm sure will be a…

  • Limitations of ECGs/Artifacts 4-4 - ECG / EKG Interpretation -- BASIC

    Limitations of ECGs/Artifacts 4-4 – ECG / EKG Interpretation — BASIC

    hey this is dr. Nick with the ECG Academy gonna finish up section four with chapter four limitations of ECG systems now what does that mean well we're gonna talk about what can go wrong when you're recording an ECG and how to make sure that what you're looking at is real so here's the first 12-lead that I'm gonna show you in this course hot off the presses for a brand new ECG machine and it looks really pretty doesn't it there are nice clean signals and what you're seeing is black ink printed on paper that has this printed pink grid and just to get you oriented you've…

  • Artisan Cheese On The Farm

    Artisan Cheese On The Farm

    she's really his primal energy it's about as primal of a food as you can get I think of it you know comes from grass grains plants transformed through an animal it's probably the most primal one of the most powerful foods there are that's really all right after the court account the farmstead cheese comes from somebody's heard on their own land and the cheese is made on their land and so everybody's going to come up with a distinctly different product and so the cheese's now have character and you're not going to find same old same old this is Monterey Jack this is colby visit you know…

  • Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    Tutorial : Exploring ARTISAN water mixable oils

    hi there today we're going to talk about Windsor and Newton artisan water mixable paints they're designed to look and behave like traditional oil paint but have been chemically modified to be thinned and cleaned with water as opposed to solvents although they do contain linseed oil they accept water and are great for artists who share a workspace or who have a sensitivity to solvents you can use them in a variety of ways just as you would you can see the flow of the paint increasing with the addition of water as with mixing too much solvent into a classic oil paint don't add too much water that…

  • Understanding Stock Market

    Understanding Stock Market

    this session I intended to cover the stock market the bubbles forces will understand what a stock market is actually and why it is difficult to understand the stock market then I'll take you through how many positions in the stock market take place how bubbles are formed stock markets actually are so difficult to understand nobody can understand the stock markets why are they interesting is because of the same reason that you are not able to understand it and they sway between bouts of greed and fear so when people are greedy it goes up when people are fearful it goes down but how does that green and…

  • Neverwinter: MOD15 professions rework - Artisans

    Neverwinter: MOD15 professions rework – Artisans

    welcome everyone to neva winter on PC my name is Kyla and today we're going to look at the mod 16 artisans if you enjoy this video please leave a like and if you like to see more information of it as about Neverwinter hit subscribe button we still have some issues with the delivery box where we cannot advance in the intro quest running a workshop but today I will still make a new video about the professions rework I hope this bug is fixed with the preview patch tomorrow at least every Friday normally they release a patch and after that we can look further in the master…

  • Artifact: The Value of Initiative

    Artifact: The Value of Initiative

    hello yong korea here with another artifact video so this video is going to be a little bit similar to the video I did yesterday um and the focus of the video is going to be initiative in artifact and kind of just about the turn order in general but pretty much about initiative as you pass between boards history it was a little bit more about initially was a big focus but about um when you're better off doing nothing and waiting for your opponent to act and how initiative complain to that right because initiative is valuable so if you pass it puts some pressure on your opponent…

  • The Lost Soul Arts of Demon's Souls

    The Lost Soul Arts of Demon's Souls

    视频包恶魔之魂、黑暗之魂1、2、3以及血源的剧透 黑暗之魂是一个不用介绍的游戏系列,我也懒得写个介绍 因此,我将直击要点 尽管这个游戏被分析过无数次 但我总感觉这个系列的起源已经被遗忘 我不是说黑魂粉把它给忘了 很多恶魔之魂的优点与想法在续作中逐渐褪色 这种褪色的现象甚至从黑魂1就开始了 在恶魔之魂意外地取得成功后,From Software打算再来一次 这一次,更大,更好 在很多的方面,黑暗之魂是一款雄心勃勃的续作 游戏世界更加的广袤,各个地域也更加的连接 这使得探索变得更让人满足 无法快速迁移也促使玩家长途跋涉,使玩家更强烈的孤独感 这种感觉甚至恶魔之魂没有提供 人物的动作也更加精细,给玩家系列知名的,更愉悦的打击感 游戏的机制也得到了许多改进 比如说生命药水,能改善卡关和平衡性的问题 它甚至还有一个全新的盟约机制 我认为黑暗之魂1是一部优秀的续作 从游戏的巨大成功来看,我认为大多数人也会同意 但有一点很重要 这个游戏不是很有创新性,黑暗之魂中很多饱受赞誉的元素 全都是直接来自于恶魔之魂,因为这些机制上次行得通 黑暗之魂的目标不是创新,而是进步 From Software已经有一个很好的游戏机制,他们决定加紧利用这一点 这就是恶魔之魂与系列其他游戏的区别 在游戏开发的初期阶段,From Software里的很多人觉得已经失败了 这么想可能士气受挫,但从另一个角度看团队可能更放得开 我想这也是为什么,宫崎英高和小弟们能在这个游戏里,能添加一些奇异的机制 在恶魔之魂里,我觉得开发团队想搞什么就能搞什么 尝试新的功能与机制,不必关心人们喜不喜欢 世界倾向(难度)系统是一个完美的例子 很多开发者认为,动态难度是游戏设计的正确方向 这种做法出现于90年代,仍然以各种形式出现于现在很多的主流游戏中 其他人,比如说我自己,认为游戏难度不应该变化,这样你打过去的时候才有愉悦感 恶魔之魂将这两种思想结合在一起,你一死生命值就减半 如果这还不够,如果你死个不停,还会加强敌人的属性,最终出现黑色幻影 你可能认为这是一个坏的游戏机制 你还可能列出很多理由来反对这个系统 我不会说所有游戏都应该这样 但我希望你理解,这个系统让我感觉无比新鲜,与之前的所有东西都不一样 这至少对于我来说,是恶魔之魂的吸引力 他们在规则手册上想怎么写就怎么写 常识告诉我们“挣扎中的玩家应该被施以援手,而不应该推下深渊” 常识告诉我们“Boss应该被玩家杀死,而不是自杀” 常识告诉我们“秘密就应该是秘密,不应该被他人指出” 常识告诉我们“NPC和商人应该不穷无尽,不应该玩家一不注意,就被杀死” 常识告诉我们“最终Boss应该是个史诗般的最终摊牌,考验玩家的所有能力,而不是可怜无害的肿块” Boss战在这个游戏中尤为突出,五个大恶魔中的四个,都为玩家提供独特的体验 即使是伪皇阿兰特,五个中最普通的一个,他的极具惩罚性的抓击能让玩家降级 这在之后的作品中从来没有出现 这样的实验并不总是行得通,没几个人会为龙皇战洗地 但是本作极具创新型,犯错误在所难免 对于我来说,反高潮的Boss(不是Boss的Boss)少女雅思兰莉亚,和传统的火焰潜伏者感觉差不多 但是其他很多游戏里,有类似火焰潜伏者一样的体验,但是只有一个游戏有少女雅思兰莉亚 之后的很多游戏,包括黑暗之魂1,完全没有这种奇怪的Boss战,损害了游戏体验 要理解这为什么是一件坏事,我们必须直面一个沉重的现实,包括From Software 就是这个 战斗没有什么值得称道的地方 我先要说一句,这不等价于这个游戏没有游戏性 游戏作为一个整体来看,这个问题大大缓解于,卓越的关卡设计,玩家自由度 以及一些独特的游戏机制,包括世界倾向,同盟 耐力条系统使得其它ARPG羞愧,动画效果很好,控制也十分紧致 但是游戏实际上的复杂度,却十分缺乏 游戏的深度很浅,这不是什么问题,但这个系列却越来越依赖游戏中的动作要素 在血源里可以最清楚的看到这一点 游戏给玩家的初始耐力条非常的大方 玩家可以轻松提高自己的各项属性,完全没有任何副作用 在这个游戏里,能力值就躺在那,打不过的玩家刷就行了 这也是系列擅长的“玩家自己控制难度” 简单的说,血源更动作,不那么RPG 但不幸的是,即使加上了这些武器,战斗的深度还无法胜过普通的ACT 如果你想为这个系列辩护,你可能会列出来你喜欢的武器多种多样的攻击动画 有双手攻击,跳跃攻击,奔跑攻击,蓄力攻击,变形攻击或许还有更多 它们的攻击范围和攻击伤害可能不同,但是它们对敌人的效果却相差无几 它们对敌人造成一些伤害,有可能击晕敌人,你能多打两下 有可能并没有击晕,你退回来等下一次机会 位置也是很重要的,但这不是要点 相反,血源可能是是这个系列中深度最浅的一个 因为这个游戏不鼓励盾挡,使得玩家不切换的话只能做一个动作 而在其他作品里可以自由地选择攻击还是格挡 魔法系统也是非常贫瘠,甚至没有踢击 虽说在这种情况下不是什么事,因为只有很少敌人有防御姿态 一般来说,你的攻击方法无非是低耗轻击,高耗重击和某种距离攻击 可能是某种魔法,弩箭或者是枪什么的 黑暗之魂3虽然破坏了系列美学 但是黑魂3的武器系统确实在向正确的方向改进 问题是这些武器系统没有着丝毫的联系 比如说,你无法先用魔法打伤敌人,用刀再来个近距离的必杀动画 反过来也不行 至于防守的方法,这个系列就好了很多 你可以防守,格挡或盾反敌人的大部分攻击 不幸的是,在Boss战的时候,防守基本不可能 盾反也不是很明智,这使得滚是你唯一的策略 所以,滚吧 一次,又一次,又一次,又一次,又一次,又一次,又一次 当你不在滚的时候,你通常能打Boss一到两下 无论你选择了什么武器,Boss通常没什么反应 这使得所有的武器几乎都一样,除了伤害的类型与数字 这不是说这种Boss就不可能好,它可以很好 最糟糕的情况是怪物挡着视角,有着无限的耐力值,读取你的输入,取消他们恢复的动作,不讲道理 但最好的情况是,他们有着合适的挑战性,展现得很好 伪皇阿兰特是非常好的Boss,阿兰特留斯骑士,受诅咒的路德维希,芙莉徳修女也都是好Boss 但是他们不可否认地太像了 你进游戏,熟悉敌人的招式,或许死个几次,直到你完全地背板…

  • Best Documentary of the Housing Market Crash (of 2019?) | Inside the Meltdown | Behind the Big Short

    Best Documentary of the Housing Market Crash (of 2019?) | Inside the Meltdown | Behind the Big Short

    meltdown a four part investigation of the orgy of greed and recklessness that drove the world into financial collapse only now are the hard questions being asked only now are the key players being held to account in this hour the story of the men who crashed the world the billionaire mortgage seller who fooled millions everybody wanted to own a piece of real estate to get into the game the high-rolling banker with a fatal weakness Jimmy came try to handle it look like a joke I'm not kidding the ferocious Wall Street predator I want to reach in rip out their heart and eat before they die and…

  • Understanding Advertising Currency

    Understanding Advertising Currency

    before my time there was a sort of a coalition formed between buyers and sellers I think was in about 2006 from which c3 emerged and essentially what was going on at that time was that the DVR the digital video recorder had emerged and therefore time shifted viewing of television program had emerged as had ad skipping and in a sense what happened was the advertisers and the agencies demanded a pure commercial rating a pure ad rating and they wanted live only though they said we want it you know it's got to be live and we want the audience to the to our commercial not to you…