Speedpainting TImelapse – Stuck on Traffic (Eng subs)

Speedpainting TImelapse – Stuck on Traffic (Eng subs)

Hello everyone welcome to the video of this week In today’s episode we will not be working with video reviews instead I’ll be showing you the process of painting and animation of the piece on the screen so as the spanish youtuber saids lets get it on ok, in the case of this image I started with this little sketch of this guirl on top of this RV and since this image was just a warm up before my daily rutine of work the idea behind of all of this wasn’t so clear for me I had in mind anime backgrounds and then I remembered an episode of malcom in the middle honestly I don’t remember if was malcom or was the adventures of pete and pete but in this episode they get trapped in the traffic so with this idea I just made this drawing of this girl on top of this rv using some binoculars just to see what’s happened and why they where stuck on traffic I used my regular painting process for my painterly pieces where I applied a warm base to the comp If I’m painting a daylight scene with sunlight before that I just paint all the elements separated by layers on this case, the sky, the clouds, the grass the trees, etc for the clouds I just applied my habitual process for painting clouds which you can find in other of my videos, I have two videos where I show how I paint clouds all the time but explaining this here I just select the area where the light comes, on this case from the left and to the right I just put the shadows In the shadows I try to use reflected light and since this clouds are just flat in the background, I just used the sky instead of using bounce light from the ground, I tend to use the ground for this but thats just for the down part of the clouds, here I just used the top part. On this step I started to add some lights from the left So I added a little Illumination from that side and now I’m going to paint a little bit better the texture of the grass Here I remembered that recenly I saw this reference with a similar color palette I think this is a background from spirited away (el viaje de chihiro) in spanish so i tried to emulate those colors and with this I just build better the anime look what I mentioned in the beginning of the video Here I add more work to the grass, using the brushes from my patreon page Here I started to paint better the trees refining the edges and then I remembered that I have this awesome brush for painting trees, so I use that on top and then I applied the atmospheric perspective basically this is just the effect of the distance and I Painted this using the blue from the sky, mostly in the shadow areas Here I started to paint some rocks I wanted to paint them in a similar way of the reference so the process was very simple first I made the drawin of the rock ( shitty joke here) Blocking the general shape with the base color and then I started to add similar colors to the shadows and light areas using color variation, from oranges and yellow I really really enjoy practicing painting rocks when I have no Idea about what to paint next I just open photoshop and begin to paint stones and rocks from my imagination or using references from internet here I tried to add this stairs because… I wanted to add a little trail similar to one I made for other illustration from 3 monhts ago I think a painting about a traveler and a waterfall and a stair that you can climb but I didn’t liked this idea so instead I tried a more flat look to this composition If I wanted to add the stair I just need o change the grass Adding a more diagonal look and just leave the image like that with a more flat look because I remembered this image from an anime shortfilm about a robot in a roadtrip with a girl I don´t remember exactly what the story was about but But I saw that image in the poster and Ijust copied that I searched that reference and used that look the more flat look without the diagonal grass for the inclination of the stair Here I just deleted some parts of the Illustration, the sky, the grass because I wanted to give that painterly look showing the base painting this is how I achieve that more traditional look like you applied the base painting and you leave some areas without painting this gives a pretty cool look and I love to use this for my paintings using this reference I started the drawing of one of the RV’s Because using references is the best practice to knowing better the look of the objects in your comp withouts a references I don’t think I’ll be able how in the world paint a fucking TV in real life continuing with thist here I decided to better add another Rv because this gives that camping place look Like the all going to the same national park and now they’re all stuck on traffic it looks better than the vehicles and also gives more balance to the composition I want to avoid to work with a lot of shape contrast between the cars and the main RV and also with this I Practice more this kind of vehicles Here I just reframed the composition becuse the wide shot wasn’t working well so I cropped the canvas and also changed the size of the piece because dumb me I was working with a low resolution image Here before painting the last vehicle I reordered the layers Becasuse it was a mess I didn’t name the layers (always name your layes) with this I ordered the elements, just to know which ones where in front and which one goes to the back so I can paint in a more confortable way the next vehicle the process for this one was similar to the other two vehicles you know searching the reference and then blocking the shape using a flat brush without opacity options later I just added all the details while I’m aware of the lighting and the color palette of the overal scene and at last but not least I painted the character I leave her for the final push Because I feel more confortable when I paint the environment first with this I know how I need to paint my characters Here I added some lights effect using a layer in overlay mode and basically this all the process for this piece the last step is just adding the little details like the reflect in the rv windows and the flowers that I love to use as extra detail for finishing paintings for the animation part the process was pretty simple I just separated all the layers the background the trees and the cars I also have the vehicles in another separated layer and at last the rocks, the first ground so, after the layer separation process tthe second thing we need to do is activate the animation panel you can find it in windows — timeline here you will see a little panel asking you if you want ot create a new timeline in my case I already have it so heres all the animation since I already made this animation I’m going to explain this proces using objects as example its the same thing so imagine that the first ground rocks are are this red square so I order to move this red square you need to convert it into a smart object right click, define as smart object before that you will see the object in the timeline and here you can find this options, the option transformation is the one we need so in order to make this animation I just goed to the last frame and decided where I need the last position for my object in that frame so as example this is the final size create a keyframe and then you go to the first frame and in that frame we resize the square by typing ctrl + t then you hit enter and photoshop automatically creates the keyframe for you nof if you move through your timeline you can see how the square moves similar to the first ground rocks in the case of the clouds you can notice that the movement its different they move to the left like a paning movement so in this case we are not going to work with a smart object instead will be using a single layer so we create a new layer with this circle, imagine that this circle are the clouds I painted this with green before that we goed to the last frame again I tend to use the last frame because with this I know the last position of my animation so in the last frame I decide the last position for that circle (clouds) and create a new keyframe clicking the position option since this is a normal layer the name its position instead of transform so in this case creates a keyframe using this size and position and just move the element to the begining point now if you move the image you can see the animation similar to the clouds and basically that was all the process for the entire piece

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