Soldier, Poet, King – Warriors OC Animation Meme

Soldier, Poet, King – Warriors OC Animation Meme

There will come a soldier
Who carries a mighty sword He will tear your city down, o lei o lai o lord O lei, o lai, o lei, o lord He will tear your city down, o lei o lai o lord There will come a poet
Whose weapon is his word He will slay you with his tongue, o lei o lai o lord O lei, o lai, o lei, o lord He will slay you with his tongue, o lei o lai o lord There will come a ruler
Whose brow is laid in thorn Smeared with oil like David’s boy, o lei o lai o lord O lei, o lai, o lei, o lord Smeared with oil like David’s boy, o lei o lai o lord O lei, o lai, o lei, o lord He will tear your city down, o lei o lai… O lord!

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  1. Oh wow! I had a similar idea to tigerfoot. I had a fox character named Redfall who was adopted into a clan I made named Cliffclan as a cub!

  2. It fits so well
    A lynx grows strong to be a great warrior,
    A medicine cat who helps stop a battle with I imagine, words,
    An albino cat who becomes Shadowclan's ruler. I also like to think that the line 'smeared with oil like David's boy' relates to being alike his mother.

  3. Finally, a version where the characters match the descriptions the song gives them! I can’t believe how many animators I’ve seen do this meme that have completely refused to acknowledge this.

  4. Lol , I just realized how funny it would be if the cats from a clan found a tiny tiger cub that was abandoned and it just kept growing bigger and bigger until it was about ten times the size of a normal cat

    (This is a different thing of @crystel the wolf’s comment)

  5. Imagine if the clan cats were just peacefully at a gathering , then they hear this music and they look from the island to just see a lynx , a small cat , and a normal cat , just walking around there territories appearing out of nowhere

  6. The type of memes i like, its really soft, no toxic bright colors, no character like XxXdarkdemonwolf01devilangeldeath777666XxX,
    Just a bunch of animals, with some good music.
    Thats type of memes i like…

  7. Очень крутая рисовка!🙏❤ Видно что автор старался! 😹 Продолжай в том же духе! Удачии 🤗

  8. if tiger-foot was in the first arc
    Tiger/Blood-clan:The Forest is ours!
    Tiger-foot:i am about to end this mans whole career

  9. I noticed the eyes of the third cat were albino, do you just so happen to do warriors role play on the lake project on the platform game Roblox as well?

  10. Man imagine the reaction of the clan if they had a kit who keeps way bigger than a normal cat XDD

    Besides, i love the animation and the OCs

  11. I really don’t want to be mean and i think this is a beautiful full animation but I think the background is moving a bit too quickly. But apart from that I really think this is a beautiful piece of art

  12. I think these three would make an amazing team for if each clan had to send a representative from one clan these three and someone likely from the med cats backstory was for the fourth clan

  13. Tigerfoot reminded me of one of my warrior ocs ;-; he’s a bobcat called moontail for his pure white rounded tail.
    2 thunderclan apprentices found him while they wandered from camp into a backyard breeders, mistook him for a lost kit, and then thunderclan took him in.

  14. I have a strong feeling Tigerfoot would wipe the floor with every single cat that was stupid enough to attack her. All she has to do is punt them away.

  15. Tigerclaw: bow down your talking to your-


    ThunderClan: :OOOOO

  16. I grew up on these books through elementary and middle school…. It makes me very happy to know the series is not dead and the fandom was not forgotten.

    Edit: I am 20 and haven't seen Warriors anything since I was 13.

  17. Hello!
    I’m very inspired by your concept of another type of cat in a clan!
    Will it be alright if I sort of take some certain type of inspiration, but instead of a lynx, a mountain lion?

  18. Hey urisday, would I be able to use TigerFoot for the fanfic I’m righting? It’s about a lion who gets adopted into WindClan, and her and TigerFoot could become buddies 😀

  19. This really should be from a book! It just looks like it came straight out of a book! Berrystar, the leader of Shadowclan, left on a grave adventure with Tigerfoot (A lynx thunder clan warrior) and Sunface (A river clan med-cat)! All of them were sent on a mission from star clan to stop some sort of danger from all clans but wind clan. They all travel far and wide, following every sign of Star clan, finally reaching their destination…… The moon pool….

    Edit: I just needed to fix a few spelling errors, that's all

  20. I love how you described berrystar's life. instead of "shadowclan STOLE HIM rawr !!1!!11" you came up with something original.

  21. Who else is always offended that people don’t round out the tips of drawn cats ears- I mean they are frickin round af not pointy

  22. I like how how there’s a lynx, albino, and a munchkin like cat (it’s a cat species with small legs)

    This was great!

  23. bro this sounds a lot like my oc leopardrush who was an abandoned domesticated serval kitten and then got taken in by windclan,,,

    he grew to be a big boy >:)

  24. I love all your ocs' histories so much! And the animation is so well done, you can really feel the muscles rolling in Tigerfoot's shoulders :0 Amazing work!!

  25. A lynx in the clan
    A fox in the rouge clan
    Me:is this another version of the 5 hour long movie pinkbunnygirl43 made?(pretty sure it’s not)

  26. This is how I imagine a battle with Tigerfoot in ThunderClan:
    Enemy: You are outnumbered, ThunderClan. You have nobody strong enough to beat us.
    ThunderClan: We have a hulk.

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