Someone Just Got REALLY Bad News!

Someone Just Got REALLY Bad News!

hey everybody its Bernie with truth on our TV YouTube channel welcome everyone on this Friday night Saturday or later by the time you're watching this right now it's Friday night June 21st 2019 at the time of this recording welcome everyone all the Patriots around the world that file a little truth in our TV YouTube channel thank you guys let's do this together tonight we're gonna wrap up the week by going over some news items let us together yeah let's go to the cue page I was just looking at this page I say you know let me start rolling right now there are no new cue drops the cue team obviously is you know we'll see when they're gonna come back we don't need them to come back but there's so much more left to this this war that we're in I'm pretty sure they will come back as they always do no doubt about that but yeah let's see what cute team was telling us a year ago a year ago the Q team said now that's what I call a VIP and they gave us this link here it's just what I suspected last night and the podcasts the guy that Trump was pointing to and that you know what we talked about yesterday that was the guy that photographed with the team the you know with the president's administration you know with the team back there and they took all these pictures and Trump sent him the piece of mail and that is his Twitter account right there VIP a not so cute you know it's good to look back on that and back then q said January 20th 2017 and then 17 months later Trump delivered this proof for everyone exactly 17 months later do you believe in coincidences I'm gonna shut the volume off and yeah let us enjoy that moment from a year ago here again tonight let's see what it was like yeah look at Trump clapping and you get the two angles look at that guy right there and see Trump pointing right to him right there and you could see it from the point of view check out the view from the left let's enjoy that again front there did trunk pointing to him right there 17 months exactly after inauguration day is what Coonan was telling us back then to this VIP an on who then got that that image in the mail that they photographed him with the shirt and in the back of the image big gigantic plus with the brackets q and on style q plus so it's good to enjoy that yeah there it is on this Friday night back then Q was saying we told you proofs were going to be important very soon new eyes ready be ready five five and all that Q was telling us back then that attacks would intensify and that we collectively were a threat to these people and censorship applied to scale down impact and reach that is what we saw on truth in our TV YouTube channel with the censorship and the scaling down of the people viewing and membership you know the subscriptions and all that we saw that and we've seen it on all the other channels and YouTube accounts and Twitter accounts I should say we've seen that it is just one of the go over that tonight on this Friday night we see that President Trump is mentioning a few things with the big thing is again is this situation in Iran before we get into that let's see what President Trump is saying you've just revealed that the failing and desperate New York Times was feeding false stories about me and those associated with me to the FBI yeah Trump is coming out pointing the finger at the enemy of the people right there New York Times this shows the kind of unprecedented hatred I have been putting up with for years with this crooked newspaper this week president Trump has specifically gone after the New York Times above and beyond everyone else in case anyone hasn't noticed and that tells you that that tells me I think they're gonna be the first ones to go down right now it feels that way any Trump says is what they have done legal yeah think that President Trump challenging the existence and the whole thing everything that the New York Times is doing and then president drunk he gets into this whole thing with Iran we're gonna get into all this let's go ahead and read the tweets starting yeah right here President Obama made a desperate and terrible deal with Iran gave them a hundred fifty billion dollars plus one point eight billion dollars in cash Iran was in big trouble and he bailed them out gave him free pass to nuclear weapons and soon instead of saying thank you Iran yell death to America I terminated deal which was not even ratified by Congress and imposed strong sanctions they are much weak weakened nation today then at the beginning of the my presidency and when they are causing major problems throughout the Middle East now they are bust on Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in international waters we were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night on three different sites when I asked how many will die a hundred and fifty people sir was the answer from a general 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone I am in no hurry our military is rebuilt new and ready to go for by far the best in the world sanctions are biting and mate and more added last night Iran could never have nuclear weapons not against the USA and not against the world think about what President Trump is saying President Trump attacks the New York Times like we talked about down here and then he proceeds to he's laying down to you the Bren the news and just to eliminate all of the mainstream media fog disinformation misinformation all their exaggerations and all their framing of the story he bypasses all of that and lays out the entire story for you right here and I love what Trump is doing you know you know we don't even know what's really happening you know we see Trump you know let's attack them don't listen an attack attack don't attack attack don't attack well yeah and then he tells you yeah someone told me that a hundred and fifty people were gonna die and then I decided not to do it so the people on the left that are against war there's no way that you cannot Lutton that you cannot not like what President Trump is doing here he's just arming his enemies by doing it this way now no one could say that he's a war president while he's doing whatever he can to stop this deep state and Iran but I think this is clever and you know again people you know these people that are against war they cannot not appreciate what the president's a you know hundred people 150 oh that's not me I'm a business guy but we all know that President Trump is doing everything he can the Trump ministration to try to make a deal with Iran like they did with North Korea and we know like we talked about yesterday we've been talking all week that if there's anything we know about what is happening it is that like we talked about yesterday Trump wants a deal with Iran we know that the deep state and the Dems and the alternative media will do anything they can to defend their rent they'll come on this channel and lie and don't spread their lies everywhere but the common denominator is they know that Iran hates Israel bottom line and we know that the Trump administration cares about the people of Iran and they are they want to be free as well and we know that the Iranian government is working with the deep state nothing has changed tonight when it comes to that and we'll get back into that story in a minute yeah look at this trolling talk about trolling the left right there Trump in this mean here Trump forever right 2164 all these years ago and by really fun to watch that is definitely triggering the mainstream media Trump forever it ends up right there Trump forever and there it is and it's got the Time magazine cover to troll the left even more huh see what you think about that and then again here we go this is it we've already talked about this drunk ordered then canceled air and naval strikes against Iran another reason why President Trump is doing this I think I don't have proof of this but it would seem to me that it would be a page from the art of war to say hey Iran we're about to tell attack you maybe we won't attack you we are gonna attack you attack don't attack attack the donut say keep it keep the enemy guessing as to what it's gonna happen but there it is he canceled we know why Trump is letting you know then they're putting out this video u.s. Navy releases video of drones shot done over the Strait of Hormuz international airspace Iran caught lying again and the deep state and all these alternative media these people all these underground truthers they're not gonna like this this is a paradigm that is real and they arbitrarily call it Group D it is what it is and this week this channel has delivered a big big victory hope that others out there have seen what these people are all about they hate Israel and they love Iran and they come in to pay treat channels to try to impose their paradigm on you but there is CENTCOM has released this video and you know we know that these people the underground truthers DS alternative media they're gonna side with Iran and call our Pentagon and our Central Command the US military Patriots call them the liars and believe these demons in my rent think about that when you see people siding with Iran and then it says here I am in no hurry we read this already right the trunk tweet president trunk slams Obama says he called off yesterday's attack after general told him 150 would die there you go it's good to read it directly from the president's tweets so let's move on to other stories ice raids targeting migrant families laid it to start Sunday in major US cities it is happening President Trump has directed US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent to conduct a mess roundup of migrant families that have received deportation orders an operation that is likely to begin with pre-dawn raids in major US cities on Sunday according to three US officials with knowledge of the plans they're talking about the family up and they are talking about how it is slated two targets up to 2,000 families they're using keywords if you ask me they're doing this on purpose to create this offensive position when in reality all they're doing is enforcing the law and they're quoting this Kevin McLennan acting DHS Secretary has been urging ice an agency within his department to conduct a narrower more targeted operation that would seek to detain a group of 150 families that were provided with attorneys but dropped out legal process and absconded yet whatever and they're quoting this McLennan saying that you know he's not really with this whole thing as we read here McLennan has warned that an indiscriminate operation to arrest migrants in their homes and at work sites risk separating children from their parents in cases where the children are at daycare summer can't or friends houses yeah whatever and that is you know we should remember remind people that this McLennan soon to be gone McLean it goodbye McLean let me show you the door you're gonna start sounding like the dentist but not to worry because the ice agents and you know they're all coming out saying that there's a method in which they're gonna do this it says ice has been preparing agents and equipment for the operation which is expected to unfold across several days starting Sunday morning the official set discussions about the scope of the operation continue Friday and they're talking about the agency is planning to use hotel rooms as temporary staging areas to detain parents and children until the members so until all the members of the family are together and ready for deportation yeah a miss miss Sanchez here well we'll just wait here at this hotel room until Jose until little Johnny or whoever until little Pedro shows up and then we'll deport you come on that is what we're talking about here and then it says here officials also acknowledged that they might arrest individuals they cannot immediately deport yeah known as collateral ress and likely will release those people with ankle bracelets you know with ankle monitoring devices yeah think about that they planned this all out a long time ago and now it's all happening and we have the trunk ice you know you know the borders are he's gonna be stepping in any day now so there it is and we have this Texas governor orders 1000 National Guard troops to border yeah continuation of what is happening it's happening everywhere and now we have Texas governor Greg Abbott ordered a thousand National Guard troops at our Mexican border Friday the troops are tasked with supplemental staffing for new detention facilities being built by the Department of Homeland Security to free up Border Patrol agents just thought you might want to know about that so any of you guys out there that are discouraged you can see clearly with your own two eyes that things are happening then we have an update on this story armed militias pledged to fight for fugitive Oregon GOP lawmakers at any cost yeah these militias see what you think about this right-wing militia across the Pacific Northwest but these right-wingers they're mobilizing to prevent Oregon State Police from arresting Republican state senators who went into hiding on Thursday in order to prevent climate change legislation from passing there you go people with this fake religion is now a issue that could cause people to die yeah so finally climate change might actually be causing death yeah their lies and their stupid little laws yeah this cap and trade bill is so ridiculous that anyone with common sense would not go along with this nonsense but now it is the issue behind what could be another one of these Bundy ranch standoff will it get to that that is the question we should be asking now you know we talked about this yesterday one of the lawmakers this publican Brian bocas he's coming out of the gate firing saying I'm ready to kill anybody who gets in my way right we talked about this yesterday warning he would resort to violence rather than return to the state he said he was not going to be a captive the help captive in his own state we talked about all this yesterday he said he wasn't going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon this crazy state that has lost his mind this militia president is coming out saying we're doing what we can to make sure that they're safe and comfortable this Eric Parker is coming out saying that and we all know about the history of Oregon and militias and all that this reminds us of the whole situation with the Bundy ranches here we go again they're talking about it down here you know and this time it's the Patriots you know when Hussein was in charge it was the Patriots and the militias resisting the federal government now they're having to take a stand against the governor ranked there this Kate Brown this Democrat and they are more than happy to demonize anyone who stands for the Constitution and you know and Matt and it says in his article and no one should be fooled that the dance they did this back in 2011 Wisconsin Dems walk out walker ordered State Police to round them up and the difference now is that the militia is involved so it's not like the dams themselves haven't done this before this is their technique so there it is they don't like it when their techniques are done back to them and moving on yeah to other news yeah he's back in the news they are back in the news judge orders appointment of special prosecutor and Jesse Smollett case additional prosecution back on the table yeah says a Cook County judge on Friday ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor bad news for mr. Smollett it says which could leave two new charges against the empire star it's all happening and it says Chicago Tribune reporter does Megan cripple was in this this morning's hearing where Judge Michael two men ruled that when State Attorney Jim Fox refused herself recused herself in the case she did not have the authority to appoint her replacements yeah maybe you should have thought of that Miss Fox it's all happening ladies and gentlemen it says krepo reported that the special prosecutor may further prosecutes Imola and quoted the judges saying if they have reasonable grounds to believe that any other criminal offense was committed special prosecutor may commence the prosecution of any crime as may be suspected hey you might want to talk to those two brothers the two Nigerian brothers you know just saying and then it says here the judge's ruling stated that the special prosecutor was to be appointed so as to restore the public's confidence in the integrity of our criminal justice system right there good luck with that sir you thought you got away with it maybe not because you know the when the Trump era things are a little bit different sir you would have got away with it during the Hussein years you too you listen to me you guys would have gotten away with it during the Hussein but those Hussein years you know they never thought she was blue and these two people never thought she would lose wrong place wrong time goodbye and then in these next couple of headlines don't mind as I introduced my buddy you know the coyote because that is what this is all about author II Jean Carroll accuses President Trump of sexual assault in the 1990s here we go again another attempt by the coyote to catch the roadrunner and they're talking about well it's in her book and it happened in the 90s and Wow holy Steen you know I just didn't say anything you know because you know I don't know I didn't say anything you know but I'm saying now I didn't want the backlash oh my god and then we have this here we go another mother ughter Andrew Weissman inks a book deal so we are in Groundhog Day where the Dems are trying the same techniques over and over again you would think that this lady here would talk to Christine Blasi Ford and all these phony accusers of shrunk from the past and you would think she would take a lesson from the whole thing with sloppy Daniels and how Trump ended up winning a lawsuit against these people and you think she would talk to Michael a vanetti is somebody and read what has been happening the last two years but no and you would think that this guy here Andrew Weissman would talk to Michael Wolfe and all these other authors that have been putting out all this junk but we got at MIT here Weissman is doing this this is a continuation of the coup attempts and to keep date Trump Russia collusion alive and you better believe it he's gonna tell you all these things that the Dems and the New York Times and The Washington Post this is their kitchen and The Washington Post and The New York Times and all of them they're waiting like hungry people waiting with empty plates waiting for Weissman to feed them garbage and they're gonna be like really Wow saying now now for sure we know that Trump including with Russia even though all the evidence is the opposite that is what this is about is just a repetition of their technique just like the coyote trying to capture the roadrunner then we have this yeah let's wrap up with this let's all calm down right George Conway renews attack on Trump calls on President to resign this guy continues to attack President Trump and embarrass his wife his amazing wife Kelly and Conway who's a star and loved by a lot of people and he comes out over and over again attacking Trump so everyone should be asking themselves why why does he do this and I did a little research and I found the reason ladies and gentlemen here it is to wrap up tonight George T Conway the third fat 5 fast facts you need – no yeah let's look at the first fact right here let's see here let's see what it says here let's see if we could do this together it says Kelly Ann counterweights husband he's wealthy okay New York lawyer he was involved in Paula Jones lawsuit Bill Clinton what ever okay it says here now let's see he's participated in lawsuit ok Donald Trump was considering ok what does it say here Oh Donald Trump was considering George Conway to be US Solicitor General but what happened then but that job went what to someone else as in I don't want to hire you sir as in I'm going to hire your wife Kelly and and she is going to manage a major presidential campaign and become a star and become popular while you are not because I don't want to hire you so everywhere he goes everyone is like hey Kelli Ann get her picture get her talk to her there she is Kelly what do you think uh who is this guy we don't know think about it for a guy that was is rich and wealthy and now he's in a marriage where he is nobody that is your explanation staring you right in the face and with that set my friends thank you for joining me tonight I want to remind people of all the different ways that you can support this channel let's scroll down to this little banner right there get yourself a Trump 2020 – cute – cute t-shirt or an I'm with Q t-shirt trust a plan you have the Trump train shirt here and the Q we are now the news yeah and darkness to light there's a lot of different options shirts that you can get to support president Trump Q the Q Anan movement and this channel and be on the lookout maybe I'll come back to channel 2 I haven't posted a video on channel 2 due to needing time off really but maybe I'll put up a video on channel 2 tomorrow be on the lookout for that there it is my friends don't forget to preserve your brain follow this channel make sure you are subscribed and this is the channel you know we're gonna continue marching right along narrating the rebirth of America here thank you for joining me tonight ladies and gentlemen Bernie with truth in our TV YouTube channel and truth in our TV com thank you for watching

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  2. I don't know the details, but in their scriptions there must be a war before their religieus leader will come, they really want war

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  4. And as usual Trump is all mouth and no action he called off the raids. I think this is a bunch of nonsense. Q is a bunch of crap. The Democrats are running circles around them. It’s all over for this country it’s going socialist and there’s nothing that can stop it

  5. How about "NO WAR! We Know that the deep state, shadow government headed by Israel wanted VERY Badly To START WW3! VIVA LE TRUMP SPOILD THEM AGAIN! deep state RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

  6. I think Trump also called it off right after what he said was leaked to the press so he could find out who the leakers were.

  7. Have you ever thought he needs proof who final leakers are. Weren't NANCY AND CHUCKY THE ONLY ONES IN THE MEETING WITH THE DRONE???????????

  8. Aunty Kamala just got sucked into the vortex ( because she was involved) along w the Obama’s and Maxine Waters!The little piglet just might squeal if he thinks they won’t protect him .. we shall see! Now it gets good!

  9. Excuse me, MR. TRUMP was allowed to have an active life prior to becoming President. Celabesy is not a Constitutional requirement to be president.

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