Spine Chilling SFX Artist Brings Nightmares To Life

Spine Chilling SFX Artist Brings Nightmares To Life

keyonna jones also known as freak mo is known for her gruesome makeup tutorials one of her most show-stopping looks was inspired by a well-known celebrity they put on a Taylor Swift bad blood costume I like the aesthetics of the music video and I'm also a similar age similar height to similar build and have a similar haircut to Taylor Swift and you know it one music video of the year so I thought hey like I'll combine that with my favorite thing which is gory scaring us from bullet wounds to missing fingers the self-taught makeup artist is obsessed with gore and plans every tutorial down to the smallest anatomical details I decided to add some of that faint blue over the veins in the face to make them pop out a little bit more then I added in some individual lashes into the eyelid and I hair punched in a brow Keanu based in Perth Australia has completed her undergrad and honours in visual art but you don't need a degree to copy some of her looks as she covers beginner level methods through to complex techniques I did have a bit of a play with it I enjoyed suturing it up and then removing the stitches and staples just to be a bit worse since starting out three years ago her videos have now had over 60 million views making her one of the Internet's most spine-chilling SFX specialists

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