Spoken-Word Poet Rudy Francisco Performs His Poem “Complainers”

Spoken-Word Poet Rudy Francisco Performs His Poem “Complainers”

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  1. I'm so proud of him. I've been reading and listening to his poems for about 2 or 3 years. I am so happy for him.

  2. To see poetry on national television, to see one of the greatest art forms get some of the spotlight, to see one of my favorite poets kill it on stage…its amazing. It truly touches my heart.

  3. I read this in his book and I cried lol well I cried throughout the whole book but this one was the one


  5. I remember when I preformed a piece at my high school poetry slam and I got to meet Rudy Francisco, I was so happy that he was there. I am so happy to see him here, he is truly inspiring. A real hero.

  6. IM SOO PROUD OF YOU RUDY FRANCISCO!!! You made it to the tonight showww!! This is my favourite!!!!! <3

  7. sooo immensely proud of rudy!!! one of my favorite poets, it's amazing he's getting the exposure he's always deserved!! congrats to you rudy!

  8. Hello the tonight show, i apologize for my english… but i know that you are broadcast in France on Canal + and that they subtitle the show… please can you repost that video with that subtitle? in advance thank you

  9. Seeing Rudy get this kind of recognition warms my heart.
    He is an absolutely remarkable poet and deserves every cheer, every clap, every tear his words bring to understanding eyes.

  10. I've been following Rudy since a spoken word event in DC back in 2012 had the amazing opportunity to meet him briefly with my good friend Qui who opened my eyes to the world of spoken word. So excited for Rudy and his accomplishments since then! Actually have my own copy of 'helium' and even the written version of the spoken passion gives me chills that resemble the tremble and excitement in the voice of the performance of Rudy. My favorite of Rudy's will always be My Honest Poem. Spoke to me in 2012 and continues to check me going forward. Keep doing you Rudy, it's the truth.

  11. YESSSSSSSS RUDYYYY Ahhh I feel like a prouf mom 😂 also low key feel entitled bc I was obsessed with this poem a year ago 😎

  12. So glad I caught this Brother’s performance on Fallon. I’m keeping the words in my heart and mind as I share the message with others. Well said, young man.

  13. how am I just finding out he was on Fallon?? I'm so happy for him he really deserves it, Rudy is always so amazing, seriously he leaves me breathless and teary eyed every time

  14. if it is hot, it means the sun is still shining, and the world is still spinning, so we are still alive, and that is a beautiful thing

  15. Just finished his book and couldn’t stop underlining every sentence of complainers. Then I stumbled upon this video, especially the glass of water part made me realize what a privileged kind of complainer I am.

  16. So is he really saying that we all go through the same events in the same way? That whenever we're sad, we just have to think of the poor kids in Africa and feel better knowing that it could be worse? Just getting out of bed can be difficult for people who are depressed; something that makes someone ecstatic could make someone else deeply frustrated. There is no proven correlation between levels of happiness and situations in our lives. If there's a stigma around people who are rich being sad, why do we say so often that money doesn't buy you happiness?

  17. i had the pleasure of listening to rudy at toronto poetry slam. i pray he comes back again so my ears can hear his words. he is simply a geniuis<3

  18. suffering is not a competition. there is not a single person who is the least fortunate and the most unhappy and is the only one allowed to complain

  19. I AM SO PROUD OF HIM OMG!!! i started listening to his spoken word on button poetry 3 years ago and i have his book. i’m so proud wow

  20. Well I wake up in the morning
    At 11:47
    And I can't believe I have to face
    The horror of another fucking day

    And the magnificent magnitude
    Of my morning erection
    Merely mocks me like the sun
    In its optimistic greeting of the day

    Managing to manifest
    A modicum of motivation
    I meander to the kitchen
    Make a mission out of mixing Nescafé

    But the milk is going off
    And coffee by itself is bitter
    And there's ants all through the sugar
    And the supermarket's miles-a-fucking-way

    My life is pretty sad
    But I know that I should be glad
    At least I'm not a starving Ethiope
    Or a policeman in Baghdad

    At 11:53
    I instigate the day's ablutions
    In the hope my constitution
    Can be altered by some action on the bowl

    But the total non-existence
    Of colonic animation
    Seems to me the perfect metaphor
    For the utter constipation of my soul

    By 11:59
    I have decided that my life
    Would be Immediately improved
    By a carefully written list of short-term goals

    But by 12:05 my list consists of
    One dot: put some pants on
    Two dot: go to the shop
    Buy some prunes and Panadol

    My life is pretty shit
    But I know I shouldn't whinge about it
    I could be a Palestinian
    Driving buses on the Gaza Strip

    Yeah, how bad can it be?
    Some people have it worse than me
    I could be a Ipswich prostitute
    Or Gary Glitter's family

    I have no right to cry
    Some people have it worse than I
    I could be a thalidomide kid
    With something in my eye

    At 12:30 I realise
    I'm feeling so dejected
    That I've totally neglected
    The beginning of the Jerry Springer show

    So I settle on the sofa
    Try to focus an iota
    Of my motor neurons on the
    Brilliant insights for which Jerry is known

    And although on any other day
    A show entitled 'Midgets Midget Midgets!'
    Would excite me like a virgin
    At her year eleven ball

    Today those little jelly-wresting
    Fellows fail to free me of my
    Misery, instead they simply
    Serve to make me feel three foot tall

    But how bad can it be?
    Some people have it worse than me
    I could be a junior lifesaver
    On a Banda Aceh beach

    Or a woman in the Taliban
    Or a Jew in the Ku Klux Klan
    Or the architect of the World Trade Centre
    Or a morturist in Mianyang

    I could have my identity mistaken
    As a bomber in an underground station
    I could be a peace-loving speech writer
    In George W's administration

    Yeah I know that I don't have the right
    To be unhappy with my life
    I could be Hitler's mother
    Or Shane Warne's wife

    And you know that I shouldn't be bitching
    I could be in a worse position
    I could be a 3-nippled naturopath
    In the days of the Spanish inquisition

    I know I have no right to cry
    Some people have it much much worse than I
    I could have a serious nut allergy
    And be shipwrecked on an island
    With a crate of Snickers bars
    A jar of Nutella and a fresh baked pecan pie
    Some people have it worse than I

    ©Tim Minchin

  21. I'm so proud of you Rudy. Since 2011 I've loved you. I became a performance poet because of you. You inspired me to continue to trust in my process and be patient in the pattern I am creating. My poem "The Monolouge of a Stripper" gets so many good comments and liked by many so I'm going to keep pursuing my core's intent. I am so happy! You've come so far. We, as your fan-mily have come so far. So please, realise you''ve helped me as a Poet. I love you!!!!!!!!!

  22. Oooh…I usually like Rudy's poems but I can't say I like this one. As someone struggling with depression and with that sees life as generally bleak without reason, a lot of what he was saying sounded like, "get over it because people are dying of thirst in this country" and that's never a good way to see things.

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