Sky bridge ll Cable Car ll 3D Art Museum Langkawi Malaysia

Sky bridge ll Cable Car ll 3D Art Museum Langkawi Malaysia

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93 thoughts on “Sky bridge ll Cable Car ll 3D Art Museum Langkawi Malaysia”

  1. Wow…that fountain is beautiful in the beginning, the cable cars r very cute, the girl next to u is so pretty, and that helght, u really had guts sweetie, view is just awesome, let me say that third, the water, the sky the greenery, everything is just so beautiful, and u the most beautiful amongst everything…icing on the cake…big thumbs up

  2. Saludos😉 me encanto el video💗super 💗aqui apoyando Familia 💗 saludame en tu proximo video 💗

  3. Looked like an amazing view from up there so l understand your fear many are just like you, loved the 3D great video Mary.

  4. I subscribed you #452 subscriber. Nice video my friend. Very good editing. Lets support each other by subscribing and do take a peek at out videos as well. I have subscribed to you already. We can think of a colab with may help both of us.

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  6. Nuevo. Sud. #469. gran video sigue así serás grande Dios te bendiga Saludos de Colombia y te. Invito a mi canal 📹🎥📼🎞️📽️🎬📺📷

  7. hello sis bago sa iyong tahanan na clicko kona pp lahat lahat sa iyong tahanan sana mabisita at mkalembang mo din po ang munti kong tahanan salamat sis stay conected po also

  8. What an adventure! Omg this was amazing I would have loved to be that high in the air!! Love this share! Just subbed 🙂 Hope we can support each other and be friends. <3

  9. Nice vdo.Thank you to take us look around.Nice view on Top.The 3D museum is cool.I know it fun for person who love to take a picture.I was been in Pattaya and BKK.I like the shark and Dinosaur.😀

  10. I'm not a big fan of high places…so you did great. I love the views…you are in the clouds. Great video my dear friend.

  11. been there to langkawi but not ride the cable car because very long queue…i enjoy riding cable car always go to Genting.hope you enjoy there..

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