(SOG) It Was All Just Lying There / All 85 Artifacts w/navigation / Trophy I Unlock (THE LAST OF US)

(SOG) It Was All Just Lying There / All 85 Artifacts w/navigation / Trophy I Unlock (THE LAST OF US)

34 thoughts on “(SOG) It Was All Just Lying There / All 85 Artifacts w/navigation / Trophy I Unlock (THE LAST OF US)”

  1. Thanks so much for the guide! I missed one but this was my 2nd play through. Therefore I found it on my first. (I hoped) and that was the case! Awesome!

  2. Hi the first time I went through the game it showed that I had 83 and know it doesn't even come up and say I have any artifacts even if I start a new game on a different difficulty but if I look at the chapter it will say that I found all the artifacts for that level so I don't know if there is a glitch in the game or something

  3. Tell naughty dog that if they don't bump down there fucking multiplayer bullshit to 8 fucking weeks or else i will come after there fucking families and kill them all

  4. So for some stupid reason after I get my backpack it doesn't say I have any artifacts and I just started a knew game on it I looked at them to make sure but it still says 0 but I have already played on the difficulty and when I go to the chapter select it says I have all the artifacts for that level

  5. Thx so much just had to flip around Ellie's backpack and got the last one.. I was thinking I'd have to start over.

  6. I just replayed The Last of Us (Remastered) intending to get all of these trophies. After firing up the game and loading several guides, yours claimed six tabs on my PC. GREAT JOB! all the way through.

    Thanks Much!

  7. Ok, I had 84 before I grabbed the final artifact and I really don't remember grabbing it before. Guess I need to do another run through.

  8. I've picked up artifacts before in the game in my first try so it says I have 65 even when I'm going into statistics on a new game?

  9. hey dude i am back so i hab been geting all the items of all the other guides of this game and i am on the part of minute 15:20 and i hab been searching for a hour to find things to make a shiv but i cant find i more like scissor and if i dont open that door i will not be able to get this throphy and the other of master of unlocking what can i do?
    UPDATE: i have restart since the last save point but i havent find scissors

  10. I just want to say, thank you so much for making these guides to the trophies 🙂 you defiantly deserve more subscribers then you do right now. I got like 4 trophies because of you :)! Thanks so much <33

  11. When I check how many artifacts I have, it always shows "0", but I get the artifacts. Is that a problem with my game?

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