• Cosa cambia con Libra - Andrea Bottoni

    Cosa cambia con Libra – Andrea Bottoni

    [Musica] nissimo ragazzi siamo in live aspettiamo che qualcuno si connetta e poi iniziamo insomma discutere un po fare un po di domande risposta poi magari parliamo un po insieme di libra ovvero della nuova cripta valuta che ha rilanciato facebook mi hanno chiesto se avrei parlato di libera in questa live in realtà insomma è un annuncio abbastanza recente e soprattutto è previsto per l'anno prossimo insomma è previsto per metà del 2020 l'uscita ufficiale certo è che si muove molto tutto quello che al mondo delle cripto valute non mi va di parlarne in modo troppo approfondito perché sebbene comunque minimo ma proprio poco mi intendo di cripto…

  • Top 10 EPIC Advertising Translation Fails

    Top 10 EPIC Advertising Translation Fails

    sometimes unintentional humor is the best kind of humor welcome to watchmojo.com and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 epic product translation fails it's finger lickin good before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we'll be looking at companies and their international marketing blunders the more extreme or hilarious the translation fail the higher its position on this list number 10 do nothing HSBC Bank in 2009 banking giant HSBC tried using a version of their American slogan in many foreign markets the slogan assumed nothing was instead translated to do nothing…

  • I Spent $20,000 Advertising On YouTube And Now Everyone Hates Me

    I Spent $20,000 Advertising On YouTube And Now Everyone Hates Me

    what's up Greg I hope you're all having a great day welcome back to my channel this of course is another episode of dr. Dan's crazy experiment lab because today we're gonna be doing a crazy experiment so in case you haven't noticed by now I have a very strong obsession for bad ads on Instagram specifically bad ads for mobile games so much so that I now have an entire series of videos where I talk about bad ads on Instagram why are these game companies making such strange ads who is downloading these games based on these strange ads quite frankly none of it makes any sense to…

  • I Am Advertising

    I Am Advertising

    the taste level is slowly sinking in this country what do you think has happened in movies television the God's sakes you're real I'm just a picture why do they call it Ovaltine the mug is round the jar is round is she call it round tea I would create a TV show for you where all you did was just judge women now that may be the best idea of all it's a simple thing it's a half hour and we strip it out all the time say I'd be all-time judge tell me how great the thing is going to be I love it I don't need to…



    This countdown contains graphic scenes some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing. This video may not be suitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Top 10: Scariest Drink Driving Commercials #10"Mike and Joy"Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR), 1999 (United Kingdom) What's it like to lose someone? There's just a huge void and there's nothing to fill it. Nothing at all. The driver had been drinking, and just smashed his car into the back of Michelle's car. And she died of head injuries. Oh, she was lovely. She was full of energy.Full of enthusiasm. Even if I could just hold her hand for five minutes, or…



    通過HelloImAPizza編譯 影片中有一些令人感覺不適的畫面。再次提醒你。 前10名:最可怕的工作安全宣導 第 10 名 “貝絲” 安全工作 2013年,澳大利亞 [女孩]“媽咪!” “燒傷單位” “你自己一個人可以嗎?” “你自己一個人可以嗎?”“可以。” “毒性化學物質” 如果你不知道, 如果你不知道,一定要先詢問。 第 9 名 “危險機械” 安防營運有限公司(CSST)2006年,魁北克 救命… 救命! 救命! 看怕了嗎? 我們也是 每天平均造成35起機器捲夾意外事故 第 8 名 “工廠” 保險安全委員會(WSIB)2006年,加拿大 “嘿 杰夫,要小心煞車?”“好的!” “快打119!我們這邊發生意外事故了!” 這不是意外。 公司明明知道貨架上超重堆放物料是不安全的, 我知道我做事時本應該要認真的, 但很明顯的主管也沒有向我說明(危害告知) 那架子已經壞了… 世上本沒有意外。 第 7 名 “尼克” 安全工作局2013年,澳大利亞 如果你不知道, 如果你不知道,一定要先詢問。 第 6 名 “女店員” 保險安全委員會(WSIB)2006年,加拿大 “這裡出了意外了,快來人幫忙!” 意外?這不是意外。 公司早就應該換掉那梯子了, 我知道我不應該那樣伸過去。 但是為什麼沒有嚴格的規定 必須兩個人一起做這樣件工作呢?(夥同作業) 世上本沒有意外 第 5 名 “掛鎖” 安防科技(CSST)2008年,魁北克 “天阿 不要!” 掛鎖。 '危險不要使用這機器“這關乎我的生命安全 第 4 名 “釘槍” 工作安全局2008年,澳大利亞 安迪“你能把那個板子釘上嗎?” 哈哈,是釘槍! 太酷了! 這個怎麼用呢? 哦,如果老傢伙桑迪都會用,那就不會很難? 看不見東西! 老闆! 不會就要說出來 第 3 名 “大鍋” 工作安全局2008年,澳大利亞 我現在該做什麼? “喬希!你把裝湯的鍋子移過來了嗎?” 鍋子? 他不會說的是那個大鍋子吧……這也太大了! 糟了… 手套… 手套也太濕了吧!啊 太噁心了! 這個太重了 太燙了!啊,這是……! 不行就要說出來 第 2 名 “麵包坊” 工作安全局2008年,澳大利亞 “嗨,你好,罌粟籽麵包,謝謝。” 罌粟籽麵包,罌粟籽麵包,罌粟籽麵包…在哪裡? “罌粟籽麵包……在那邊。” 什麼?哦。罌粟種子麵包是黑色的,我真笨! “可以幫我切片嗎?謝謝。” 切片?她說過怎麼做的呢…? 沒關係,我可以做到這一點。…