Sign Writing Old English

Sign Writing Old English

Freehand sign writing Old English script at
The Robin Hood Inn. By Alexander Sylvester Fritz an artist based
on the Costa Del Sol Spain. I was quite new to sign writing when I did
this work and the other signs at The Robin Hood Inn,
but it was a great learning experience. Check link below for a link in the discription
the album of works at The Robin Hood Inn

4 thoughts on “Sign Writing Old English”

  1. Thanks, its a lettering brush, a synthetic one I got from the paint store. I bought some good natural hair sign writing brushes from ebay ´chisel edge´ meaning they not pointed at the bottom of the bristles, they are good but I would like to buy some more synthetic ones too as I feel the bristles are a little harder and it seems to work better for the old English text

  2. What kind of brush would you recommend for italic work? I have been making hand painted signs using stencils and tracing fonts with carbon paper. Very time consuming. I've been a calligrapher for 25 years and want to apply it to brush lettering. Thanks.

  3. +John Klaskin SccFinancialConcepts Sorry I thought I had replied to this comment ages ago, I don't know why I cant reply the normal way so ill just tag you into the comment.
    It sounds like you been lettering a lot longer than me, I should be asking you for advice. I use a chisel edge brush and find the synthetic one is a little more stiffer and works well for both normal and italics. sorry for the late reply

  4. Fantastic lettering . I have just bought my first lettering brush last month and I am practicing. It's not as easy as it looks.

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