Spyro 1 (Reignited) | Part 1: Artisans Home 100% (All Gems & Dragons)

Spyro 1 (Reignited) | Part 1: Artisans Home 100% (All Gems & Dragons)

okay rolling oh it's been peaceful here in the five worlds is it six for a dragons age we now have 12,000 he treasures what about this gun nasty gun or character now I understand he's found a magic spell to turn gems into warriors for his cause I'll take that question nasty newark is a simple creature simple he has been contained in remote world and his new threat to the dragon kingdom oh right besides he is ugly huh huh looks like I've got some things to do [Laughter] thank you for releasing me Spyro 3:10 dragons in the artisan world then find the balloonist he'll transport you to the next world what about nasty knork I'm going after him find dragons first that's all I can tell you hey Spyro press the jump button twice to God and and don't be afraid afraid of what falling from high mountain peaks plummeting into prehistoric glaciers Oh where's nasty NORC Oh torture keep your horns on Spyro you have much to learn first do you know what the Dragonfly following you is doing ah his name is Sparks and he's helping and protecting you keep an eye on him and see what I mean cool flash do that again the artisans boss is through a portal in the dragon mouth but you are not yet ready Spyro first you must complete one of the other artisan lands

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  1. Anyone else end up with 101 percent in artisans world. I had completed everything in Spyro 1-3 and decided to play Spyro 1 again. However, when I attacked both orcs carrying a bag, they each gave me 1 bonus gem even though the game confirmed I had 100 percent completion. Any thoughts?

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